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Lilith (Black Moon) in the signs of the zodiac: as manifested in women, men, how to calculate over the years

Lilith (Black Moon) in astrology is a fictitious planet, in reality it does not exist. This is an indicator of evil deeds and negative karma. Black Moon — a place of unconscious exit, that which is beyond the control of the human mind.

She points people to negative actions from their past incarnations and is aimed at self-destruction of personality and temptations.

Lilith uses those realms of temptation in which one can further aggravate the dark karma of a person, patiently waiting for his misdeeds, and tries to lead him astray.

Considered in zodiacal signs, Lilith points out to people the negative actions from past incarnations reflected at the deepest level of their subconsciousness.

In astrology, Lilith is such a strong manifestation of the unconscious that it can overshadow the conscious — the human mind. The danger lies in the fact that for most people the subconscious contains various complexes that are carefully hidden by inner desires that people do not even suspect.

Although it is they who do not allow him to achieve peace and harmony and constantly load his psyche.

The influence of Lilith on a person should be considered depending on its location in the zodiac signs and in the Zodiac Houses.

In the signs of the zodiac Lilith causes astral turbulence, causing powerful desires and vivid emotions. They block the ability of consciousness to control its influence.

Being in the zodiac, it activates the processes of personality involution, strengthening one of the components of the sign, forcing it to dominate the second polar component. If kindness is characteristic of a sign, then Lilith can increase anger and make "fade" all the good qualities of man.

So can degrade any side of the psyche, and the extremes in the zodiac sign manifestations are amplified.

Under the influence of Lilith, a person unconsciously falls into one extreme, then into another:

  1. 1. If Lilith strengthens the main pole of the zodiacal sign (for women it is passive, for men it is active), then its qualities manifest in abundance;
  2. 2. If Lilith suppresses the main pole of the sign and strengthens the hidden one (for men it is passive, for women it is active), then natural manifestations of zodiacal qualities seem to be "turned inside out".

In both cases, Lilith enhances the manifestations of involution in the sign.

Lilith (Black Moon) in the signs of the zodiac: as manifested in women, men, how to calculate over the years

Every 8.85 years (rounded — 9 years), there is a check on the Black Moon. At these moments, the person is influenced by negative factors that he has to withstand in order not to spoil his karma.

The higher the moral and spiritual level of the individual, the weaker the influence of the dark forces.

If a person endures the test calmly and does not allow himself to become even more angry with life, then difficult situations may eventually cease to bother him and forever move away from him.

Lilith (Black Moon) in the signs of the zodiac: as manifested in women, men, how to calculate over the years

Manifestations of the Black Moon are noted on three levels. During their lives, people can go through them all and fully stand on the side of Good.

Lilith (Black Moon) in the signs of the zodiac: as manifested in women, men, how to calculate over the years

The first level of manifestation is the most active. If a person is constantly evolving and a person tries to control himself, then the overall indicator of his complexes and hidden sins can be changed.

After all, the temptation is attracted by the fact that people like on a subconscious level.

When Lilith returns, the person who continues to serve the forces of evil does not receive instant punishment. They accumulate and one day happens "explosion".

In a physical sense, it can be a mutilation or an accident, a collapse in welfare or a disease or prison, and in severe cases it can be the end of its existence on Earth.

Lilith is always located in the corresponding zodiac sign of the horoscope, depending on the accumulated corrupted karma of the past lives of any person.

At this stage, the person understands that the influence of the Black Moon is negative, and he does not try to do bad things. But the negative pursues it at an average level as a reflection of the processes that it has launched in its past life.

The goal of Lilith’s return to a man is to attempt to incline him to the unholy path, for this purpose dark forces attack people, which can deceive and offend.

Responding to the negative with the same evil, people spoil their karma even more. It is necessary to endure and understand that if a person is being treated this way at the moment, then he himself once behaved with others in an unworthy manner.

Such a cleansing of the Soul is more difficult, but repentance and self-criticism are much more effective.

At this stage, the forces of Lilith are the weakest. The person already has a clear idea of ​​what is good and what is bad.

Paying off debts for karma, he learned to distinguish between Evil and Good. A purified person sees dark forces, but they cannot influence him, since such a person is able to push them away.

At birth, a person immediately receives either the first or second level of manifestation of the Black Moon. With a change in personality, Lilith moves to the next level, changing her impact.

In the case of redemption by a person of past sins, she gets the opportunity to move to the third level, completely transformed.

Lilith has different meanings depending on whether it appears in the natal chart of a woman or a man.

People with a similar arrangement of planets have a hypertrophied reaction to emerging obstacles. Any unforeseen trouble leads them to utter despondency.

Seeming impotence develops into anger and violence.

