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Life line on the arm: how to determine how much is left to live, using palmistry

How to determine the life expectancy of the lines on the hand

It is believed that the longer the length of the life line on the arm, the more years a person will live. But this is not entirely true statement.

The line on the palm does not show a specific date, it is only a hint and determines the approximate values.

The famous palmist Philip May put forward a theory about how you can determine the number of measured years by studying the drawing on your hand. On the basis of this hypothesis, a method of determining the magnitude of human existence along the line of life and neighboring signs has emerged.

Life Line (LV) is one of the leading lines in palmistry, affecting a person’s fate. Most often, it looks like an arc, the beginning of which is between the thumb and forefinger, and the end goes into the line between the palm and the wrist.

Life line on the arm: how to determine how much is left to live, using palmistry

Life line in the palm of your hand

On LV, it is often possible to distinguish special signs, which can have both positive and negative values.

The table presents the most common ones:

PointMeans the risk of serious illness or the danger associated with accidents and natural disasters in which a person may die. All these factors significantly reduce the length of stay.
IsleThe island is a small spot on the LV. This sign indicates poor health. If islands are scattered throughout the LV, it means that a person is often sick and the duration of its existence is significantly reduced.
SquareSymbolizes the restriction of freedom in a certain period of life
Small linesSmall lines, located near the LV or crossing it, indicate the negative influence of relatives and friends. This causes great trouble in the fate of man.
GapA rupture is a change in the LV, as a result of which it ends in one place and continues in another. A short line, contrary to conventional interpretations, does not mean that a person will live a little. Gaps indicate significant changes in fate, both positive and negative. Long LV says not about long life, but about good health and the presence of great life energy
BifurcationThe double line of life is very rare. A mark can mean both positive and negative changes in destiny. In any case, the life of a person with dual life will not be normal.
TriangleMeans more danger to life. If the triangle is clearly visible on both hands, it is a threat. The triangle on one hand — the likely danger
StarTalking about a bright event in a person’s life. Most often it is negative, since it is adverse events that leave a noticeable mark on fate.
A circleIndicates a lifetime health problem.
SpotMeans negative events related to material well-being
CrossSymbolizes tragic accidents — accidents, deadly diseases

If the line of life is connected with the line of the head, it has a sound and practical mind.

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