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Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 favorable days

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018: the most favorable days

Spring is the traditional heyday of feminine beauty and attractiveness. It’s not for nothing that the women’s day of March 8 falls just in the spring.

On the eve of such an important event it is necessary to pay increased attention to its appearance, in particular the hair. In this, the lunar calendar of haircuts for March 2018 will come to your aid, which describes the most favorable days for establishing order on the head.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 favorable days

The most suitable days to cut hair

March 1, 14-15 lunar day

Haircut on this day will make you more confident in their own abilities. As for staining, you can only use a natural base.

March 2, 15-16 lunar day

This day is not very suitable for haircuts. At the same time, it is recommended to dye hair in light colors to stabilize your emotional background.

March 3, 16-17 lunar day

Using haircuts today you will make your curls more obedient. But staining should be abandoned, otherwise your relationship with your girlfriend will deteriorate greatly.

March 4, 17-18 lunar day

Thanks to the new haircut you will be surprised. And with the help of staining today successfully cope with a headache.

March 5, 18-19 lunar day

Haircut today will definitely have a positive impact on your overall well-being. As for coloring, today you should not experiment with new hair colors.

March 6, 19 20 lunar day

Today, refuse to perform a haircut otherwise, along with the cropped strands, your faith in yourself will leave you. For coloring, this day is completely neutral.

March 7, 20 lunar day

Now it is worth refusing a hairstyle, because the moon does not promise anything good. But now is a great time to perform wellness and nutritional procedures for their curls.

March 8, 20-21 lunar days

It is good to carry out today different variants of weaving with hair. But the staining procedure should be abandoned if you do not want to fall into depression.

March 9, 21-22 lunar day

A suitable day for doing haircuts on unruly curls. But now it is not recommended to dye your hair, because you will definitely not like the effect.

March 10, 22-23 lunar day

With the help of a haircut today, you will be able to self-realize in life. Also, this day is ideal for special strengthening masks for hair.

March 11, 23-24 lunar day

It is suitable today for performing cascades on curls of medium length. The procedure of staining should be postponed until better times.

March 12, 24-25 lunar day

The ideal time to conduct various experiments on your head. But it is necessary to refuse coloring.

March 13, 25-26 lunar day

Today it is good to perform a haircut, from her hair will come in full order. If you want to add yourself irresistible and charm for men, you should paint curls in light brown color.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 favorable days

March 14, 26-27 lunar day

Today it is very successful to pick up a fashionable bang. In terms of staining, these days are also very appropriate: you can conduct even the most daring experiments on the head.

March 15, 27 and 28 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, all your dreams will become a reality. Dyeing is also shown: it will add vitality to your hair and make it thicker.

March 16, 28 and 29 lunar day

Today it is better not to cut hair, otherwise you will feel your helplessness in front of your enemies. Give up staining, as it will disappoint you.

March 17, 29, 30 and 1 lunar day

Do not perform a haircut today, so as not to incur material problems. Coloring is also forbidden: it will entail various troubles.

March 18, 1-2 lunar days

Instead of cutting today recommended the implementation of styling. And instead of staining, it is worth doing revitalizing procedures for curls.

March 19, 2-3 lunar day

Cut your hair today in such a way that you can clearly see your face. It is possible to paint curls on this lunar day, but it would be better to move this procedure to a better time.

March 20, 3-4 lunar day

Performing a haircut on this day will have a positive effect on your overall well-being. The coloring procedure is also very much shown: its result will simply exceed all your expectations.

March 21, 4th and 5th lunar day

This day is perfect to get a very short haircut. With regards to the coloring of curls: changing their color today will significantly improve your emotional state.

March 22, 5-6 lunar day

Today it is better to wait with a haircut, because you risk to stay with hard hair. But this day is perfect for changing the usual color of curls.

March 23, 6-7 lunar day

Instead of a haircut today is shown to perform the treatment of curls. With regards to staining — these days are perfect to paint curls.

March 24, 7-8 lunar day

Not the best time to change hairstyles: you run the risk of encountering different complexes. Also, do not dye your hair today: give it a rest.

March 25, 8th and 9th lunar day

Very inappropriate time to perform any haircuts. And by coloring the curls today, you will increase your vulnerability to trouble.

March 26, 9 and 10 lunar day

In no event do not visit the beauty salon today, otherwise misfortune can happen in your life. It is also worth today to put an end to the procedure of staining.

March 27, 10-11 lunar day

A very good day to cut your curls. Thanks to today’s dyeing your hair will become more voluminous.

March 28, 11-12 lunar day

It is worth today to reduce the length of their hair, if you want to increase and financial prosperity. In terms of dyeing, it is very favorable to paint curls in different red colors today.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2018 favorable days

March 29, 12-13 lunar day

Thanks to a haircut on this day, you will delight yourself pleasantly and be able to win respect from other people. If you decide today to change the color of hair, stop on the soft, gentle dyes.

March 30, 13-14 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you will reduce their loss. In terms of staining will be particularly successful highlighting.

March 31, the 14th and 15th lunar day

You should not risk today with new haircuts, because otherwise you risk remaining in frustrated feelings. The same applies to the coloring procedure, which will have a negative impact on your emotional sphere.

It is necessary to listen to the advice of astrologers regarding haircuts and hair coloring on specific lunar days. After all, the Moon has a very strong impact on man and in particular on the female body, and given all these factors, you can easily and without much effort achieve the perfect hairstyle.

Therefore, examine the lunar calendar for March 2018 and follow all its recommendations.

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