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Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Since ancient times, people have been aware of the influence of the moon on their lives. You may think this is nonsense, but in reality, the satellite of the Earth affects you much more than you expect.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the adherents of the esoteric adapt any manipulations to the lunar cycles. In particular, they try to cut and dye their hair, as well as perform other cosmetic procedures on certain lunar days.

In this article, I suggest you consider the lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for cutting hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

Calendar cuts and dyeing for February 2019

1 number — 26, 27 lunar days

The night star is in the constellation of Capricorn, which provides a positive effect on the hair at this time. By completing the haircut on February 1, you will provide your curls with health and vitality, get rid of the cut ends, and also add curl density.

Plus, reduced hair loss.

2nd number — 27, 28 lunar day

The date is suitable to shave hair, tint and dye it. If you want, you can even decide on a cardinal change of image.

3rd number — 28, 29 lunar day

The lunar calendar calls February 3 a suitable day for cutting curls. Metamorphosis with hair length will provide energy and health to the strands.

But wait a while with the painting.

4 number — 29, 30 lunar day

The satellite of the Earth is located in the constellation Aquarius, which means that it affects the curls neutrally. 4 numbers it is permissible to perform trial interesting haircuts and styling.

You can also experiment by making unusual toning or painting in a completely new color.

5 number — 30, 1 and 2 lunar day

The date is acceptable for cutting the curls — the Moon is now in the growth phase, which activates the growth of hairs. On this day, samples on changing the shape, length and color of curls will be successful.

But it is desirable to focus on natural dyes.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

6 number — 2 and 3 lunar days

The moon resides in the sign of Pisces, the constellation mainly affects the skin. Washing your head today can cause dandruff, wait a little if possible with cleansing.

Also banned the implementation of painting, curling — the procedure at risk to spoil your hair. You can cut the hair, but it is better to choose a simple version of hair.

7 number — 3, 4 lunar day

Do you have thin and damaged hair? Then plan for February 7 wellness and strengthening manipulations.

With a haircut, on the advice of astrologers, it is worth to wait.

Coloring is allowed, but only with vegetable dyes.

8 number — 4, 5 lunar day

The day is successful to continue to heal your curls. Therefore, if you have not had time yet, sign up for a visit to a barbershop or beauty salon.

Today you can cut and dye your hair (natural colors in bright shades).

9 number — 5 and 6 lunar days

The moon is in the constellation Aries, which does not promise a good change for the hair from the trip to the master. The lunar calendar does not advise you to have a haircut, so as not to worsen the condition of the curls: loss and section of the ends are possible.

You can dye your hair, as well as treat curls.

10 number — 6 and 7 lunar days

Not the best date to get a haircut, it is better to do this day wellness manipulations. It is permissible to carry out the procedure of staining or toning their “feathers”: as a result of such an impact, your sexuality and confidence in yourself promises to grow.

Therefore, run to the hairdresser!

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

11 number — 7, 8 lunar day

Night luminary falls into the constellation Taurus, which will favorably affect the state of curls. If you have a haircut planned for today, be sure to follow it, it will help to improve hair.

With dyeing, wait a little while, better do homemade masks for curls using natural ingredients.

12 number — 8 and 9 lunar days

The moon continues to remain in the sign of Taurus, which means that the effects on the curls at this time are positive. It is recommended to paint over gray hair, perform reinforcing manipulations, as well as lighten and pull out the edge.

February 12 is ideal for performing haircuts, because the growing phase of the moon will have a good effect on hair growth. Decided to paint the curls?

Then stop at natural shades.

Number 13 — 9, 10 lunar day

On the specified date it is worth refusing a hairstyle, as it risks to have a bad effect not only on the hair, but also on the general well-being. It is allowed to perform dyeing with natural paints — for example, henna.

14 number — 10, 11 lunar days

Night luminary falls into the sign of Gemini, its effect on the hair remains the same as before. If you cut your curls today, their growth will improve, but they risk becoming less obedient and start to curl.

