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Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Probably, it will not be news for you that the Moon has an impact on our lives. If you, like me, believe in this — it means, most likely, you ask for help from the lunar calendar for a month.

It is difficult to come up with a more convenient and practical thing — just open the page with it, look for the right day and watch its characteristics, getting an approximate picture of the next day.

And now I bring to your attention the lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days.

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

What to expect from the last month of autumn?

5-6 day cycle, the moon grows. The upcoming 24 hours promise to be quite tense, the situation at work is heating up to the limit.

You will need to urgently take up all unfinished business, which will take a lot of energy.

6-7 days. Even if it’s hard now — don’t give up! Stars recommend a few «slow down», more listening to the opinions of others.

At the same time, continue on your way. On a personal front, if there is an awareness that you are meeting (or living) with the wrong person, it is better to let him go.

7-8 days. Manifestations of distraction and indiscretion are possible, it is advisable to wait with serious decisions. After all, the missing detail, even small, can lead to trouble.

Take special care behind the wheel.

8-9 days. The trend of these days — more words than deeds. This can cause problems.

Today also promises to arise a lot of worries, select the most significant among them, giving maximum attention to them.

9-10 days. Really surpass themselves thanks to the increased politeness, responsiveness and understanding of other people.

It turns out to achieve respect and admiration from others.

10-11 days. 24 hours will pass as usual, without bringing any important incidents.

Do not count on new impressions or emotions: the monotonous tendency is characteristic of the day, which by the end will wear down much more active pastime.

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

11-12 days. The characteristic of the day is power, suddenly there will be a lot of additional energy.

To use it for good — look for a lesson that you can do best and work on it. Even now it is useful to help our smaller brothers.

12-13 days. Do not stay at home today, time is more suitable for action than passivity. Remember that in the movements lies life.

And besides, constantly doing something — increase your energy potential.

13-14 days. Tense time. It is necessary to abandon important matters, do not solve anything, since emotional instability can lead to an error.

Instead, create a romantic atmosphere with your soulmate, which will have a very positive effect on future relationships.

14-15 days. Perhaps there will be a desire to surrender and fall into depression. To do this is absolutely impossible!

To cope with the gloom it is worth remembering about their achievements. Also, learn to separate your personal decisions from the imposed ones, and carefully monitor your diet.

15-16 days. Look around — the world around is very beautiful, it hides various possibilities that you have not had time to take advantage of. You can not get stuck solely on the topic of work, because all the money you do not get, but life passes by.

It is worth now to distract and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

16-17 days. Full moon in the constellation Taurus. There will be unplanned situations, something will have to be urgently addressed.

Do not worry — in the end you will get only a positive result. On this day, it is shown to expand the area of ​​their knowledge, to change the profession and in every way to improve as a person.

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

17-18 days. The moon begins to decline.

Suddenly, you want to feel for yourself what a real extreme is. Astrologers do not advise to go on about this desire, so as not to suffer from its consequences.

In this phase of the moon, you can change your appearance, the main thing is to consult first with someone close to you, because you risk losing the sense of proportion.

18-19 days Take control of your increased energy now, otherwise it will spill out in the form of aggression. The moon additionally enhances the entire negative, which does not exclude severe stress.

Watch your actions and even your thoughts — this will help save yourself from problems and losses.

19-20 day cycle. Planned exposure to the spirit of rivalry. It is worth spending such a day in a friendly environment for easy, pleasant communication or to jointly engage in physical activity.

You will show unprecedented endurance, which will have a positive effect on self-esteem.

20-21 days. It is time is the best way to work out their shortcomings, especially envy and greed. Conduct a thorough analysis of their behavior, actions and come to the right conclusions.

Try to open your heart to the world, probably his soul mate will quickly be found on his call.

21-22 days. The day prepares diverse difficulties and trials of fate, but they all promise to end successfully.

It is important not to spread rot to yourself, all the difficulties of this day will only make you stronger. A good sense of humor and unlimited faith in one’s own abilities will help to cope with them.

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

22-23 days. These days will be the basis for further actions for the next 30 calendar days. What foundation you lay — in such rhythms and live this month.

Therefore, you should show your organizational talent, making plans for the future, as well as produce extremely good vibrations.

23-24 days. Day suitable for business and travel related to work. Everything started necessarily work.

Next time the same opportunity will fall out only after a month. Listen carefully to what has been said today: it will be able to help you reach the right path of life by finding your destination.

24 lunar day. The strength and energy is enough to complete all unfinished business, even if they do not deliver much pleasure. At the insistence of astrologers, it is worth refusing to resolve court issues and make purchases.

Benefit will be a visit to the sauna, sauna or beauty studio.

24-25 days. The phase of the moon is waning.

Has a new idea come to mind? Immediately engage in its implementation in practice, Fortune today shows its position to everything new.

The greater the volume of tasks solved on this day, the more profits you will receive tomorrow. Do not be afraid of experiments, you will rejoice in their results.

25-26 days. A truly mystical time when various unplanned events are expected. But the real thing now is to say goodbye once and for all with a large number of exciting problems without the application of special efforts.

A lot of positives are foreshadowed both at home and at work.

26-27 days. Have you planned a new venture for today? Close people will definitely come to the rescue!

Another good time for making romance and new acquaintances — look carefully around, so as not to overlook your future love.

Lunar calendar for November 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

27-28 days. Prepare for changes on a personal front, most likely positive.

Even if not, do not be sad, because everything that happens is only for the best. At work, the situation is stable, if you dream of raising or, at least, adding to your salary — show more initiative.

Learn to desire and dream correctly.

28-29 days. They cannot be characterized positively, try not to show negative today. Analyze your thoughts.

Help those in need. Also characterized by the aggravation of the «herd instinct», lustful desires, which should not go on about.

29, 30, 1 lunar days. New Moon in the constellation Sagittarius. The best idea for this day is to start improving your physical body.

Therefore, it is recommended to sign up to the gym, yoga, dance and other activities. Training will be successful, will help and get rid of a couple of extra kilos, and improve psychological well-being.

In addition to them, it would be nice to say goodbye to addiction.

1-2 days The moon begins to increase.

There is harmony in everything, all the events of the day are closely intertwined with each other. If you do not want to face losses — spend the next 24 hours as calmly as possible, preferably in home mode.

2-3 days of the cycle. There will be joyful efforts with which you will willingly deal with.

In doubt, but the meeting of a certain person from the past is possible, contact with which has ceased. Her unexpected return will greatly please and change her usual life in a radical way.

3-4 days. If you have planned a specific goal — make maximum efforts to achieve it.

Do not trust the recommendations from the outside, because you yourself know what you really need. Exhausted for such an active day in the evening you will be exhausted, but you will feel a pleasant joy for the work done.

4-5 days. On the last date of November 2019, a lot of life energy will appear, inspiring and motivating for new challenges. You can put yourself in a favorable light, even where you didn’t expect it.

It is only important not to underestimate your value — you are unique and should be proud of it!

So promise to unfold events in the last month of this fall. Finally, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the relevant video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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