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Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

The moon strongly influences the effect of various cosmetic procedures: in particular, haircuts and changes in the tone of the curls. If you believe in the impact of the night star on your life and strive to get a favorable result, then I offer you the lunar calendar of haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for hair cutting.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Haircut calendar for March 2019

The moon is waning, in the constellation of Capricorn. This day is characterized by a sharply negative energy.

Therefore, you should not go to the hairdresser today: after the haircut, you can feel a deterioration in your well-being. Coloring is acceptable, but only in natural color.

Night light decreases, the constellation Capricorn. Lunar day is very suitable for self-improvement: both external and internal. Today it is necessary to get a haircut — then you will receive many compliments from your environment.

It is acceptable to change the shade of curls, to perform restorative manipulations.

The moon decreases in the constellation of Aquarius. The date is considered favorable for the change of image. Having decided to visit the hairdresser today, you will attract increased attention from the stronger sex.

It is advised to perform coloring, extension, lamination — the hair will begin to shine and be filled with vital energy.

The moon is waning, the sign of Aquarius. Refuse haircuts curls — it can be fraught with failures.

But the coloring procedure is permissible — the new color will add you more attractiveness. Stop on natural dyes.

A haircut today is definitely worth it: the cut ends will take away negative energy with them. Wait a while with the painting procedure so that later you don’t suffer from the actions of your envious ones.

New Moon, Moon in Pisces. Astrology experts warn you against a visit to a beauty studio today.

Cut curls on this day will lose their healthy appearance and vitality. It is better to engage in restorative procedures.

Coloring is not advised.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

The moon grows in the sign of Pisces. The date is not ideal for a haircut, rather, it is controversial: after that, personal life will improve, but relations with relatives will become discordant.

Updating shade curls possible, if you choose a natural dye. Then the hair will become strong and beautiful.

The moon grows, the sign of Aries. Is it possible on the international day of women not to pay attention to their beauty? Lunar day is ideal to change your image, performing haircut and hair coloring.

As a result, transform, and your hair will shine and delight you with a well-groomed look.

The moon continues to grow in the sign of Aries. Experts esoteric give a recommendation today to abandon any manipulation of curls.

Absolutely inappropriate number for transformations.

The light grows in the sign of Aries. The moon is still negatively affecting the hair.

If you get a haircut today, the curls will look untidy, dandruff may occur.

The moon continues to increase in the sign of Taurus. Better dates to go to the hairdresser, it’s hard to think!

The day is perfect for a haircut or interesting coloring. Today’s changes promise to be successful.

The lunar disk grows in the constellation Taurus. Day is unacceptable for manipulations with hair.

Give up haircuts, dyeing and even health treatments: the effect will be zero.

The moon rises in the sign of Gemini. On the advice of experts, the haircut should be postponed until better times. Otherwise, your strands will look worse than before.

But dye your hair, on the contrary, you can. At the same time, take a look at unusual colors, about which you never even thought about before.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

The light grows, the sign of Gemini. Day is suitable to reduce the length of their curls.

Haircut today promises to bring different positive emotions, plus the appearance of hairs will improve.

But do not conduct staining now — it is fraught with the appearance of quarrels with relatives and friends.

The lunar disk continues to grow in the constellation Gemini. According to astrologers, this is the “Sanatin time”.

It is not recommended to perform a haircut, paint or lamination. Otherwise, there will be a deterioration of your relationship with relatives, it will be difficult for you to restore them.

The moon grows in the sign of Cancer. According to astrologers, a haircut performed on this day will take a bit of health. The person will subsequently be in a depressed state.

It is better to stay on wellness treatments.

Growing Moon in Cancer. Even if there is a desire for some changes, then restrict yourself to only restorative procedures. Masochki and wrap curls positively affect them.

In no case it is impossible to trim hair — you risk to incur a trouble.

Growing Moon in Leo. A good number to experiment with hair.

Stars are advised to stay at a very short haircut or unusual styling. But wait with a change in color, so as not to impair your life.

Otherwise, there will be many serious troubles that you cannot cope with on your own.

The lunar disk grows in the sign of Leo. Another suitable day for cutting curls.

As a result, you can get a good result and add yourself flirty and sexuality.

If you dream of improving your career, cut your hair “under the boy” or just briefly. Color curls do not change.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

The moon is increasing in the sign of Virgo. This time is more acceptable for rest, than for manipulations with «feathers». A favorable result will not be received anyway.

And even more — the actions affecting the hair, badly affect the overall health. You will feel overwhelmed to the delight of your envious.

Full moon, sign of the Virgin. Night light adversely affects the «feathers». Do not touch them today if you don’t want to restore your hair for a very long time afterwards.

Do wellness manipulations.

The lunar disk began to decrease in the sign of Libra. You do not know when in March 2019 you can sign up for a hairdressing salon?

Do it today. The coloring procedure promises to bring a truly stunning result for you.

You can also perform the procedure of straightening, perm and lamination — everything promises to go well.

The moon is decreasing in the sign of Libra. While dreaming to shave curls, you should postpone the embodiment of your desire into reality.

Creating a new hairstyle on this date will have a negative impact on the condition of the hair and on general immunity. But it is permissible to perform staining, lamination and various restorative actions.

The moon is decreasing in the sign of Scorpio. It is unlikely that you will be pleased with the change in their hair.

Therefore, the stars recommend to postpone visiting a beauty studio.

The only thing that is permissible today is the renewal of the shade of its curls and the implementation of nourishing masks.

The lunar disk decreases in the constellation Scorpio. The date is not too suitable to change your style.

You will not get the intended effect, even if you sign up for the best master salon. Hair at risk of losing its strength and becoming neglected.

Labor-intensive hairstyles and coloring are also banned: all manipulations will have a negative effect on curls.

Earth satellite decreases in the sign of Sagittarius. Are you tortured ends? Then schedule a visit to the hairdresser today.

The day is very acceptable to update the image, trim the hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Please note, the prohibition is the procedure of perm, as it can harm your curls.

The lunar disk decreases in the constellation Sagittarius. In order to preserve the inner harmony, as well as healthy strand ordering, it is better today to take care of household duties.

This number is more suitable for planning future changes in appearance than their implementation in life.

The moon decreases in the constellation Capricorn. Have you been thinking about a new hairstyle for a long time?

Then you should refer to the lunar calendar haircuts. According to astrologers, at the end of March, reincarnations in appearance will be very successful.

Deciding on a new styling, you add yourself femininity and elegance. And the change of image will give a whole charge of positive emotions and bring new, bright colors into your routine life.

The moon is decreasing in the sign of Capricorn. A visit to the beauty salon is highly recommended. The day is very acceptable to perform stylish styling.

Haircut will bring good luck to your life, and in the near future you will be able to achieve all the planned goals.

Earth satellite continues to decrease in the constellation of Capricorn. Another great date to change your appearance.

Astrologers say that the haircut done now will contribute to your financial independence: there will be a lot of bills in the wallet. In addition, restoring order on the head will increase confidence in one’s own strength, attractiveness and attract new people to life.

The moon decreases in the sign of Aquarius. Do not go to the hairdresser.

This will put your health at risk. Better rest, take care of your hobby and gain strength and energy.

In April, there will be more successful days for the care of the beauty of their curls.

I hope you now understand when it is time to go to the hairdresser in March, and when it is better to postpone the change of image. I wish you effective transformations!

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