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Libra and Leo Compatibility — Causes of Conflict

Libra and Leo Compatibility — Harmonious Alliance

The compatibility of Libra and Leo in love is auspicious and harmonious. The fire and air elements are perfectly combined with each other, so there is every chance to build a long and happy relationship.

But there are also problematic points about which it is important to know.

Compatibility in love

When these signs come together, the real fire flares up. They are drawn to each other incredibly, feelings flare up at one moment.

But, despite harmonious compatibility, they definitely need to learn to interact with each other correctly, so that love does not fade.

Libra and Leo Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a pair:

  1. They are not only lovers, but also wonderful friends, because they find a soul mate in each other. A lion in a relationship with Libra reveals the best qualities of his nature, while negative shows quite rarely.
  2. Libra sees only the best in Leo. They will appreciate the innate generosity, energy and generosity of the partner.
  3. In a pair, they always interact, supporting a partner in any, even the most difficult situations. At first, Lev can use Libra to achieve his goals, but he will certainly share the fruits of achievements, so the chosen one is not offended.
  4. They are excellent companions who help each other fill the lack of some qualities. Scales, thanks to excellent intelligence, analytical skills and creativity, generate a huge number of ideas. Lev, in turn, shares the energy and vitality that is needed to bring these ideas to life.
  5. They are well compatible and sexually. Like ice and flame, they complement each other. They are always good together and problems with physical proximity usually do not arise.
  6. The most important thing is that mutual attraction is based not only on physical attraction, but also on true spiritual intimacy, friendship, mutual respect and support. Together they are able to build a real, strong love, and be realized in all other areas of their lives.

Causes of conflict

Leo loves to be in the spotlight. He is an accomplisher and wants, after accomplishing his exploits, he gets up to receive a lot of admiration.

This need Scales are always ready to meet.

But they are not satisfied that in achieving their goals Leo often goes to their heads, without taking into account anyone’s interests. Because of this, there may be quarrels in a pair, even the most favorable.

Leo often makes decisions without asking for the views of a partner. This does not suit and annoying Libra, who also want to participate.

Therefore, Leo needs to learn to listen to a partner so that no conflict situations arise.

Libra and Leo Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

Weights need to be more compliant in disputes. They are prone to foaming at the mouth to defend their opinion, sometimes not hearing the arguments of a partner.

This takes Leo out of himself, forcing him to fall for his beloved person.

Another problematic moment in a relationship is Leo’s desire to bend the scales under him. They, in turn, want to remain independent and will defend their borders.

If they stop wasting energy on disputes and clashes, and send it to a peaceful course, the relationship can become extremely successful and prosperous.

Lion Woman and Libra Man

It is important for a strong, domineering and uncompromising Leo woman that in life she has the opportunity to constantly overcome obstacles, solve problems and achieve goals. She wants to always be in the center of events, attract the attention of the opposite sex and get what she wants from men.

A man is impressed by all these qualities. He considers his companion almost perfect, he likes her self-confidence and royal nature. Therefore, he agrees to put up with the fact that he will never be in charge.

But it will not turn into a rag. The union of these signs is a collaboration, a partnership, where both are equally responsible for making decisions.

Libra and Leo Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

It is very important that he does not give the imperious Lioness to bend himself, because she can lose all respect for him. And without respect there is no love, so he must always defend his right to independence and personal boundaries.

The girl also needs to remember that she should not abuse the love of her chosen one and push them around. She must restrain herself in attempts to somehow control, limit her chosen one.

If both learn to trust each other, maintain respect and mutual interest, the relationship will develop safely, to the envy of everyone around.

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The Lion Man and the Libra Woman

This man strives to be a protector, to take care of the weak and to realize his leadership qualities, the desire to win, not only in business, but also in relationships. Therefore, he chooses a weak, defenseless, beautiful woman-Libra — she fits all that he is looking for in the opposite sex.

Leo is extremely demanding of life and women too. He is confident that in return for his presence should receive care, attention and support.

All that he needs is received, and he does not stint in returning everything that he is capable of.

Libra girl falls in love with a strong, self-confident and attractive Leo almost immediately. For her, he is a knight who has come and solved all problems, she admires him sincerely and is grateful for everything he does.

Therefore, the relationship between them is almost always smooth, happy, full of love and harmony, because everyone gets what they want. The main thing is that the girl defended her borders and the right to personal freedom, never giving herself completely to her partner.

She will respect him, but wants to receive the same respect in return. Leo must accept her right to independence, her own interests and having friends who are not part of his circle.

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