Possible values ​​of Lilit:

  1. one. In a man: the ideal woman in his mind is a foreseeing future, prone to aggression, unbridled in her desires.
  2. 2 In a woman: unknowingly the woman represents the warrior man next to her. He is impatient, aggressive and easy to take risks for the desired. That is why such women constantly assert themselves and fight, in the hope of finding such a partner.

Under such influence in humans, the desire to possess is too intrusive and dominant. He does not accept change, hard endures parting, very greedy.

As a result, he can go to the other extreme and start living wastefully, even poverty.

  1. one. In a man: for such men, the woman is the personification of the goddess of the Earth, she turns into a carnal act for the continuation of life. It doesn’t matter if it is barren — it should be read and loved.
  2. 2 In a woman: she sees God’s features in a man, craves for him to own her, to be his property. She readily submits to the partner body and soul. This is her thirst for possession, the power of embodiment and affection.

Those with Lilith in Gemini constantly overcome the problem of identity. Questions to oneself sometimes lead to a split personality.

Such people talk a lot and if they begin to identify with someone else, then as a result they lose their individuality.

Possible values ​​for the Black Moon:

  1. one. In a man: for him, a woman is more a sister than an object of desire. Either she is a many-sided temptress, with an often changing character, a strong witch or a kind fairy. From it comes the danger and constant deception in all.
  2. 2 In a woman: a man for her is herself in reflection, her exact copy, a brother who is always happy and brings new and exciting things to life. For this, such a woman is ready to change herself and her life, constantly showing acting talent.

The prevailing values ​​for these people are family, fatherland, mother and father, native roots. They keep the memory of ancestors, of childhood, although this often prevents them from living.

Such people do not tolerate confined space and must constantly move, changing their place of residence, the environment, which ultimately will lead to separation from the past.

  1. one. In a man: for him constantly need to protect the woman. She is either a mother or a child to be cared for. It doesn’t matter whether they are irresponsible or capricious — the man protects them in everything.
  2. 2 In a woman: she is a dreaming princess, imprisoned in a high tower, waiting for her beautiful prince to come and free her someday. A man must be a realistic and reliable protector.

These people are always insecure in themselves, deep in anxiety and forced to seek recognition and admiration in public, trying to impress everyone, first of all, friends and relatives. They dream of becoming unique and are looking for pure and sublime love, which they most often do not find.

  1. one. In a man: a woman is so idealized for him that it turns into an inaccessible mythological creature that is unattainable for him. So it expresses the life instinct, the fear of failure and disbelief in ordinary love.
  2. 2 In a woman: for her, a man is a knight and an ideal hero, an exceptional personality, always ready to help. The other extreme is that he is a terrible and formidable prince of the Dark Forces.

Such people are prone to extremes — either they lead a hectic life, completely unsuitable for existence in society, or they are petty for fanaticism and consider all the everyday details. "under the microscope". Often they put themselves in a hurt and outcast position.

  1. one. In a man: for him, a woman is a mystery of the Universe, measured and wise, or, on the contrary, an unrestrained and unbridled, sometimes insane person. Evaluating such a lady is an agony for him, since it is a constant struggle between criticism and logic.
  2. 2 In a woman: a man is a vessel that combines straight diametrical traits — either a madman, or a sage, now limited, or too rational. Such a person should be ready to give up everything for her, along with an increased instinct for self-preservation.

These people either extol ethics and morality, or completely reject them. In them, the desire for harmony and ideal beauty prevails, or they become biased and do not accept compromises, living outside the law and norms.

Both in relationships and in a family union, such a craving for the ideal can lead to their destruction due to excessive demandingness and constant quibbles towards the partner.

  1. one. In a man: despite his idea of ​​a woman as an aesthetic ideal, in fact she may be more superficial and appreciate only material wealth. A man peculiarly sees the standard of a woman, building it only in his imagination.
  2. 2 In a woman: for these girls, in their secret dreams, the physical beauty of a man is more important. They are afraid of his desire to choose what subconsciously encourages them to choose.

In such an existence, Lilith makes a person strong and gives him the opportunity to complete the work without realizing it. There is no restraint or sense of proportion.

When he considers it necessary, he acts. Such people are far from contemplation of beauty or nobility, but they are ready to spend all their efforts to comprehend what is hidden from them and incomprehensible.

  1. one. In a man: such a man likes femme fatale women who give themselves away completely. But he is attracted only by the possibility of domination and possession of them. Relationships in such men are full of passions, scenes of jealousy and adultery.
  2. 2 In a woman: she wants to find a demon in the guise of men, strong and mysterious, bold and powerful. If such a person does not meet on the way, then she is ready for an ordinary marriage, without love, but on mutual interest.

A person who is in Sagittarius is a savage, completely unadapted to life in society, a rebel, and there are no prohibitions for him. Routine and routine he does not like. But this is not visible from the outside, such people are able to hide feelings.

They find it hard not to believe until they begin to commit negative actions.

