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Love horoscope for the week from 10 to 16 July

Love horoscope for the week from July 10 to July 16

Astrological knowledge will help you strengthen relationships and avoid possible problems. Love horoscope recommendations will indicate positive aspects of planets for your Zodiac.

Love, like any other sphere of life, is experiencing the energetic influence of celestial bodies. This week, the brightest aspects of the planets will create the conditions for gaining reciprocity and interesting romantic acquaintances. Each Zodiac sign will have the opportunity to enlist the support of stars in strengthening their love union or in the search for new relationships.

This week, Aries lovers will be able to eliminate omissions in communication with a loved one. The absence of a negative impact from Venus will give a good time to strengthen family ties.

At the beginning of the week, representatives of this Zodiac sign are in danger of running into contradictions. On Monday, Aries can seize the desire for an ideal, it is possible that they want a better relationship. The period from July 11 to July 14 is an unfavorable time for breaking off relations.

Try to find time for joint rest.

At the weekend there will be a good time for weddings and magnificent celebrations. However, the aspect of the planets on the Sabbath can increase jealousy.

Stars will expect Taurus to develop personal relationships. Heavenly patrons will present several successful days, which should emphasize the strengthening of feelings.

On the first day of the week, loving representatives of this Sign should be considered with the wishes of the partner. The aspect of the planets will act disharmoniously, enhancing your pride.

Thursday and Friday are great days. Thanks to the positive participation of the moon, it will be possible to gain mutual understanding and thereby strengthen the love union.

Taurus in search of love, at the weekend may meet new attractive options.

Twins have to act on the basis of personal desires and forces. Neutral position of the patron of Venus will not be able to please good luck this week.

On Monday, you may experience the emotional coldness of the stalls. All because of the negative aspect of the planets. In the middle of the week you should not deny yourself exciting trips, new acquaintances and entertainment.

There is a chance to meet your ideal.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, your patrons, Mercury and Venus, will interrelate with other planets. It will be possible to break the ice in the heart of a loved one, if you show originality.

This week, luck in love with Cancer will bring initiative and determination. The moon will delight its strong position on July 13 and 14, increasing your chances of success with the opposite sex.

On Monday, the aspect of the Moon and Uranus is expected, which will give courage for important words and actions. On Thursday and Friday, your patron, the Moon, will become more active. At this time, relationships can move to a new level.

At the weekend, try to show more care and tolerance. In connection with the influence of the planets, the tendency towards aggression, jealousy and ambiguous perception of the partner’s actions may increase.

The lack of support from the patron of the Sun will make the upcoming week passive and lethargic. The beginning of the week is favorable for the manifestation of the initiative in communication, however, active actions will be premature due to the negative aspect of the planets.

From Thursday to Friday, the activity of the antagonist-moon will intensify. This is not the best time for flirting and personal communication.

Favorable time for the manifestation of feelings will come on the weekend. On July 15 and 16, aspects of Venus and Mercury will have a positive effect on your feelings. There will be time for a serious conversation, pleasant surprises and a new novel.

Lovers of the Virgin in the period from 10 to 16 July can become hostages of their own feelings. Positive influence is expected from an ally-moon.

On Monday, you are in for clear relationship crises due to the aspect of the Moon and Saturn. At this time, it is easy to miss the chance to normalize personal life. But Thursday and Friday are wonderful days for love and romance.

The positive impact of your ally is expected.

At the weekend in the relationship will reign complete trust. Successful aspects of the planets will intensely affect your feelings, which will help to change the old format of thoughts and get rid of stereotypes.

For Libr in love, it will be dangerous to force events this week. Your patron Venus will be in a neutral position, which is unfavorable for zealous impulses and initiative.

Positioning the planets relative to each other on Monday will increase the risk of making a mistake. Confident representatives of the Libra constellation should quench their ardor and do not climb on the rampage.

Mid-week has to key events in his personal life. It is not excluded that in a number of questions you will need the help of close people.

On Friday, the aspect of Mercury and Uranus will save from the mistakes of past relationships. Successful astrological conditions for romantic meetings are expected on Saturday.

This week, the Scorpions will be able to make a lasting impression on the object of sympathy. Antagonist planets will not be able to interfere with your neutral positions. The exception is Thursday and Friday.

Monday is a good time for a secret or open initiative. The expression of feelings will be supported by the positive aspect of Uranus and the Moon. The situation will worsen on July 13 and 14: during this energetically weakened time it is best not to be alone and not to succumb to possible outbreaks of aggression.

On Saturday there will be a lot of romance due to the positive union of the planets. On Sunday, the relationship will reach a more soulful and frank level.

This week, due to the weakened position of the antagonist planets, Streltsov will have a chance to achieve harmony in relations.

At the beginning of the week it is worthwhile to devote more time to strengthening relationships On Monday, July 10th, thanks to the positive aspect of the planets, the chance of a truce and the continuation of a broken relationship will increase.

On Thursday and Friday, the energy of the Moon is activated, which is negative for your Sign. At this time, all the forces should be directed to control anger, anger and touchiness.

On weekends, you may have an increased desire for a partner due to the positive effects of the planets.

This week Capricorns will be able to clarify the difficult moments in the relationship due to the neutral position of the antagonist-Moon.

On Monday you can fully rely on the partner’s initiative. Do not refuse to romantic meetings and travel. Thursday and Friday are not the best times for love. Antagonist Moon will disharmoniously affect your emotions.

It is necessary to exclude new acquaintances.

At the weekend, there may be a flash of passion or a wave of contradictions in the relationship. It is possible that these two trends will merge into one.

For a harmonious relationship this week, Aquarius will have to show the best aspects of their character. Patron planets will leave you without proper support.

On Monday, uncontrolled emotions that will be fueled by negative connections of planets can knock you off the right course. From July 11 to July 14, you must listen to your partner and go to meet his wishes.

On Friday, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune will take aspects that will have a positive effect on your energy. At the weekend, Aquarius is waiting for a series of new acquaintances and pleasant communication. Perhaps the occasional flirtation will grow into a long romance.

Fish risk missing a series of successful changes in personal relationships this week. The patronage of Venus and the Moon will come to naught, so you should be more attentive to all hints and nuances when communicating.

On Monday, the aspect of the planets will help to overcome the bar of obstacles and internal uncertainty. On Thursday and Friday, the most successful days for romantic manifestations and tokens will come. The strengthened position of the patron of the moon favors the formation of a strong foundation in the relationship.

On Saturday, the relationship of Venus and Mars will face the problem of choice. The tipping point of your personal life will depend entirely on your decision. On Sunday, you should adjust to the situation in a love union.

The love horoscope will orient you and indicate the positive opportunities that the stars are willing to share. Following the astrological recommendations, attracting love into your life will be much easier. We wish you mutual feelings, happiness, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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