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Leo Zodiac sign — description and characteristics for men and women

Zodiac sign Leo: characteristic and horoscope for 2018

Zodiac sign Leo has its own character traits and features, knowing that, you can easily understand who is in front of you, even without knowing the date of birth of a person. Let’s talk about his character, strengths and weaknesses and behavior.

general characteristics

The royal nature of Lviv does not tolerate altercation and condemnation. To establish a good relationship with him, you need to take this into account.

The natural egoism of the representatives of this zodiac sign has long been known to anyone interested in astrology.

Leo Zodiac sign - description and characteristics for men and women

The character traits and behavioral characteristics of Lions are as follows:

  1. Born to rule. It is inclined to dominate in everything: in friendship, relationships, affairs. Leader by nature, which is important to consider if you want to please. Coarse flattery and tactful praise will do — Leo will take it all with great pleasure.
  2. It is very dangerous in something to harm Leo or to offend him. This «king of beasts» will be very tough methods to defend their dignity, not stopping at nothing.
  3. Pride is also a characteristic of Leo. He will never sink to the requests, rather, he will demand that you do as quickly as possible what he wants. He will never bow his head, so forgiveness for his misdeeds is quite difficult to achieve.
  4. The royal nature of Leo people feel some kind of inner flair. Therefore, in his presence, everyone seems to be drawn out, talking respectfully and as correctly as possible. But at the same time they do not feel humiliated, because to worship Leo often happens only for pleasure.
  5. Lions are worldly wise and intelligent, diversified, which gives them the full right to give advice in various spheres of life. Leo should be listened to because he rarely makes mistakes.
  6. Born leaders created for fair management. If a representative of the lion’s sign occupies such a position, he will correctly live the characteristics of his character. If he begins to suppress the need for leadership, he will be miserable.
  7. Excessively inflated ego Lviv does not tolerate criticism and condemnation. He is very vulnerable to someone else’s negative opinion, therefore, it is worth being extremely cautious in speaking about him.

Do not try to hurt or offend Leo, give him admiration, give compliments, and he will become a loyal friend, a caring husband or a good friend.

Description of men-Lviv

It is necessary to understand the features of the lion’s character, if the representative of this zodiac sign is your chosen one.

Leo Zodiac sign - description and characteristics for men and women

His character traits that will help build harmonious and happy relationships:

  1. Leo needs an attentive listener who will patiently listen to stories about his exclusivity. Do not mock the self-praise of a man, just listen and admire.
  2. Respect him without limit. You must fully rely on him, sincerely believe that everything is possible for him. Then for your sake he will perform feats. The slightest doubt can lead to separation — Leo will go in search of a more grateful companion.
  3. Most of the time Leo is in a relaxed and calm state. But do not flatter yourself — at any moment a careless word can provoke rage and flashes of aggression. He is ready to break out at once, especially if she feels that a woman is trying to manipulate and control him.
  4. The passionate nature of Leo requires bright emotions. Inside it is always a fire that needs to be maintained. Household worries and everyday life must be diluted with love adventures, so these men often change in attempts to bring the experience back to life.
  5. Jealous is incredible, so you should try not to give the slightest reason. If you are his woman, you must belong to him entirely. You will be noticed flirting with a colleague or even a seller in a store — you will provoke a stormy scandal.

But not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. Give Leo the dominant place in the couple, do not forget to thank and appreciate his efforts, and then he will love you with all his soul, earnestly and without limits.

Female Lions

Lion girls can not not like. Their royal manners and attractive appearance attract men, regardless of age and social status.

Leo Zodiac sign - description and characteristics for men and women

What is important to consider in the relationship:

  1. We’ll have to fight for the heart of the Lioness, bravely withstanding the struggle with competitors. She always has a choice, and she chooses the best.
  2. In the circle of other women, she is always the Queen. They go to her for advice, they listen to her opinion. Over time, it acquires many useful links and contacts.
  3. Let the Lioness think that it is she who controls your relationship, and then everything will turn out well. The maximum that she can agree on is an equal partnership. But a weak woman with a strong man she is not ready.

Watch the video with predictions for Lviv for 2018:

Horoscope for 2018

What to expect the most regal sign of the zodiac in 2018:

  1. February is the quietest month during which you need to put things in order, recharge yourself with positive emotions and gain strength for the upcoming accomplishments.
  2. In the coming year, the Lions will be on the rise. Their potential grows, the mass of new opportunities and prospects will open. It is enough to grab the bird of fortune by the tail and use the new strip of luck. Then in a year it will be possible to significantly advance in development.
  3. Family Lions will be able to power to enjoy the calm and cozy homely atmosphere. This is a golden time for their marriage, in which you can manage not only to improve relations with your spouse, but also to bring them to a new qualitative level.
  4. It is necessary to take care of financial welfare. Make savings, do not forget to save money. or invest them. But it is better to refrain from large unplanned expenses.

These are the main points that need to pay attention. Otherwise, life will turn out well, there is nothing to worry about and worry about, the fate in the coming year is extremely favorable.

Love, business, creativity, self-development — incredible prospects will open up in every area.

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