15 number — 11, 12 lunar days

The date is acceptable to curl curls, in particular chemical. In addition, it is shown to dye or tint hair with the help of vegetable dyes.

16 number — 12, 13 lunar days

The earth satellite is in the constellation of Cancer, because of which its effect on curls is fraught with inconvenience. The lunar calendar does not advise you to style your hair now, as the attempt will be unsatisfactory.

The only thing that is allowed to do is to treat curls with the help of health and nutritional manipulations.

17th — 13th and 14th lunar day

Plan your haircut, today it will affect the state of “feathers” very favorably. But you should not dye your hair on this day.

18 number — 14, 15 lunar day

The moon enters the sign of Leo, which ensures the thickness of the hair when performing certain effects. It is shown on February 18 to go to a beauty studio, as almost all types of procedures with curls promise to be successful.

Feel free to decide on a haircut, and styling, and toning, and painting.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

The only thing with which it is better to wait — with chemical perm. You are unlikely to be satisfied with its result.

19 number — 15, 16 lunar day

The day is suitable for haircuts and other manipulations with the head of hair. Especially successful will be staining in dark shades.

20 number — 16, 17 lunar days

The light is in the constellation Virgo, showing a very positive effect on curls. After visiting the barbershop today, you will notice an improvement in hair growth, styling will last longer than usual, as will the curling procedure.

February 20, you can decide to change the shade of their curls — it is desirable to be painted in dark colors. And also engage in wellness manipulations.

Their result will be very pronounced.

21 number — 17, 18 lunar days

A wonderful time to decide on a new haircut — it will attract radical changes in your life. If you are not ready for them yet, then postpone a visit to the master.

The number is suitable for changing the shade of curls to light or reddish with the help of natural dyes.

22 number — 18, 19 lunar days

Night light is in the constellation of Libra, which has a neutral effect on the hair. If you cut them today, growth will accelerate, but hairs may become less docile and worse to fit.

The greatest benefit in this number is the fulfillment of therapeutic actions with curls.

23 number — 19, 20 lunar day

On this date, the haircut is permissible, but not very desirable. Also not recommended a radical change in the shade of curls — probably you will not be satisfied with the result.

If you are going to paint curls, then stop only on vegetable components.

Stars today recommend you to care for your curls and treat them with masks or other caring procedures.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019: favorable days for haircuts

24 number — 20 lunar day

The moon entered the sign of Scorpio, and it is very unstable for curls. It is permissible to shear only weak, dull and thin hair — they promise to become thicker and tougher.

Today shows the nourishing procedures for hair, treatment and coloring with the help of natural ingredients. Not recommended for strong chemical exposure.

25 number — 20, 21 lunar days

It is strongly advised to perform a new haircut, if you have weak and thin curls. Do today nutritional hair treatments.

And if there was a desire to paint them — choose natural types of dyes.

It is not a good day to do chemical actions with curls.

26 number — 21, 22 lunar days

The light was included in the sign of Sagittarius, characterized by the same ambiguous effect on the hair, as well as the sign of Scorpio. Are you dreaming that the result of the haircut will please you for a long time? Then don’t do it today!

Otherwise, the grown hairs will appear very soon and will not fit well.

A bad result will bring and perm, and color. In principle, the latter can be done if you choose your natural tone.

27 number — 22, 23 lunar days

Another of the far from the most acceptable dates for haircuts. On the advice of the lunar calendar, it is better to give up cutting hair, as well as styling and chemical perms.

After all, otherwise you will be dissatisfied with the result.

Dyeing curls does not meet expectations: it is likely that a new shade will quickly disappear.

28 number — 23, 24 lunar day

The night light today, like February 1, falls into the sign of Capricorn. All manipulations with hair promise to be extremely successful.

If you cut your hair on such a day — they are filled with vital force, you can eliminate the problem of the broken ends and loss.

Staining and toning procedures will also be successful. It is acceptable today to experiment with a touch of curls and carry out a perm.

Now you know which days in February 2019 should be signed up at the hairdresser, and when it is worth the wait.

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