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Love horoscope for the week from 21 to 27 August

Love horoscope for the week from 21 to 27 August

In love, all means are good, especially if they are based on astrological recommendations. Love horoscope will help you achieve success and well-being in partnerships.

Love and success have long gone hand in hand. Inspiring feelings motivate to action, carefully guiding people along the path of happiness and well-being. Love is the engine of progress, which can be gained or strengthened with the help of astrological recommendations.

Aries, all antagonist planets this week will be in the shadows for you, which can not but rejoice. If privacy is a mystery to you, then Monday will help put everything in its place. August 21 is an auspicious day for starting a new romance and strengthening relationships.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Aries will be able to track down positive events that can improve the love sphere of life. On Thursday, we should not take into account other people’s advice, there is a risk of getting confused and choose the wrong direction. Over the weekend, the pressure will be rewarded.

This week, representatives of Taurus will remain without the support of the lord of Venus. Astrologers say: we should not expect development in personal life. However, new acquaintances will not deliver emotional satisfaction.

Taurus at risk to experience past mistakes.

On Monday, when the patron of the Moon weakens its position, positive events will directly depend on your participation. On Tuesday and Wednesday, stars will continually push you to situations or people from the past. For romantic displays, Thursday and Friday are best suited.

During the period of reinforcement of your patron of Mercury, Gemini may be puzzled by a number of private affairs, risking to miss important nuances in a love relationship.

Monday is the most successful day for lovers of this Sign. The union of patrons favors the crucial step in personal life. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be a struggle with temptations, regrets and unrealizable dreams.

The end of the week will give you good opportunities, romantic meetings, new impressions and an abundance of flirting.

Zodiac sign Cancer will be under the strict control of Venus, which will make the coming week more sensual and fiery. This is the best time for the harmonious manifestation of feelings and demonstration of natural charm. Astrologers are confident that unobtrusive narcissism will make Rakov more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

On Monday, Cancers can feel the urgent need for love, care and emotional communication. All because of the weakened moon. It is possible that mental impulses of August 22-23 will not find counter feelings. On Thursday and Friday, representatives of this Sign will be at the peak of attractiveness, which is good for new acquaintances.

At the weekend there is a risk to violate the standards of decency, the stars will take away resistance to temptations, increasing love desires and desires.

The stars foreshadow Lions a week of successful opportunities in love. However, doubts and hesitations can lead you astray, recalling past experiences and hobbies.

At the beginning of the week, dedicate time to improving relationships. Monday is the day of initiative, decision-making and the organization of personal life. In the middle of the week, astrologers recommend to be more careful with secret meetings and novels on the Internet.

On Saturday and Sunday, blind dates, easy flirting and new acquaintances will be successful.

The atmosphere of the coming week will give the Virgins confidence. Your patron Mercury will create conditions for mutual understanding with the partner, will remove obstacles and will relieve from excessive constraint. However, because of its retrograde nature, you will explore and weigh your relationships more.

That is why on Monday and Tuesday it will be difficult for the Maidens to carelessly flirt and enjoy. Starting with the environment, communication with the opposite sex will become more sublime and sensual, which will allow you to better know the potential or existing partner. Over the weekend, there will be a chance to rally and strengthen the love union.

The upcoming week for Libra will be marked by a fatal partnership event. The fateful shade to him will betray finding Jupiter in your Sign. Astrologers advise to pay attention not to the external features of love, but to spiritual similarities.

At the beginning of the week, attention should be paid not to beautiful courtship or visual appeal, but to spiritual affinity. Aspects of the planets on Wednesday and Thursday are not favorable for flirting and new acquaintances. The end of the week is marked by an unexpected turn in the relationship.

Get ready for the new.

The relationship of Scorpios between August 21 and 27 will become more sensual and inspiring. It will be connected with finding the antagonist of Venus in the constellation of Cancer. On Monday and Tuesday there will be a chance to get closer with a partner, to reach spiritual understanding.

From Wednesday alone Scorpios can do the search for the second half.

The end of the week is also not deprived of pleasant impressions. Negative lunar energy will subside, which will help draw love and sensuality into the family union. The most vivid romantic episodes await Scorpions on Saturday and Sunday.

Transit of Saturn on Scorpio for you — time to think about the spiritual side of the relationship. The care and attention shown to the partner will increase your chances for a happy future. On Monday, the most auspicious day for romantic displays.

There will be an opportunity to see further perspective in love.

The middle of the week will be closely connected with the plans of a loved one, it is possible that the feelings of the partner will concern Sagittarius more than anything else. Closer to the weekend, an optimistic view of things will return to the representatives of this Sign. What will happily plunge into a romantic adventure on Saturday and Sunday.

From August 21 to August 27, Pluto will visit the constellation of Capricorn, which will add drama to your personal life. It is possible that such a finding of the planet will in every possible way kindle your senses, heating up passion.

At the beginning of the week, the topic of love and mutual understanding in relationships will come out on top. New acquaintances and dates on Monday will relieve you of emotional stress on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, you should not make promises if you are not sure of their performance. Stars will create harmonious conditions at the weekend.

It is time for love, serenity and romance.

For lovers of Aquarius, retrograde patron Mercury will help to logically solve problematic topics in a relationship. On Monday, the aspect of the planets-rulers will create favorable conditions for privacy. It will be able to introduce certainty and strengthen relationships.

In the middle of the week, new novels will not cause the stars to trust, it is advisable not to get involved in them too seriously. Starting on Friday, the time of great accomplishments in love will come. The influence of the planets will give you the courage for the first step.

However, the events of August 25 — 27 may not unfold as you expected, but this will definitely be the beginning of a new life.

Pisces, patron Neptune advises you to return to your relationship a romantic past, causing an update of feelings and emotions. On Monday, it is desirable to get rid of discussions with a partner of unresolved issues, there is a risk to quarrel on this basis.

The middle of the week of lovers of Pisces must pass in pleasures, flirting and enjoyment. Especially on Wednesday and Thursday, the positive influence of the planets will literally shower you with luck and the necessary resources for love victories. And to the discussion of personal topics is best to return on Friday, August 25th.

On weekends, spend free time at home and family.

A love horoscope will help you get around many of the problems and troubles in a relationship, indicating successful opportunities. Astrologers recommend relying on the call of your heart and acting as your sixth sense dictates. We wish you a great mood, a harmonious week. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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