  1. one. In a man: such people like wild women with unyielding and tough temper. The girl who is smarter than him is the ideal. Even having met a foreigner, he will easily change his homeland to her country to be near.
  2. 2 The woman: for her, the ideal man is a primitive, rude and unbridled, but pure in thought and handsome man. No matter where he lives, in the jungle or in the forest, she has been searching for him all her life.

Typically, these people are lonely, which is to blame for the absurd logic. They have an answer to everything, their rightness is indisputable, and no objection is ever accepted.

For them, vanity and sacrifice are important, they are ready to throw everything and get into a foolish position, just not to admit their mistake.

  1. one. In a man: people are looking for the most wise of women to admire, or completely insane to help them get away from reality. But a guy might be interested and "sacred" woman worshiping instead of love.
  2. 2 In a woman: for such a lady, the ideal of a man is a lonely, incomprehensible silence, an ascetic and a sage, a kind of prophet, or at least a doctor or scientist, a government official to whom she can devote herself, give her life and forgive everything.

These people live with the constant question of how to achieve a higher life, perfect freedom and independence of ideas and spirit. It is vital for them to stand out from the crowd, to live differently than others. They are covered with panic at the thought of being forced to do something, which entails unexpected outbursts of anger.

It seems to them that their life is a constant attempt to escape, to free themselves, and as a result, they sow confusion around themselves and even contradict themselves.

  1. one. In a man: liberated and free woman — ideal for such men. Even to feel like a prisoner is happiness. She must be smart and beautiful, inaccessible and serve as a muse in all undertakings.
  2. 2 In a woman: the less a man observes the laws and moral norms, the more desirable it will be for a girl whose Lilith is in the sign of Aquarius. Such ladies are attracted by rebels, people outside the law, whom they are ready to idolize no less than the husband-master.

These people are always full of mystery, or their craving for secrets is irresistible. They know something inaccessible to others. They are trying to penetrate into the essence of the people around them, to understand the origin of everything on Earth, often becoming a victim of their own fantasies and reverie.

But there is another extreme — they become geniuses and fall into a certain situation of unrecognition of a great person during his lifetime.

  1. one. In a man: a female priestess, an unreal being with a mysterious force, who bewitched with her sensuality and swallowed up her partner is ideal for such people.
  2. 2 In a woman: only a guy who is given to see that which is hidden from the rest is capable of attracting a lady who has a Black Moon in Pisces. With him, she can feel happy or at least live not like everyone else.

Astrology considers the signs of the zodiac in a kind of circle, where each takes its place, defined in degrees, from 0 to 360. So, Aries is between 0 and 30 degrees, etc.

According to the number of degrees obtained during the calculations, according to the table, the sign of the zodiac is determined, in which the Black Moon is for a specific person:

Zodiac signCorresponding degrees
a lion120-150

To calculate the days of the Black Moon by birthday, you need to use a special formula:

L = L0 + 40, 6903 * Y + 3.391 * M + 0, 1114 * D.

This formula uses the following values:

  • L0 — the number established for people born in the XX century; it is 150.94;
  • M is the month of birth;
  • Y — year of birth (last two digits);
  • D is the number of birth.

For example, if a person was born on 24. 11. 1993, the following data should be substituted into the formula: L = 150.94 + 40.6903 * 93 + 3.391 * 11 + 0.1114 * 24 = 150.94 + 3784.1979 + 37.301 + 2.6736 = 3975.1125

You must subtract 360 from the result until you get an integer between 0 and 360.

In this example, you will have to subtract 360 times 11 times to get 15.1125. For this person, Lilith is in the zodiac sign of Aries.

Getting into each zodiac sign, Lilith repeatedly enhances the negative qualities of the owner of the mark.

Each zodiac sign has certain negative characteristics:

  1. one. Aries — impulsive decision-making, arrogance and aggression. Under the influence of the Black Moon, such negative qualities can lead to actions that cannot be corrected.
  2. 2 Taurus — inertness in work, laziness, obsession with carnal and material things.
  3. 3 Twins — nervousness, excessive talkativeness, tendency to gossip and the spread of rumors.
  4. four. Crayfish — obsession in communication, increased anxiety, frequent mood swings.
  5. five. a lion — the desire of all to teach, boasting along with the complete unwillingness to do something myself.
  6. 6 Virgo — greed and pettiness, love of money, often ending in fraud.
  7. 7 Libra — uncertainty, duplicity, difficult decision making.
  8. eight. Scorpio — thirst for occult sciences, depravity and love for "sharp" sensations.
  9. 9. Capricorn — manifestation of psychological and powerful emotional pressure on others, lack of warmth of the soul.
  10. ten. Aquarius — ignorance of the sense of proportion, irresponsibility, lack of attention;
  11. eleven. Fish — stay in constant chaos, complicate things.

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