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Love horoscope for the week from 14 to 20 September

Love horoscope for the week from September 14 to 20

What will be the week for heart affairs? Who will be surrounded by the atmosphere of love, and who should avoid mistakes so as not to miss your lucky chance? Find out this from the daily lunar calendar for September.

Look around you: perhaps personal happiness is very close. Looking at the sky and being in a world of illusions, you risk missing an important moment that the future may foresee. At the end of everyday work, show the ability to look at things realistically.

Errors of the past can no longer be corrected, but they should not be repeated. Remember: every romantic adventure has consequences, and they are not always favorable.

Do not be afraid to take the initiative and take the first confident steps towards happiness. Tightening the solution of an important issue, you can miss the opportunity to find a faithful companion. At the beginning of this period, do not refuse offers to meet and spend time in the company of a person to whom you are not indifferent.

But at the weekend it is worth being more attentive to the environment: carefully choose your social circle.

Love horoscope recommends leaving all the differences behind and show a special love for the chosen one. All the quarrels of the past will only hinder future happiness. When communicating, remember only the pleasant moments spent together.

Lonely people will have a chance to get to know a beautiful person if they leave the house at the weekend and go on a journey of adventure.

During this period, you are provided with stability, which you should use in your personal life in order to strengthen already existing relationships. In the first days of the week it will be easy to solve all the conflicts of the past in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, single people will be able to explain themselves to the subject of adoration and finally define a plan for future actions.

In the middle of the week there will come an unfavorable moment connected with conflicts and quarrels. Suppress irritability and avoid being rude. If you feel you can’t avoid scandal, spend some time alone. This is especially true Wednesday and Thursday.

At the weekend you can relax and unwind; Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the flared passion.

The week will be dominated by feelings that will be exacerbated. This will have a positive impact on personal life: the desire to love will push to action and tell you how to overcome the fear of failure. But at the same time, excessive impressionability will add to the character of touchiness and capriciousness.

Do not react painfully to every word and do not take trivial things seriously — then you will manage to avoid controversy.

The beginning of the week will be positive: you will feel a great desire to love and be loved. Love horoscope advises not to lose chances. Prove to others that you are a sensual nature with a big heart filled with love.

But at the end of the period it is worth being careful with the initiative: excessive obsession can turn a dear person away from you.

Having driven yourself into a rigid framework, you will miss the chance to establish heart affairs. Remember, love is a game that has no rules. Any moment in interpersonal relationships is an element of complex plexuses.

It is not necessary to react sharply to the mistake of a person and make tragedy out of any trifle. Throughout the work week, try to smile the minus elect, and not confront them.

At this time, you may feel anxiety and a desire to take a break in your personal life. Such impulses cannot be ignored, but one should not offend a person close to his heart. Explain your state of mind in calm tones, and you will definitely be understood.

Also beware of new acquaintances: it may seem to you that you are fully understood, but in fact you run the risk of being deceived.

Think about the changes and change the situation. Maybe it’s time to break the crowded piggy bank and go on an unforgettable journey. This advice is suitable for both single people and Capricorns, who are already happy in a relationship.

Some will be able to relax and chat with interesting people, others — to strengthen the heart connection.

Try to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of jealousy and not make scenes with your chosen one. In an easy flirtation, there is nothing criminal and it is better not to sit, pouting lips, but to prove to a partner that you are not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. The main thing is not to go too far and resist the temptation.

By the end of the week there will be a chance to correct old mistakes and improve relations.

In the week you will be overwhelmed by strong feelings, you will be in the power of love and, importantly, mutual. But be careful: the overwhelmed passion can influence future plans and hinder the achievement of a goal. Do not leave the planned path, but do not give up the opportunity to enjoy the time next to your chosen one.

Astrologers foreshadow a strong influence of the Stars on the feelings of man and his decisions. First of all, be careful when dealing with unfamiliar buddies and do not quarrel with dear people. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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