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Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

The moon has a powerful influence on all human life. On different lunar days and phases, it is recommended to take certain actions: for example, on the Rising Moon it is best to perform rituals to add something (health, money, success, etc.), and on the Willing One, on the contrary, to get rid of everything unnecessary.

In this article I want to offer you for consideration the lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days.

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

September feature

2-3 days of the cycle, the moon increases. Today, get ready for small losses, but do not rush into despair: everything is not very bad.

Do not drink alcohol on this day and spend time with the closest people.

3-4 days. Attempts and efforts will help to achieve the desired.

Therefore, do not be discouraged by your mistakes, remembering that without them there will be no progress.

4-5 days of the lunar calendar. The stars promise that now you will receive some seductive offers. Maybe they will help improve the financial situation.

If you feel a certain gap in your knowledge — act resourcefully, resorting to a non-standard solution to the problem.

5-6 days. Give up laziness. Today recommended increased activity, maximum movements.

Learn a lot of new information, because the more of it this day, the more successful they will be.

6-7 numbers. On this day you should concentrate on your problems. It is acceptable to engage in the creation of non-standard plans and develop their abstract abilities.

If you want to enlighten spiritually — go hiking.

7-8 days. You complete all the tasks with the help of not your own, but of others’ efforts, and you will be rewarded. At the same time, make sure that outsiders are not too nosy in your personal affairs: they do not need outside help.

If you wish, make new experiments, you will have the support in the form of relatives and close people.

8-9 days of the cycle. All problems will be solved if you maintain a positive vision of the world. It is possible that today you will be overwhelmed with panic, as if everyone around you is just doing what they and your shortcomings are discussing.

Do not fall into illusions and try to relax.

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

9-10 days. The number is attractive because you are awakened by a craving for new knowledge.

Use this impulse to explore the topic you are interested in and life will become much more interesting. You may not even suspect how many faces lurk in your soul, and today more than ever is a good time to begin to reveal them.

10-11 days of the cycle. The date is difficult to attribute to the category of lucky: you constantly someone prevents to translate their plans into reality. Do not rush to deal with others as well, do not deprive your rivals of faith in yourself.

This will give an additional benefit: as a result, it is you who will emerge the winner from the game, and still earn the authority of a kind-hearted person.

11-12 days. To cope with all the difficulties prepared by fate, it is necessary to maintain an optimistic view of the world and faith in yourself. Do not underestimate your own value, do not run away from problems, and take note of what others, possibly more experienced personalities, say to you.

All this will contribute to a more rapid achievement of the goal.

12-13 days. The moon is still increasing. The advice of astrologers on the present day: to organize friendly gatherings, succumb to the memories of the past, chat about everything in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The day is also successful for the invention of new family customs and their introduction into life. So you will become even closer to each other.

13-14 days. Work on this date than you want, but sensibly assess what consequences your actions will be fraught with for you.

It is recommended to exercise caution when leaving your home, as there is a risk of being involved in unpleasant showdowns or even participate in a traffic accident. If possible, check out at home.

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

14-15 days. It is not recommended to slow down now, if you get to the right place — do not get lost, but begin to act proactively. Subsequently, you will definitely be rewarded.

Also work out your diet, increase your intake of vitamins to look and feel even better.

15-16 days. Full moon in Pisces.

If this is possible, do not show increased business activity in this period and do not visit crowded places. Take everything seriously with you and around you.

Day is perfect to chat with your family at home.

16-17 numbers. The moon begins to decrease in the constellation Aries. Any activity that requires high energy costs is suitable.

It would be nice to go on nature, where in her bosom to do the construction of creative ideas. Refuse to plan at this moment, as unexpectedly pleasant surprises from above can be presented.

17-18 days. Today there will be many events, and for all of them is characterized by a crazy pace.

In order not to get lost in this madness — listen to your sixth sense, it will help you. Control also the emotional sphere, since the risk of a nervous breakdown is not excluded.

18-19 numbers. Do not try to look like someone else on a specified day, better start solving your own problems.

Think over your life and behavior: is everything in them comfortable with you? And be sure to follow the plan, even if something tries to break it.

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

19-20 days. The time is perfect for everything mysterious and mysterious. At the same time fraudsters are activated, be careful not to suffer from their actions.

And all the dubious events should be postponed until better times.

20-21 days. These 24 hours promise to go well, although it will sometimes be difficult for you to correctly interpret the behavior of other people.

If you want to get to the truth, feel free to contact them with a direct question.

21-22 days. Relax remains behind, and active working days are coming ahead.

Pay attention to your appearance before the working day: visit a beauty studio, arrange a walk in the fresh air and you will look like a million by tomorrow.

22-23 numbers. This day is best given to the family.

Do something for your loved ones, give them your tenderness and care. In return, you will get a sea of ​​positive and have a great time with the dearest people.

23-24 days. No wonder they say that «who does not risk, does not drink champagne» and call the risk a noble cause.

On this day, safely take up the most eccentric acts. Increased energy potential will help to cope with all tasks.

24-25 days. Changes are coming in the next 24 hours.

Their character depends on your perception. If something not very good happens, you should wait, do nothing, then everything can be decided by itself.

Help comes from where you are not exactly expecting it.

25th day of the lunar calendar. Period suitable for the assimilation of information.

It is advisable not to rush into the future, but to pay attention to your past: now there is a repetition of various situations, a lot comes back to be corrected, modified or redone.

25-26 days. Is public opinion still important to you? Give up stupid prejudices, be a person and do not be afraid to stand out against the general background.

Realize that only through harmony, above all, with oneself can one really realize oneself and achieve success. But do not forget about punctuality and responsibility.

26-27 days. Today it is important to attend to your spiritual comfort: take a break from work, relax and meditate.

If you experience any negative emotions, then your energy body is very polluted. Take care of his cleansing.

Today’s Higher Forces will help only those who know exactly what they need and rationally plan their own actions.

27-28 days. It is necessary now to accumulate positive energy.

To this end, receive in this lunar day pleasant emotions and impressions. Get out for a walk, go on an exciting journey.

At the current number is better to take a vacation and a good rest from work.

Lunar calendar for September 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

28, 29 and 2 days. New Moon in the constellation Virgo.

Discard the start of new cases. Try to think positively, because all of today’s mental images can be embodied in reality in the future, and quite unexpectedly.

1-2 days. The moon began to grow in the constellation Libra.

The day is characterized by harmony. Be merciful today, be patient and perfect yourself. Making an effort in practice will not bring the desired result.

Everything you have started is sure to complete. In the evening, stay at home with your family, the other half.

2-3 days. Active time of creativity, having a connection with change.

Astrologers recommend to act decisively on such a date. The perfect time to say goodbye to your bad habits.

In addition, engage in building contacts, positive communication and the resolution of urgent issues.

In such trends promises to pass September 2019.

Finally, I want to invite you to view an interesting video on the topic in question:

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