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Libra and Gemini Compatibility — Causes of Conflict

Compatibility of Libra and Gemini — lightness and harmony

The compatibility of Libra and Gemini is considered quite harmonious. Both are signs of the air element, so they are alike and understand each other from a half-word, looking at the partner, like in a mirror. But there are also problem moments.

We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

For both in a partner, intelligence is first and foremost important. They can not stand stupid and shallow people, preferring to surround themselves with smart and successful.

On this basis, and converge.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

Their communication usually begins with long intellectual conversations, discussions, interesting disputes and exchange of opinions. There is always something to talk about.

And over time, they fall in love, because together they are extremely easy and comfortable.

If they can keep this mutual interest, do not cease to develop, improve their brains and learn something new, the relationship can last for a very long time. Exactly as long as there is something to talk about.

The most important thing for them is not to make senseless disputes, because everyone in the end still remains with his opinion. Therefore, you need to learn how to listen and hear each other, accept your partner as he is, and not be afraid to give in.

What else is characteristic of the relationship in this pair:

  1. They are very dynamic, love new experiences, changes, communication with different people, never sit still. They are well aware that they love freedom not less than a partner, so they never limit each other.
  2. It’s great that Libra is a diplomatic and non-conflicting nature. This helps to preserve peace in relationships, without turning petty quarrels into violent scandals. If Libra can maintain his composure in difficult situations, the couple may not quarrel at all.
  3. From the outside, they seem to be two lovebirds. Spend a lot of time together. Constantly chatting, laughing, looking for adventure and diversity. The spirit of adventurism is always alive in them, so together they are never bored.

The problem point may be that both talk a lot, but do not always keep their promises. In addition, they are inconsistent, from which they themselves are constantly in some kind of impasse of unsolved problems.

These qualities need to be worked through so that the life of both will not turn into chaos, especially after the birth of children.

Causes of conflict

Both characters character rather frivolous, irrational and windy. They prefer to live for one day, enjoying every minute and not really thinking about the future.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

Both adore being in the center of attention and receive admiration from the opposite sex. However, they do not think about treason, but they need flirting, like air.

Surprisingly, they are not jealous of each other.

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. Scales are attached to the partner much stronger. It is important for them to keep their personal space, to have their own interests, hobbies, “individual” friends, so as not to dissolve completely in a partner, having lost themselves.
  2. The twins are more agile than their forever doubting elect. They quickly move from words to deeds, and Libra’s sluggishness may occasionally be annoying. It is important for them to understand that a partner cannot be as fast and as energetic as they want.
  3. Twins should also temper their desire to constantly tell the partner what to do. Constant monitoring and instruction annoy Libra, forcing him to snap and start quarrels. They are very freedom-loving and do not tolerate encroachment on personal freedom.
  4. What the pair converges in is their ability to spend money quickly, easily and naturally. It is desirable that both earn good money, otherwise they may just ruin the family budget and collect debts.

To earn enough, both often lacked diligence, willpower and earthiness. Therefore, the situation is most often difficult with finance.

Both need to get together and finally begin to act, and not soar in the clouds. Otherwise, the habit of living one day in the end can lead to sad consequences.

Woman Scales and man-twins

It is impossible to predict what the relationship will be in this pair. It is desirable that the man had no less strong character than his chosen one.

It is he who should take the role of the main person, a person who makes decisions and chooses a development vector for both.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

Then he will be able to fully realize his desire to be a patron, a breadwinner and a real man in union with a weak, loving and grateful woman. In return, she will always be there, supporting her companion in everything and sincerely grateful to him for all the care and care.

A woman is a wonderful listener. She can listen attentively and for a long time to the stories of the talkative Gemini, showing her sincere interest and never doubting it.

Both prefer to enjoy life rather than complain. Even so, their love only becomes stronger every day, confirming the favorable astrological compatibility.

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Libra Man and Female Twins

A man in such a union will be extremely difficult to show their best qualities. His chosen one will constantly control and teach him, trying to completely dominate these relationships.

Therefore, almost from the very beginning of communication, there will be a constant struggle for leadership between them. A man will insist on his right to make important decisions, and a woman will try in every way to resist.

Of course, when both are unwilling to make concessions, it’s impossible to talk about harmony. Conflicts that have no end in sight now and then flare up between them.

As a result, a man may surrender, becoming a capricious and self-willed child next to an imperious woman.

It is desirable that the girl was able to shut up in time and did not constantly tell her chosen one what to do. Then there is a chance to save relationships and make them happy.

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