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Leo and Taurus compatibility — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Leo and Taurus — not the most successful, but there is a chance

Compatibility of Leo and Taurus under great doubts. The fiery and earthy elements are badly combined. They interact better in deeds rather than in love.

Let’s talk about the features of the relationship in this pair.

Compatibility in love

The initiator of the relationship is most often Leo. His innate qualities of a leader, mentor make him look for a partner in which there are missing character traits.

And natural sociability and the ability to find an approach to any person make it possible to begin relationships even with incompatible partners.

Leo and Taurus compatibility - causes of conflict

Features of the relationship in such a union are as follows:

  1. Taurus is a closed nature, but Leo is able to “stir it up”. He charges his companion with his energy and takes into circulation, first of all, forcing him to help in business and to achieve common goals.
  2. Despite unfavorable compatibility, such a union can last long enough. Both are oriented to set global goals and achieve them, which they successfully cope with in tandem. But sooner or later the understanding comes that they are united only by friendly feelings, and not love.
  3. They will meet until they reach common goals. They can concern both the financial sphere of life, and the family, even children. Therefore, stay together for a long time.
  4. The conflict nature of both is the main stumbling block. Everyone thinks he is right in everything and rarely makes compromises.
  5. Taurus is quite prudent, so he clearly realizes that the relationship with Leo will bring him many benefits. But this is not a mercantile spirit, but a reasonable and businesslike approach.
  6. The first time they are very comfortable with each other. They can spend hours talking. It seems that there is never enough time to talk. That’s just Taurus topics for talking end pretty quickly and he starts to get bored, not getting anything new.
  7. Taurus is tired of what Leo constantly talks about his successes and boasts. He is not ready to give the greedy to the attention of the companion the necessary amount of admiration and attention, so both suffer as a result.
  8. Over time, Taurus realizes that Leo’s authority is in fact a sheer bragging and empty sound. He is annoyed that a partner often does not keep promises, speaks a lot, but does little.
  9. In order for a relationship to develop safely, Leo must try hard and convince the chosen one of the seriousness of his intentions. And also to prove that he is capable not only of speaking, but also of being responsible for every word spoken.
  10. If they decide to get married, idyll will never happen. Leo loves and appreciates freedom, and Taurus does his best to restrict this freedom. He is hyper-controlling and responsible, that angers the freedom-loving personality.

We summarize: this pair is well suited only option friendly relations. In love, they are poorly compatible.

Pink glasses fall off quickly, love goes away, and nothing remains.

Causes of conflict

Now let’s figure out what it is worth working on in the relationship of Leo and Taurus, so that they are normal.

Leo and Taurus compatibility - causes of conflict

Causes of conflict and critical moments may be as follows:

  1. Taurus is very jealous, and Leo loves the attention of the opposite sex. He will constantly give rise to jealousy, which will be a source of constant scandals. Mistrust may arise between them. Therefore, if Leo is not ready to temper his craving for attention, it is better for him not to enter into an alliance with Taurus.
  2. Problems arise in the financial sphere of life. Taurus is very thrifty and practical. He thinks and evaluates everything before making a large purchase, for example. Leo is a true spender, unrestrained in spending, this is the type of emotional buyer who spends first and then does not understand why he bought it.
  3. Household scandals, too, will happen often. Taurus loves order in everything, and Leo is a man of chaos. His partner perceives constant confusion as disrespect for his efforts and is disappointed.
  4. They have completely different views on life together and family. For Taurus, a house is a quiet hearth, a calm haven, where you need to come after a hard day’s work. For Leo — only a place where he comes to spend the night, and all active life passes at his place outside the house.

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The Lion Woman and the Taurus Man

A man is attracted by bright charisma, a sense of humor, a well-groomed appearance and the keen intellect of a girl Leo. He understands that they are completely different from each other, but this is also attractive for him.

Tastes in music, literature and cinema often coincide with them, so there are always common topics for conversation and joint hobbies.

But the more partners recognize each other, the more disappointed. A woman is not satisfied that the partner is a quiet homebody.

She likes a change of scenery, she is looking for new impressions, she loves noisy companies. Taurus does not tolerate this, so over time she begins to get bored and disappointed in her chosen one.

Leo and Taurus compatibility - causes of conflict

Despite the poor compatibility, this couple may try to build love. But then everyone will have to change and put up with some partner flaws.

The ideal option is an inspiring and grateful woman who saves the family budget and gives energy to her companion for the accomplishment of new feats. A man needs to try to be more generous, to allow his beloved to sometimes spend money on trifles and demolish her petty whims.

Male lion and female taurus

This pair is already more harmonious. The woman in this union provides the rear, is engaged in home and family, and the man builds a career, solves problems and is responsible for all.

They agree that both strive for luxury and material well-being. The more statusfully and successfully a man is, the more chances he has to win the favor of a practical and rational girl.

A couple will be happy and harmonious if a man not only speaks about his ideas, but also truly embodies them. He must be purposeful, ambitious, plan life and achievements for the years ahead.

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