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Love horoscope for the week from 25 to 31 December

Love horoscope for the week from December 25 to December 31

Without love, a person can not feel happy. It is advisable to get rid of loneliness even before the New Year, in order to enter a new stage with your loved one. With the help of a love horoscope you can cope with the difficulties that prevent you from adjusting your personal life.

Finding a loved one is not difficult — it is much more difficult to maintain a strong and long-term union with him. The personal sphere of life, like others, requires certain efforts, otherwise the relationship will be doomed to failure. You need to listen to the advice of astrologers to avoid conflicts and discord in relations with your loved one. After all, the planets and stars affect all areas of our life, including love.

Perhaps this week in your personal life there will be tremendous changes. About this you can learn from the love horoscope.

On Monday, December 25, Aries may face changes in their personal lives, and the reason for this will be the positive aspect of Pluto. If you still have not met your love, then on this day you will have the opportunity to find a soul mate. Couples will be able to raise their relationship to a new level, but only if your loved one wants it — it is not recommended to put pressure on your partner.

The only patron planet that will support you from December 25 to December 31 is Mars. Your antagonist Mercury is depressed, so this week it will not give you unnecessary trouble. The most inappropriate day for romantic dates and love confessions is December 26th.

Due to the negative aspect of Venus, on Tuesday, your actions and attempts to draw the attention of a loved one to yourself may be a fiasco.

This week the main support for Taurus will be provided by their patron — the Moon. Already on Monday, its influence will positively affect your relationship with the opposite sex. On Thursday and Friday, any attempts to win the heart of the beloved will give a positive result.

These days, the moon will gain incredible power that will help you gain confidence and improve your personal life.

Your antagonist Mars will be strengthened all week — this can cause conflicts of jealousy and misunderstanding. The most unfavorable day for Taurus — Saturday. The negative aspect of Jupiter will awaken within you a distrust of the second half, which will certainly affect your relationship.

Try to ward off bad thoughts and trust your partner, because unfounded accusations can cause separation.

Your only patron Mercury is still weakened, so you should not rely on his help. The most unstable day for you is Saturday, December 30th. Because of the negative aspect of Jupiter, it may seem to you that your soulmate puts pressure on you, and because of this you will feel internal tension and discomfort.

Try to suppress negative thoughts and emotions, otherwise because of them you will have to meet the New Year alone.

If at the end of last week there was a conflict between you and your other half, it is undesirable to attempt an armistice on Monday. The negative aspect of Neptune will badly affect the solution of old problems, and the clarification of relations will only aggravate the already unpleasant situation.

Astrologers recommend Cancers make important decisions on Monday, Thursday and Friday. These days, the positive influence of your patroness of the Moon will help you in any endeavors, especially if they relate to love. Think about what you lack in a relationship, and discuss it with your partner.

Changes will help strengthen your union and add brightness to relationships.

Your antagonist planets Mars and Saturn are strengthened. It is their influence that can negatively affect your relationship with your loved one. During this period, be careful with acquaintances: some couples are doomed to parting, but, unfortunately, it often turns out that it is too late.

For Lviv, the worst day will be December 28th. The moon, which negatively affects your Token, will be strengthened at this time, therefore it will create obstacles on the way to personal happiness. However, on Monday and Friday, the positive aspect of the Moon and Pluto will help you raise your relationship with your loved one to a new level.

If your relationship has problems, try to solve them more creatively. Instead of apologizing words, invent new and more interesting ways of reconciliation.

This week you should not rely on the help of your patrons, the Sun and Pluto, as they are neutral. But your internal energy will be at a high level, so it will help you strengthen relationships and avoid confusions. Your charm lies in your personal qualities and character — they will awaken the interest of the opposite sex.

From December 25 to December 31 you will be simultaneously supported by the Moon, Mars and Saturn. Their positive impact will affect your family relationships. Thanks to your inner peace, you can give harmony to your loved one.

On Tuesday, your emotional state will be unstable, and this can cause conflicts with your partner. If in the morning you feel tense and everything around you is literally annoying you, postpone the meeting with your other half to another day. It’s not necessary to say that you are in a bad mood and you don’t want to see anyone — you can come up with a more respectful and less offensive reason.

Lying in relationships is bad, but if you lie, then for the good of love.

The negative aspect of Pluto will affect you at the beginning of the week. On Monday, it will be difficult for you to adapt and get used to something new. Therefore, on this day, it is advisable not to start a new relationship, but rather to avoid change at all.

However, on Tuesday you will feel self-confidence and a new surge of strength, so it is advisable to perform bright romantic acts on December 26th.

All week your ally Mars will give you extra energy. This will help you cope with difficulties and solve any problems encountered on the love front. Do not forget to rely on personal charm and learn how to find an approach to your partner, and then you can resolve any conflict without consequences.

Between December 25 and December 31, the Moon will create additional trouble for Scorpios. Your antagonist will disturb you at the beginning of the week and before the weekend. However, the positive aspect of Pluto on December 25th will give you the opportunity to express your feelings.

Talk to your other half about your plans for the future and do not forget to note that it is this person who plays a key role in your future life.

On the penultimate day of the year you will be able to enlist the support of Jupiter. Its positive aspect on December 30 will help you get even closer to your loved one and learn about its secrets. Share with him your experiences that you had to endure during the year, do not forget to thank for your support and just for his presence in your life.

On Monday, December 25, Archers can plunge into romantic adventures. If on this day you want to make a pleasant surprise to your partner, then be creative. Even if it is a banal dinner by candlelight, arrange it not in a restaurant, but in a more unexpected place.

Neptune’s positive influence will help you throughout the week, with the exception of Thursdays and Fridays. The cause of failures in your personal life will be the influence of your opponent — the Moon. However, at the weekend, her strength will weaken, and your love relationship will not threaten anything.

Your main assistants this week will be Mars and Saturn. Thanks to their positive influence, you can finally disengage from problems and devote all your free time not to solving them, but to your other half.

A little stress can create your opponent, the moon. On December 28 and 29, in alliance with Taurus, she will acquire special strength. During this period, try to maintain stability in the relationship, but global change is better to postpone to January.

In the past year, focus your attention on getting rid of old problems, because only this way you can start life from scratch.

The negative impact of Mars will make it difficult for you all week. However, thanks to the aspect of Saturn on Tuesday, any of your actions will bring good results. On this day, astrologers recommend that Aquarius do a search for love, if you are alone or your previous relationship no longer gives you joy.

Last week of the month will be full of surprises, but you do not forget to give a gift to your soulmate. The last day of the outgoing year is desirable to spend in a good mood, and you can get positive emotions, being close to your loved one.

Immediately, two patrons will help Pisces this week — the Moon and Neptune. Lonely representatives of this Zodiac sign will be able to find love and spend New Year’s Eve with a new lover. If you are already in a relationship, then it’s time to pay attention to your soulmate and apologize for all the offensive actions that you committed in the outgoing year.

On Saturday, December 30, you can become the initiator of the conflict because of the negative influence of your antagonist — Mercury. Quarrel may occur due to your personal feelings and excitement. At such moments, it is advisable not to get lost on your loved one, but to pour out your soul and tell you what is bothering you.

Supporting your loved one will help you get rid of negative thoughts and further strengthen your union.

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