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Lunar calendar haircuts for July 2018 favorable days

Favorable days on the lunar calendar for haircuts for July 2018

In the summer, hair needs special care, as the scorching sun and salty sea water cause severe damage to it. To curls always looked the most attractive way, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules — in particular to cut and dye hair according to the lunar calendar.

In this article, we open for you the lunar calendar haircuts for June 2018 with an overview of favorable days.

Lunar calendar haircuts for July 2018 favorable days

Ideal numbers for the manipulation of hair in July

July 1, 18-19 lunar day

The number is different neutral for any procedures with curls. In the matter of coloring, various experiments are recommended, even very risky ones.

July 2, 19-20 lunar number

If there is an urgent need, hair dyeing is permissible on this day, but it would be more correct to stop at the head massage — your hair will really like it. And by staining today, you strengthen your immune system.

July 3, 20-21 lunar number

Refuse this day from a haircut, because together with the cropped tips you will lose your faith in yourself. Also, the ban now applies to the coloring of curls.

July 4, 21 lunar days

This number is completely unacceptable for any kind of manipulation of hair. The coloring procedure will negatively affect the condition of the hair: they will break and lose their vitality.

July 5, 21-22 lunar day

This day is completely neutral for everything that happens on earth. Therefore, to decide today on a haircut or not — this is just your personal choice.

July 6, 22 and 23 lunar days

Not a good day for a haircut, but a great time to shorten the tips. In terms of staining, the situation is completely similar to the previous day.

July 7, 23-24 lunar days

You can perform any haircuts, but it must be borne in mind that you will encounter a very unpredictable result. Instead of coloring on this day, tinted hair is more recommended.

July 8, 24-25 lunar day

The perfect day to make a haircut, it will attract a lucky lady in your life. And having decided today on coloring you will significantly improve your financial situation.

July 9, 25 and 26 lunar days

Performing any haircut on this day will make you more self-reliant. With regards to the staining procedure, it will add a pleasant novelty to your usual bow.

July 10, 26-27 lunar days

The day is perfect for doing light and airy hairstyles. In terms of coloring it is also a good time, you will enjoy the result of painting for a very long time.

July 11, 27-28 lunar day

Thanks to a haircut on this day you will make your curls more docile, facilitate the process of their styling. And painting with the help of natural dyes will promote career advancement.

July 12, 28 and 29 lunar days

This day is absolutely not suitable for a haircut, instead of today it is right to ask for help from caring procedures instead. Also banned is painting, which is able on this day to provoke troubles in relationships with men.

July 13, 29, 30 and 1 lunar day

Not exactly the right time for a haircut, you risk making your hair dull and naughty. In terms of coloring, this day is also not very favorable: stop today on nutritional manipulations.

Lunar calendar haircuts for July 2018 favorable days

July 14, 1-2 lunar days

A wonderful day to experiment a bit and change your bored image. In terms of coloring, you can now stop on any colors: all your ideas will be perfectly embodied in life.

July 15, 2-3 lunar days

The perfect day to make a hairstyle ladder, it will add to your image a special flirty. And the highlighting performed today will attract financial flows into your life.

July 16, 3-4 lunar day

The day is very suitable for a haircut, you will achieve a special effect if you have straight hair. In terms of dyeing, this is the right time to try out natural henna or basma dyes.

July 17th, 4th and 5th lunar days

The hairstyle will have a very favorable effect on your overall well-being. It is worth today to dye your hair in brown color, so that you will achieve balance and spiritual harmony.

July 18, 5-6 lunar day

The day is neutral for any manipulations with hair. But at the same time it is worth refusing staining, because it can provoke the accumulation of unfavorable energy.

July 19, 6-7 lunar day

You can make a haircut today, or you can pamper your curls with nourishing masks or a gentle massage of the scalp. Today it is better to refuse coloring.

July 20, 7-8 lunar day

Because of the haircut today, you will only be sad and depressed. Painting the day is neutral, you can update the color in the area at the hair roots.

July 21, 8-9 lunar day

Not the most suitable day to perform a haircut — after it you will suffer from various ailments. If today there is no urgent need to make up, then it is better to postpone the conduct of this procedure until a better time.

July 22, 9 and 10 lunar days

Avoid haircuts, otherwise your hair will become heavier and their styling will deteriorate. The coloring procedure is allowed, but only in the situation that you make it at a proven hairdresser.

July 23, 10 and 11 lunar days

You will be very pleased with the result of the haircut. Coloring will also give a good result, but it will negatively affect the structure of the curls.

July 24, 11-12 lunar days

Make a new haircut today, you will quickly make very good deals. The procedure of staining is also allowed, but it is more correct to stay on the nutritional mask.

July 25, 12 and 13 lunar days

The day is just perfect to go to the hairdresser for a new haircut, it will help you get rid of the accumulated negative energy and successfully solve unresolved issues. In terms of dyeing hair today is better to relax.

July 26, 13-14 lunar days

On this day, haircut very well, it will save you from migraines. After the hair dyeing can face serious problems at work.

July 27th, 14th and 15th lunar days

Thanks to the stylish haircut today, you will charge yourself with a positive mood, which will be very useful for you. But you should not dye your hair today: the dye will not adhere well and will be quickly washed out of them.

Lunar calendar haircuts for July 2018 favorable days

July 28, 15-16 lunar day

Instead of a haircut today is better to resort to capacity. In terms of staining this day is completely appropriate.

July 29, 16-17 lunar day

These days are neutral for haircuts, it is recommended to perform pyrophoresis — treatment with the help of fire. This procedure will make your hair smoother and silky.

Feel free to color in red tones today.

July 30, 17-18 lunar day

Wait with a haircut, as well as with other manipulations with hair. Dyeing curls on this day you break their structure.

July 31, lunar days 18-19

Today, absolutely no haircuts. If you paint the curls — intensify the process of their loss.

Be sure to listen to these tips if you want to always have beautiful and healthy hair.

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