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Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days provides information about each date of the first month of winter. Using it, you can make plans for significant events so that they fall on the most suitable lunar day.

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Characteristic December 2019 on lunar days

5-6 days, the moon is in the growth phase. The period is successful to accumulate information. It is worth now to abandon action for the future, and more to analyze their past.

Perhaps the repetition of many situations in life, the return of unfairly executed lessons: they should be corrected, modified or redone.

6-7 days. The date is very responsible, it is important to pay attention to even the smallest details at a glance. Today all your fate can be decided, and not even once.

Conflict situations are possible, which, however, will be peacefully resolved.

7-8 days of the cycle. There are difficulties with concentration, it is difficult to put in order thoughts. Astrologers recommend, if necessary, to seek advice from other people, or simply postpone decisions until better times.

In this case, in love affairs, everything is going well.

8-9 days. The moon is still growing.

The mood will be unstable, there is always a feeling that you have not coped with something or did not have time. Do not bite yourself, better analyze your feelings and start working on the bugs.

9-10 days. Global passivity day. It is not recommended to take any active actions, to hold all your thoughts and ideas with you more correctly.

Just trust the flow of life and do not resist it.

10-11 days. There is a hypertrophied vulnerability and susceptibility to everything.

If you do not want to spoil the mood neither yourself nor other people — if possible, spend time alone with yourself, doing your favorite thing.

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

11-12 the number of the lunar cycle. The moon is growing. You should conduct an audit of your social circle, not wasting vital forces on those who are pulling you down.

In addition, it is shown to do the cleaning of your workplace and home.

12-13 days. The day is suitable for improving professional knowledge. It is ideal for him to attend master classes, conferences and other events of such a plan.

Everything new is absorbed literally on the fly, do not neglect the chances falling out above, they will be able to help in your career growth.

13-14 days. You may want all 24 hours to roll aimlessly on the couch. Only this is unlikely to be possible: the events of the day will overwhelm so much that you will not have time to cope with them.

Date of activity, movements, new acquaintances and gifts of fate.

14-15 days. Discover now some new information. There are so many untested things in life that can make a variety of boring everyday life.

Do not focus only on the usual activities, be always passionate about something unknown.

15-16 days. Date of great activity and positive emotions. Have a penchant for creativity?

Then express your emotional experiences in it. It is quite possible to get a true masterpiece by the total.

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

16-17 days. Full moon in the constellation Gemini. Everything promises to go easy and harmoniously.

You are moving towards your goals, coping with all the tasks of the day.

17-18 days. The moon began to subside in the sign of Cancer. There is a pronounced romantic trend of these days.

True, in the evening she will come to naught somewhat, but you shouldn’t be depressed — better to spend time in the company of your close circle. The resulting positive will be nicer than gifts from a loved one.

18-19 days You will absorb and assimilate cosmic energy. The period is acceptable to establish old and new connections, as well as to search for fellows in spirit.

If you turn for help — do not give up. Nowadays, it is really possible to correct our relations, thereby improving life in general.

19-20 days. It is worth turning your eyes to the little things that seem insignificant, but capable of leaning on a large snowball.

Time is good for normalizing relationships with members of the opposite sex, as a result of feeling will become more vivid.

20-21 days. Astrologers draw your attention to the fact that you should not envy the achievements of others — it is much more reasonable to appreciate what you have.

Also do not be greedy, first of all, for yourself and be sure to indulge in a pleasant present. It is much better than becoming Uncle Scrooge.

21-22 days. The date as a whole is not bad, but you should attend to your well-being.

It is possible today a feeling of weakness, apathy, weakness. Perhaps you are simply exhausted, and maybe some kind of pathology is developing.

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment. If this is not possible, at least take a bubble bath and relax.

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

22-23 days. Plan on this day all the important and serious matters that need to be carefully thought out and planned.

And go on an exciting journey.

23 lunar day. Adhere to the rule of the golden mean.

It is not recommended now to compete with someone or try to prove to others that you are right. The date is different spontaneity, the stars are advised not to be afraid of new experiments — they will be useful, they will be able to increase confidence in their abilities.

23-24 days. The world is ruled by the energy of love, creativity, unpredictability and enjoyment of life. Show attention to your spiritual impulses, as well as induce altruists.

Time is good to organize business negotiations — it will be easy to establish mutual understanding with others. It is extremely important on this day to show mercy and compassion.

24-25 days. You may be embraced by incomprehensible desires and fantasies. Do not seek to strangle them — better show your feelings in life.

Sometimes pranks are very necessary and useful: they increase the inflow of energy and contribute to the inspiration of new ideas.

25-26 days. It is necessary to appoint important, long-term projects for this date, and also to go on long trips.

Everything started today promises to be completed in the easiest and harmonious way.

26-27 days of the lunar cycle. The moon continues to decline in the constellation Scorpio. The trends of this date will force you to resolve all cases that have been postponed until a better time.

It is important to show increased scrupulousness, not to miss any significant details in the process of their implementation.

27-28 days. The situation in the sky is most favorable for those individuals who clearly know what they want, and also know how to competently draw up a plan of action.

Direct your energy in a creative direction, try to get as many impressions as possible today. The day is suitable for absorbing new information, transferring life experience and communication.

28-29 days. It is not excluded now to face the actions of their detractors. The latter actively put sticks in the wheels, disrupting your plans.

Give up the desire to quickly find out the relationship, better show more cunning and dexterity, look for a method of how to beat your competitors around your finger.

1-2 days. New Moon in the constellation of Capricorn.

The period is suitable for shopping, chatting, going on a trip, and also reading literature and thinking about what is happening.

Lunar calendar for December 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

2-3 days. The moon begins to grow in the Zodiac sign Capricorn.

Reigns atmosphere of complete chaos. It is difficult for you to concentrate on one thing, the objects themselves fall from the hands, and the actions taken are not always successful.

It seems that the world has gone mad. Do not worry — just today is not your day, put up with it.

3-4 days. Act carefully and attentively, whatever you do now. Bring all things to their logical conclusion.

Today activated before the hidden reserves of the body. But if you want to learn how to use them — behave perfectly ideally purely in spiritual terms.

4-5 days. 24 hours promise to take place in an easy pace, you can safely lean back in your chair and fully enjoy your vacation.

Day promises like to pass by you, the universe does not bother with trifles and allows you to fill with energy for new accomplishments. Get better at solving family issues.

5-6 days. The penultimate day of this month (and year) does not have the last value.

Their main tendency is temptation. Even very unbelievable incidents that you never expected were not excluded today.

Life is very unpredictable now, it is difficult to say exactly where you can come along your chosen path.

6-7 days of the lunar cycle. The moon grows in the constellation Pisces.

You can safely solve important issues, puzzled by long-term projects and long-distance travel. Everything that will be begun, will come to the end rather successfully.

From your side you will need to carefully listen and listen to everything said today. Thanks to this, you will understand your life path and be able to come to a true life purpose.

Get more information about the influence of the moon on our body by viewing the following video:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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