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Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 favorable days

Favorable days for haircuts for May 2018

The month of May is a great time when nature is in its prime. She pleases us with pleasant warm days and at this time, more than ever, we want to look our very best, so that we can look at our reflection in the mirror with joy, and also surprise and delight our loved one.

In this article, we present the lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 with an overview of favorable days, which will help you to easily bring beauty to your head and order in life.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 favorable days

When is the best time to cut hair in May 2018

May 1, 16-17 lunar day

On this day, it is worth refusing haircuts, because she will only disappoint you. Coloring in general is allowed, it will attract unexpected acquisitions into your life.

May 2, 17-18 lunar day

Thanks to a haircut on this day you will look more young and bright. In terms of coloring it is worthwhile to stop today on graduation.

May 3, 18-19 lunar day

Shown on this day the performance of the original symmetrical haircuts. But from the staining should be abandoned, instead it is better to ask for help to different nutritional procedures for curls.

May 4, 19 lunar day

Today shows the performance of haircuts to the shoulders. Be sure to give up staining, otherwise you risk breaking your relationship with men.

May 5, 19-20 lunar day

The day is very suitable to change the hairstyle. But with staining it is worthwhile to wait a little, it will become a provocateur of strong stress.

May 6, 20-22 lunar day

Shows the performance of unusual creative haircuts, which will be a source of inspiration for you. Refuse the dyeing procedure, otherwise you will encounter severe hair loss.

May 7, 21-22 lunar day

This day is shown the performance of a haircut, thanks to which you will feel your invulnerability before your rivals. It is worth today to dye your hair in chestnut shades to balance your life.

May 8, 22 and 23 lunar days

Day is suitable to cut straight hair. It is also the ideal time to do the staining.

May 9, 23-24 lunar day

The day is not very suitable to perform a haircut, but it shows the improvement of hair with moisturizing and nourishing masks. If you are afraid to cause harm to your hair it is worth today to abandon painting.

May 10, 24-25 lunar day

This day is absolutely not suitable for changing your hairstyle. Also under strict prohibition is and staining, otherwise you will face a serious loss.

May 11, 25-26 lunar day

It is shown to perform peeling of the scalp. It is worth to wait a little with painting to protect yourself from troubles at work.

May 12, 26-27 lunar day

Not the best time for haircuts. If you by nature have brittle hair, today it is shown to laminate them.

And in terms of coloring it will be more useful to restore the structure of the hair.

May 13, 27 and 28 lunar day

The wrong time to perform a haircut. If today you decide on coloring — you can create an incredibly attractive image.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 favorable days

May 14, 28-29 lunar day

Thanks to a haircut on this day, you will become more fervent and add to your feminine sophistication. Dyeing curls will help to harmonize your overall image.

May 15, 29, 30, 1 lunar day

On this day, it is allowed to perform only haircuts on wavy hair. As for staining, it is, on the contrary, very much shown — thanks to him, you will greatly improve your well-being.

May 16, 1-2 lunar days

Haircut today will contribute to the discovery of new opportunities in life. And if you dye your hair in silver colors, you will achieve your goal much faster.

May 17, 2-3 lunar day

Very suitable day for a haircut — it will fill you with positive emotions. Also dye your hair today in some unusual color — this will contribute to the improvement of their structure.

May 18, 3rd and 4th lunar day

It is necessary today to definitely abandon the haircut, because it understates your self-esteem. In terms of coloring is also worth a ban, otherwise you will encounter brittleness and weakness of curls.

May 19, 4th and 5th lunar day

It is necessary to abandon the haircut, because you risk to face various problems in the field of health. And staining grieves you.

May 20, 5-6 lunar day

Haircut today will give you new emotions and sensations. And the color of the hair dyed today will last for a long time.

May 21, 6-7 lunar day

On this day, only haircuts on long curls are allowed. Turning today for help to the coloring you will encounter pleasant surprises and surprises.

May 22, 7-8 lunar day

Dreaming to add to your image a special flirtatiousness — make today a haircut «ladder». In terms of dyeing, only dark colors are allowed.

May 23, 8-9 lunar day

This day is ideal to pay a visit to the hairdresser. And having painted the curls natural colors you will provide yourself a pleasant romantic acquaintance.

May 24, 9 and 10 lunar day

A haircut on this day will negatively affect the overall condition of your hair. Also refuse to dye, otherwise your curls will become less voluminous.

May 25, 10-11 lunar day

This time is absolutely neutral for a haircut. But it is very unfavorable for the staining procedure.

May 26, 11-12 lunar day

Today it is recommended to visit the hairdresser, thereby harmonizing your state of mind. But with the coloring wait until a more favorable day.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018 favorable days

May 27, 12-13 lunar day

If you are the owner of tempting curls, today cauterization is recommended, which will contribute to the restoration of the structure of the curls.

May 28, 13-14 lunar day

Today there is a strict ban on haircuts, the maximum allowable is trimming the tips. It is shown to dye your hair in golden shades.

May 29, 14 and 15 lunar day

With the help of a haircut you improve your mood. And in terms of staining the day is neutral.

May 30, 15-16 lunar day

On this day, it is recommended to resort to graduation strand. Coloring is allowed, but only with the help of a natural base.

May 31, 16-17 lunar day

Today it is shown to cut hair — thus you will add yourself irresistible and special charm. Due to the coloring the structure of the hair will be condensed, but you will not be able to achieve the desired color.

In the lunar calendar haircuts for May 2018, you can easily find those days that are recommended to visit the hairdresser. Thanks to this procedure, cutting, curling or dyeing curls will help you easily achieve the desired effect.

Having listened to these useful tips, you risk disrupting the structure of the hair and worsen the condition of the roots.

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