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Love temperament compatibility

Love temperament compatibility

There are 4 types of temperament, each of which has its own characteristics of character. Considering these features, it is possible to determine the behavior of the partner in marriage.

Before determining the love compatibility with a partner, you must accurately identify your type of temperament and the temperament of a loved one. To do this, you can pass a special test, or you can simply find your psycho-type according to the description. So, what types of temperament exist?

Sanguine. A person of such a temperament is distinguished by activity and vigor. Sanguine have a good sense of humor and an objective outlook on life.

They easily adapt to any situation, they love society and, more often, they are positive.

Melancholic is a very emotional and vulnerable person. People with this type of temperament are very suspicious and have a painful attitude towards criticism. They love to dig in the past, in their feelings, to look for the reasons for their failures. Melancholic, as a rule, are not very adapted to the realities of life.

They are prone to depression and unreasonable spiritual experiences.

Choleric different manifestation of turbulent emotions. People of this type of temperament are very unrestrained, it is difficult for them to control their emotions, and they suffer from that. Choleric moods often change.

If they are having fun and laughing, then in a minute something can make them go berserk. They are hot-tempered, impulsive and capable of rash acts.

Phlegmatic — a man who is calm and calm in any situation. As a rule, people of this type of temperament are difficult to ruffle. They are able to control emotions and hide feelings.

Phlegmatic people do not tend to enter into conflicts, they are more likely to keep silent than to sort things out.

What types of temperament are suitable for each other to create relationships and family?

Sanguine people best get along with people of their temperament, that is, with sanguine people. In general, people of this type of temperament can find a common language with both choleric and phlegmatic people. But with melancholic it is difficult enough for them to coexist, since these two temperaments are very far from each other.

Phlegmatic compatible with phlegmatic. These types of people will be on the same wavelength and understand each other with the floor of the word. Worst of all, the phlegmatic will be paired with choleric. The love compatibility of these two characters is unlikely.

The choleric person will be irritated by the calmness of the phlegmatic person, and the latter, in turn, will accumulate anger and resentment towards his impulsive partner.

Choleric well compatible with sanguine. Sanguine can restrain his partner and direct his energy in the right direction. But with melancholic and phlegmatic he will have a hard time.

These two types will not be able to adequately perceive all the actions and actions of the choleric person. And he will be bored with the people of these temperaments.

Melancholic better get along with a phlegmatic person. Partners with these types of temperaments quickly find a common language and quarrels practically do not arise in such a pair. Melancholic and choleric will not get along with — these are two types of temperament, the relations of which may have a tragic end.

You can learn love compatibility with your partner using other criteria, such as signs of the zodiac, blood type, date of birth, and so on. Such a check helps in creating harmonious and strong relationships in a pair. It does not matter if you and your partner do not match each other by any criteria.

If there is love and mutual respect in a couple, nothing can become a hindrance for creating strong relationships and marriage bonds. If this information was useful to you, click on and

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