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Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Why is it that on one day of the month all our plans are quickly realized, and on others, no matter how much effort is put in, things are not moving from the dead center? Many people believe that this is due to the influence of the Earth’s satellite, the Moon, on us.

I became interested in this topic, began to search for information on it, and I suggest to get acquainted with the lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days.

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

Overview of lunar days in August

New Moon in the constellation Leo, 29, 30 and 1 calendar days. Today you can show more distraction than usual. Try to get together and do the work, giving up empty chatter and household trifles.

On this day, your main task should be to draw up a plan to achieve your goal and begin its approval in practice.

The beginning of the growth of the moon, 1-2 days. By showing extreme caution, you will save yourself from trouble.

In the 2nd day of the cycle, the details are very important, that in the field of career, that on the personal front. Small skirmishes with colleagues or relatives are not excluded.

2-3 days. Exacerbation of intellectual abilities is assumed, which will allow to carry out our plans.

Now you more soberly and reasonably assess the situation, which allows you to find a solution to even very complex problems.

3-4 days. This day is shown to purify your energy body.

Ideal to do physical practice, such as yoga and meditation. At the same time, do not start new projects, continuing to work on the tasks performed before.

4-5 days of the cycle of the moon. You can prepare for new meetings and acquaintances.

It is unlikely that you will be bored on such an eventful day: there will be many unusual personalities around who will brighten up your leisure time. Do not spend the day at home.

5-6 days. A very favorable time for bringing your inner world back to normal and improving your emotional background.

Invite friends to visit — close people will cheer up and help relieve the soul.

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

6-7 numbers. The date is suitable to pause active life and pay attention to your own person.

Without fear, let’s refuse if you do not want to help anyone, and do not try to be pretty for everyone.

7-8 days. Probably, the day will spoil the mood, since it will not be good for you. Do not panic, remembering that there is a way out of any situation.

Everything is sure to get better, the main thing is to believe in the best.

8-9 days, the moon grows. Today, the news promises to be positive: a large sum of money is expected.

This may be, for example, taking a new, high-paying job. Very soon there will be financial stability in life, which will allow saving savings.

9-10 days. Although the moon is now growing, it is characterized by a decrease in energy and an easy exposure to stress factors.

It is necessary to try to concentrate less on the negative, with an emphasis on positive things in life. If you can, try to get a good sleep today.

10-11 days. The lunar disk on this day grows in the sign of Capricorn. The latter is a very passionate constellation, so astrologers are in a hurry to warn you not to lose your senses from the senses.

Do not seek to “dissolve” as much as possible in your partner, while preserving your personality.

11-12 days. Forget about self-confidence and groundless fears, today you need to start a new business. It promises to be successful.

The constellation of Scorpio, now relevant, will give a powerful boost to the beginning. You will need to clearly establish in what area you will act.

12-13 days of the cycle. Days promise to be unusually rich and productive.

Your right decision (or even a few) will increase self-esteem, and increased self-confidence motivates other people to agree with you.

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

13-14 numbers. Close ones can arrange a series of surprises today.

What they will be — pleasant or not, it is impossible to say about it. But the stars warn that someone will try to shift their responsibilities onto you, that it is necessary to stop them without fail.

Give a refusal, even if the asking person is close to you, otherwise you risk to be used.

14-15 days. Full moon in the constellation of Aquarius. Day successful for spiritual development.

Intellectual abilities increase that allows to process more than usual information and comprehend the necessary material.

15-16 the number of the calendar. The moon began to subside.

Get ready for an exciting adventure, which will be unrealistic to get bored. The trip will allow you to take a fresh look at your stereotypes and make corrections to them.

It would be nice to read literature, watch instructive films and TV shows.

16-17 days. The day is more suitable for improving your physical body than spiritual development.

It is necessary to purchase a subscription to a fitness center or start active exercises at home. With regards to relationships with relatives and friends — it does not hurt to introduce several new rules or traditions.

This will be an excellent convergent factor.

17-18 numbers. The moon continues to decline.

Take advantage of your unconventional thinking, they promise to rate it according to merit. On this day it will help to win over even those who have never shown special sympathy for you.

Also, the number is good for making expensive acquisitions: if you have been dreaming about a new car (or other major technology) for a long time, now is the time to make a purchase.

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

18-19 days. You can not show increased naivety and gullibility — they can cause an error, which will entail very unpleasant consequences.

Try on this day not to follow someone else’s will, leaving the last decision behind you, this should save you from difficulties.

19-20 days. Day of rest and harmony. On this lunar day, you are allowed to give yourself a break, do not make any effort: everything you need will come to you.

In the diminishing phase of the moon, the extra weight goes well, you can go on a diet with a bold soul — you will be satisfied with the result.

20-21 days of the calendar. Things are solved successfully, that does not go unnoticed by others. If you do not want to undergo someone else’s envy and negativity — try less to show off your achievements.

The main thing that you know about your success, while others do not need to know about it.

21-22 days. Get ready for a hard day.

Today you can not act impulsively, because otherwise you can suffer and lose profits. Pay attention to your circle of contacts, excluding from it those that are not very necessary.

22-23 days. Vital energy just hits the key! In reality, in this situation, to cope with any obstacles in its path, even if detractors begin to actively interfere.

Plunge headlong into a sea of ​​adventures, without limiting yourself in anything — then you will remember these 24 hours for a long time.

23-24 days. Soul requires to be alone away from society?

And it is very true — this is exactly what you need now! The day is suitable for quiet relaxation, as well as for learning new, interesting knowledge and skills.

The main thing is to be able to cope with laziness.

24-25 days. Time of inactivity, enjoyment of peace. Even if you receive criticism about this: ignore it.

Stars advise today to isolate themselves from the whole world, taking up the improvement of their morale.

Lunar calendar for August 2019: phases of the moon and favorable days

25 day cycle, the moon decreases. From the morning the day may not work out. There will be a feeling that the whole world is in a global conspiracy against your person.

Madam Fortuna turned her back, love left, and the colors of the day are not as bright as usual. Wipe the lenses — reality is not as sad as you think.

25-26 numbers. This day too much flattery comes to you. Of course, do not blindly trust her, but to pick up something useful for yourself does not hurt.

It would also be nice to revive your familiar image by adding a certain zest to it.

26-27 days. The moon is also decreasing. Stars give you advice to learn to look at what is happening in life from a different angle.

You often invent tragedy for yourself where, in reality, there is just a little problem. It is worth learning the easier perception of reality, and neutralizing the negative with positive.

Through this approach, you can increase self-esteem, and improve your reality.

27-28 days. The most correct decision of these lunar days: to deal with uncluttered troubles. If you have the opportunity to relax and sleep well.

You are likely to awaken a strong desire to purify yourself spiritually. Therefore, it is worth minimizing contact with others and to pay increased attention to moral problems.

28, 29 and 1 day. New Moon in the constellation Virgo.

The day is filled with too calm energy. Now neither conflict situations nor joyful incidents are foretold.

What is the most correct thing to do on the indicated day? Spend it with your family while watching an exciting movie or reading a book.

1-2 days of the cycle. The moon began to grow.

Date is unacceptable to arrange disassembly. If possible, do not contact with people with whom you have a bad relationship.

The chance of being dragged into a conflict or even a fight is extremely high now. You can not express all your emotions.

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