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Love compatibility by date of birth: are you a match for each other?

Love compatibility by date of birth: are you a match for each other?

Compatibility by date of birth will let you know the future in a pair. Sometimes, especially at the initial stages of a relationship, it is difficult to understand whether the person is near, how the next life will be, and what is expected in the marriage. All these questions can be answered using simple calculations.

First, take your date of birth and add all the numbers of which it consists. Bring the resulting number again by the method of addition of its components to a single-valued one. Example: 09/25/1979 = 2 + 5 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 35 = 3 + 5 = 7. The number 7 is the birth code in the example.

When you calculate your birth code, you need to find out the birth number of your soulmate in the same way. The result will be two numbers: his and yours. You can find out compatibility by date of birth using the decoding below.

In the list of pairs of numbers, you will need to find the numbers of your pair and find out what is destined.

1 and 1 — you are two leaders, one of you will have to give way to the primacy of relations, otherwise there will be constant conflicts in the pair.

1 and 2 — your partner will fight for their dominant position in the pair. Give in to him — everything will be fine.

1 and 3 — in this case, friendly compatibility is more successful than love.

1 and 4 — the union is unsuccessful for love relationships, it is more suitable for business cooperation.

1 and 5 — the relationship will be full of feelings and passion, but in the future you will live as if on a powder keg. Unstable communication.

1 and 6 — successful love compatibility. There will be feelings, and understanding, and trust.

1 and 7 — compatibility is almost 100%. You have common goals and views on life.

1 and 8 — the union is quite harmonious, but you should not demand more from each other than can be given.

1 and 9 — a very successful pair. You are like soul mates.

2 and 2 — for love the union is unsuccessful, only for friendship.

2 and 3 — harmonious relationship. The union is very successful for marriage, establishing joint life and the birth of children.

2 and 4 — a good future awaits the couple if lovers learn to find compromises.

2 and 5 — in this pair, people are bound by sexual attraction and passion. For marriage and family, this ratio of characters will not work.

2 and 6 — stability, love, loyalty and mutual understanding. Perfect Union.

2 and 7 — friendship — yes, love — no.

2 and 8 — a strong union, in a cat both will stand a mountain for each other.

2 and 9 — unsuccessful love compatibility. In this pair, only friendly communication is possible, nothing more.

3 and 3 — “husband and wife — one Satan” — refers specifically to this pair. They are always together, they do not bother each other’s company. Over time, they become very similar to each other.

3 and 4 — the opposite characters. Despite different views on life, people with such numerology will still be able to create a strong and happy union.

3 and 5 — in this pair of lovers well together. They will strive for a single goal and go hand in hand all their life.

3 and 6 — a harmonious and happy couple. Compatibility in love is very successful.

3 and 7 — poor compatibility. Both love to dream and dream, and when it comes to actions, no one wants to take responsibility.

3 and 8 — a difficult pair. One will strive for freedom, and the other will demand submission and put pressure on their partner.

3 and 9 — excellent compatibility! Common goals and principles can be the key to a strong and happy life.

4 and 4 are stable relationships, but the compatibility is not entirely successful. In this pair there will be a lack of feelings.

4 and 5 — people in this pair are incompatible. One seeks constant movement and change, while the other wants stability and regular life.

4 and 6 — happiness and harmony in a pair are guaranteed.

4 and 7 — the compatibility is quite successful, both will complement each other.

4 and 8 — the union will be successful only if there is no struggle for leadership.

4 and 9 — the first stage of the relationship for this pair is very difficult. But if the lovers survive and stay together, they will have a long and happy life.

5 and 5 — bad compatibility. Relationships can not become durable.

5 and 6 — the union is quite possible, but in order to achieve harmony, it will take an effort.

5 and 7 — common interests unite this pair. It is a good compatibility in love.

5 and 8 — incompatibility in the characters will not create a strong relationship.

5 and 9 — in the spiritual sense, this couple is compatible, but with regard to life and living together — there is little chance.

6 and 6 — too similar to each other people. This will cause controversy and quarrels.

6 and 7 is the union of the heart and mind. Compatibility is unlikely.

6 and 8 — people in this pair have different life priorities. One appreciates all material, and the other — spiritual.

6 and 9 — compatibility of such a pair — 50%. Everything will depend on their efforts and desire to be with each other.

7 and 7 — in this alliance there will not be enough frankness and trust towards each other, but otherwise everything is all right.

7 and 8 — short-lived union. One thinks about career and money, the other about family and children.

7 and 9 — only one thing can destroy this pair — life.

8 and 8 — compatibility is quite successful, but problems still cannot be avoided.

8 and 9 — a bad union. People in this couple will have different views on life and goals.

9 and 9 — the perfect union. Happiness, harmony and love for many years guaranteed.

This love compatibility calculation will help you determine if you are suited to each other and how successful your union is. If the pair was incompatible, do not despair too! The main thing is mutual love, support and respect.

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