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Libra and Cancer Compatibility — Causes of Conflict

Compatibility of Libra and Cancer — whether they are destined to be together

The compatibility of Libra and Cancer is considered unfavorable in the opinion of astrologers. The elements of signs — water and air, are badly combined with each other. They are more likely to build a business relationship, not love.

Does such a couple stay together and live happily? Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

When Libra and Cancer meet, they immediately become interesting to each other, despite poor compatibility. Because of this, it seems to them that they have met the love of their whole life.

They are attracted to each other, but, unfortunately, in the future such relationships will not be happy.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of Cancer and Libra:

  1. It is Cancer that falls in love first. His impressionable and romantic nature contributes to this. He is inclined to idealize a partner, sometimes attributing non-existent merits to him and not noticing flaws.
  2. Libra, as a sign of more calculating, first assess the benefits of the relationship. They immediately see that they can get a lot, and they will have to give a little in return. Therefore, they enter into a relationship.
  3. Astrologers describe this couple as a union of the patron and adviser. The first role is always played by Libra, the second is their partner. But such a union has more chances of friendship or joint business, and in love the signs of water and air are usually difficult.
  4. Emotional compatibility of signs is practically at zero, therefore spiritual understanding between them will never happen. Romance will only be at the beginning of a relationship. Safely in the future they will develop only if they are based on friendship and common goals.
  5. Perspective relations can be if partners have some kind of common goal. Together, they can achieve great success and get everything they want from life.
  6. In partnership and business relationships, Libra will analyze and weigh everything. This is an excellent strategist who is able to foresee the development of events. Cancer is a great performer. If he listens to his partner and does everything as he says, they will succeed in common affairs.
  7. Scales tend to doubt and hesitate. Cancer is sometimes tiring, but he is able to direct the partner on the right path, to inspire him and convince him that he does not need to doubt. In exchange, Libra will gratefully invest in the relationship all the resources they have.
  8. But the return is not just — Libra perceive their resources as investments. For them, this is a valuable investment that will bring dividends in the future.
  9. Both signs are sensitive and emotional. But they show their feelings in different ways, which may cause misunderstandings. Scales sometimes think that Cancer is too vulnerable, touchy and emotional.
  10. Libra attracts Cancer by appearance, aesthetics and the burden of all that is beautiful. But over time, he is disappointed, because the partner seems to him too cold, inaccessible and even insensitive.
  11. They always have something to talk about. They share their thoughts, feelings, make joint plans and dream. If both learn to respect the opinion of the partner, they can create a very successful tandem, receiving the missing qualities from the partner.
  12. Life together is unlikely to be prosperous. Cancer appreciates home comfort and tranquility. He is a homebody and conservative. Libra also love traveling, can spend all the money on entertainment. They are frivolous, do not think about tomorrow and will never make a nest.

We summarize: although these people are strongly drawn to each other, it is better for them to be friends or to do things together. In a relationship, they are too different to learn to understand a partner.

Because of this, there may be many problems.

Causes of conflict

Cancer is an extremely controlling sign. He will constantly seek to limit the partner, which is dangerous for the relationship.

Because Libra is a freedom-loving nature that does not tolerate frameworks and restrictions.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

Raku is very important stability in the family. They are looking for a notorious home in the relationship.

They want to be secured, do not spend money on trifles. Therefore, the impracticality and lightheadedness of Libra of Cancer is great annoying.

He does not understand how it is so easy to relate to material goods, wasting them on useless, in his opinion, things.

An emotionally stable relationship for Cancer will never be. Scales for him are too unpredictable, he does not understand what to expect from a partner, and this is annoying.

Also Raku lacks emotion from the partner. He feels cold because Libra does not like to be too frank and show his feelings.

Gradually, in a relationship, the atmosphere becomes tense for precisely this reason.

Libra understands that with Cancer it is convenient for them — he usually earns and pulls everything on himself, providing him with material wealth. But they never really fall in love, they can even go on treason, which will destroy the relationship completely.

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Cancer Woman and Libra Man

The man in this union is extremely unstable nature. The calm and predictable girl will quickly bore him, and he will start looking for entertainment on the side.

Although at the very beginning of his charm of her softness, charm and sensuality.

Over time, the man will feel that he is being manipulated, trying to control and impose their own rules. He will never tolerate this, because he values ​​his freedom above all else.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility - Causes of Conflict

The woman will gradually notice how meetings with the elect have become increasingly rare, and his feelings have cooled. She will survive, not daring to break off unpromising relationships.

As a result, the decision to part will be taken by her partner.

Cancer man and Libra woman

A man, despite his isolation, falls in love with the Libra girl on the first date. He is ready for her for everything, feeling a strong attraction and experiencing an incredible range of feelings.

The girl at first thinks that this particular man can become for her a reliable support and a notorious stone wall. She wants him to come and solve all her problems, help make the world around more bright and colorful.

But it is important for her to show wisdom in order to maintain relationships, not to demand too much. She herself understands that sometimes she asks too much.

It does not stop a man, but only strengthens the desire to get an unapproachable beauty.

A man is able to provide it with everything necessary, but sooner or later she will demand more and more. If she cannot lower the bar of her demands, the relationship will break up sooner or later.

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