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Leo’s horoscope for July 2018: health, career and love

Horoscope for July 2018 for the sign of the Zodiac Leo

The last time Leo was deprived of optimism, he was often in a depressed state, which is closely bordered by depression. There can be several reasons for this: excessive workload, conflicts with colleagues, personal troubles. To overcome the pessimistic mood and succeed in business, Leo’s horoscope in July 2018 advises to try to find motivation for yourself.

In addition, it is more likely to communicate with positive-minded people and attend entertainment events that will fill your life with bright colors.

Leo's horoscope for July 2018: health, career and love

General astrological forecast

Leo is hardworking and determined, he is used to always be in the center of events, which, moreover, he usually organizes himself. In order to dispel melancholy in July, it is worthwhile to engage in the implementation of long-standing plans, especially since in a given period of time there will be plenty of it.

Unfortunately, it will not do without obstacles and troubles, but this will only stir up the interest and excitement of the representatives of the sign Leo. The main thing is not to stop, but move confidently towards your goal.

In July 2018, fate will smile at the lonely Lions, who are tired of the bachelor life, and want to finally find their happiness. The month will be filled with bright events and love adventures that will turn the head of the representatives of this zodiac sign. But still, the stars advise not to lose vigilance and not to trust every comer in order not to get into the “network” of a mercenary person.

In addition, you should be prepared for the fact that gossip and intrigue will haunt you throughout the month.

In the middle of summer, Leos should more often communicate with relatives and friends, who accept them with all their shortcomings. They are always ready to provide support and help in a difficult moment, and it will be extremely necessary in July to representatives of this zodiac sign.

In the middle of the month it will be possible to go on a trip, but you should not go alone — in the company of loved ones will be much more fun.

Leo's horoscope for July 2018: health, career and love

Health horoscope

In July of 2018, Leo suddenly exacerbated chronic diseases, and if he went to the doctor with a hike, he would soon have to take a hospital to complete a full-time hospital treatment. During this period, it is necessary to engage in strengthening the immune system, so you should spend time in nature more often.

Also, a positive impact on the body will have a sport, and it will be enough to perform gymnastics at home and do morning jogging.

For Lviv in July there is a great risk of injury, so it is better to refrain from extreme sports and weight lifting. Even when playing sports it is important to control the load and avoid overwork.

If you start to worry about back pain, you should contact a massage therapist. Also eliminate the problem will help yoga and aqua aerobics.

At the beginning of the month Leo will be passive and inactive. In the evening, he would prefer a hearty dinner and watching TV, rather than a walk with friends in the fresh air. By the middle of July, he will notice with horror that he can barely get into his favorite jeans, and then it will come to him the realization that it is time to change his lifestyle.

The horoscope recommends that you first review your diet, and to enrich it with “healthy” food, especially since at this time of the year to get fresh vegetables, berries and fruits is not a problem.

Leo's horoscope for July 2018: health, career and love

Horoscope Finance and Career

Lev in July will be able to achieve success in the professional field, but for this he will have to give all the best to work. There is no need to give up in the face of difficulties, even if at first glance the situation seems to be a dead end. At the most difficult moment “on the horizon”, a long-time acquaintance will appear who will support Leo and help him to move up the career ladder.

He will offer profitable cooperation, which in no case should not refuse.

Already in the middle of the month things will go uphill, the flow of financial profits will gradually increase. But in every barrel of honey there is surely a spoon of tar, and in your case it will be the machinations of the envious ones.

Fortunately, their attempts to spoil your reputation and in every possible way harm, will not be crowned with success, so you should not be nervous once again about this, you just need to wait out this period.

During the first half of July 2018 the financial situation of Leo will be tense. In order not to get bogged down in debt, you will have to save money and acquire only the most necessary.

This month, the horoscope is strongly advised not to take a loan, because to cope with the obligations to the bank will be extremely difficult. By the end of July, many representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to accumulate a large sum of money, but part of it will have to be spent on solving everyday problems that arise completely unexpectedly.

Leo's horoscope for July 2018: health, career and love

Horoscope family and relationships

The personal life of Leo in July 2018 will take shape in the best way, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. Fans will try to draw attention to themselves — to give presents and to shower them with compliments.

Before Leo finds his “soulmate”, he will have time to spin several novels this month. But do not flirt, because frivolity can lead to disastrous consequences.

In Lviv relations, in July a favorable period is planned, during which they realize that they are ready for a formal marriage and a family. But the stars are not advised to hurry with the adoption of such an important decision, because Soon you may be disappointed in your partner.

In the month it is worth getting to know your loved one better, go on a vacation or even start a life together. If you understand that in these relations there is nothing but passion, then it is better not to develop them, and not waste time.

In family life, Leo is not infrequently hampered by his emotionality, due to which scandals arise even on “level ground”. In order not to spoil the relationship with your loved one, you must show wisdom and restraint.

And for those who have been married for a long time, the horoscope advises to diversify the intimate life. In addition, your partner himself has long hinted at this, but he cannot directly offer.

New feelings will wake up former passion and revive those tender feelings that filled you at the beginning of a relationship.

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