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Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018 favorable days

Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018: the most favorable days

In April, spring is already in full swing. Summer is just around the corner, which means that now is the best time to start preparing your hair for the beach season in advance.

In this case, you should certainly listen to the recommendations of astrologers. You can do this with the help of the lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018 with an overview of favorable days.

Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018 favorable days

The best days to manipulate hair in April

April 1, 15-16 lunar day

Thanks to the haircut now you can easily make new acquaintances. But at the same time it is worth to postpone the coloring, if you are afraid of spoiling your hair.

April 2, 16-17 lunar day

This day is very bad in order to cut hair. Instead of painting today, it is desirable to choose all kinds of nutritional masks and compositions.

April 3, 17-18 lunar day

Today it is worth to wait a little with visiting a hairdressing salon. Coloring curls today is allowed, but it will not make any changes in your life.

April 4, 18-19 lunar day

A wonderful day for a haircut: it will greatly improve the health of your curls. Today it is better to wait a little with coloring, otherwise you risk causing great harm to your “feathers”.

April 5, 19 lunar day

The ideal time to perform some spectacular volumetric haircut. When conducting today coloring should stay on Basma, which markedly strengthen your curls.

April 6, 19-20 lunar day

If you cut off your hair today, you run the risk of finding yourself from a rather unpredictable side. The coloring itself will also bring an unpredictable result, so it’s up to you to do it today or not.

April 7, 20-21 lunar days

Very positive day for a haircut. It is worth to wait a little with dyeing, otherwise your curls risk becoming dull and thin.

April 8, 21-22 lunar day

Very well today come out haircuts, made in the French style. A staining procedure is better to postpone to some other day.

April 9, 22 and 23 lunar days

It is recommended today to perform a thermo-hairstyle: this way you will save yourself from the broken ends. Please note that this day is ideal for the coloring procedure — no matter what color you choose, it will not scare away your fortune.

April 10, 23-24 lunar day

Today, a haircut will be useful — it will help you build relationships with your buddies. In addition, the day is suitable for coloring, thanks to him, you will attract increased attention to your personality among the representatives of the stronger sex.

Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018 favorable days

April 11, 24-25 lunar day

With the help of a haircut on this day, you can significantly improve your material well-being. The day is ideal to take up any, even very bold experiments with staining.

April 12, 25-26 lunar day

Performing a new haircut will negatively affect your mood, and staining will provoke such a problem as dandruff.

April 13, 26 and 27 lunar days

It is forbidden on this day to shear curls, because by doing so you will make yourself a loser. Performing staining today will not help achieve the desired result.

April 14, 27 and 28 lunar day

Extremely negative day to perform a haircut: your hair after it will be very dull and naughty. In terms of coloring, this day is favorable only for fair-haired ladies.

April 15, 28-29 lunar day

Similarly to the previous day, today it is worth to wait with a haircut, if you do not want to suffer from various ailments later. Coloring is allowed, it is worth resorting to toning on this day.

April 16, 29, 1-2 lunar days

Today is very shown to make a haircut, because it will help you start your life from scratch. And thanks to the staining procedure, you add to your life significant stability.

April 17, 2-3 lunar day

Also, a suitable day for a haircut with its help, you will make a favorable emphasis on your image. In terms of dyeing, the day is appropriate, but it is worth looking at natural colors.

April 18, 3-4 lunar day

Now it is worthwhile to dwell on some decorative procedures. In terms of coloring, the day is very successful if you want to radically change the image.

April 19, 4 and 5 lunar days

Haircut will help strengthen the hair roots. Coloring in any red tones will be very favorable and will add you luck in life.

April 20, 5-6 lunar days

Great day for trimming hair ends. And thanks to the coloring, you will add extra vitality to your curls.

April 21, 6-7 lunar day

Today it is worth to wait a little with visiting a hairdressing salon. Also, without fail, discard the coloring of curls, because it will be extremely unfortunate.

April 22, 7 and 8 lunar day

The wrong time to perform a haircut — you may encounter various troubles. And having decided today on coloring, worsen your relations with the outside world.

April 23, 8th and 9th lunar day

Be sure to cut your hair today thanks to this you will improve your communication with representatives of the opposite sex. And staining on this day normalizes the state of the immune system.

April 24, 9 and 10 lunar day

The best time to practice various styling experiments is to create a new, interesting look. This day is ideal to radically change the color of their curls.

April 25, 10-11 lunar day

Thanks to the haircut on this day you will find yourself. And hair coloring will contribute to material well-being.

Lunar calendar haircuts for April 2018 favorable days

April 26, 11-12 lunar days

The result of the haircut will be higher than any of your expectations. In terms of staining today, it is good to experiment using neon dyes.

April 27, 12-13 lunar day

Ask today for help with stylish fashion haircuts. And wait a little with coloring, because you will not like this image.

April 28, 13-14 lunar day

Great day to do a biowave. It is desirable to abandon the coloring of curls.

April 29, 14-15 lunar day

With the help of a haircut today you will bring upon yourself sadness and a state of longing. With regards to staining: on this day, it is possible to update the hair color, but only near the roots.

April 30, 15-16 lunar days

The hairstyle executed on this day will turn into a subject of gossip and gossip. In terms of dyeing, hair coloring is shown today.

The lunar calendar will help you discover the world of beauty and health of your curls, while using them you are guaranteed to protect yourself from an unexpected result. Use the recommendations of astrology experts to improve the state of your hair.

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