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Leo and Scorpio Compatibility — Conflicts and Relationships

Compatibility of Leo and Scorpio — the gap will happen sooner or later

The compatibility of Leo and Scorpio in a love relationship is not the most favorable. It would be better for them to remain friends or business partners, rather than trying to form a pair. Is everything so hopeless?

Let’s try to figure it out.

Compatibility in love

Between Leo and Scorpio excellent compatibility in matters. They can create a common business, form a successful tandem «chief-subordinate» or just make friends.

Scorpio will be the patron and mentor, and Leo will become a talented performer.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility - Conflicts and Relationships

In this situation there will be no conflicts between them in the working relationship. On the contrary, they can work together to achieve great success.

Water Scorpio will be able to cool its fire partner in time, not allowing him to commit rash actions.

As for relationships, everything will not be rosy in them. What is characteristic of the union of Leo and Scorpio is in love:

  1. For Leo, such a relationship is a challenge. He will constantly fight for the dominant place in the pair. It is important for him to gain credibility, which is a big mistake, because the main thing in such a pair should be exactly Scorpio.
  2. Despite the fact that Leo is cunning and achieves his own not by brute force, but by intellect, manipulation and cunning, his diplomacy here is powerless. Scorpio never recognizes Leo as a leader, because of this, a couple of conflicts arise in a pair.
  3. Scorpio is a born manipulator. He sees all the tricks of Leo through, but pretends that he does not understand how the elect tries to control him. Cute smiling, he will find in the partner all his weakest points, in which he will be stung more painfully at the first quarrel.
  4. For these traits of Scorpio Leo simply hates him, but at the same time the inner world of the partner attracts him, not allowing him to leave. This is a real emotional addiction, which does not bring happiness to anyone.
  5. It is surprising that Lev, who is almost impossible to put on the shoulder blades, remains in this relationship defeated and is not able to do anything about it. But when it seems to him that everything is hopeless, Scorpio again becomes a cutie and raises his chosen one from his knees.
  6. These constant games of “closer-on” can continue indefinitely, but sooner or later the lion will not sustain and run away. Then he can return, but there is a limit to any patience. As a result, he will leave completely and begin to heal his wounds left after a painful relationship.
  7. For Scorpio, these games are not new. He communicates with almost everyone, so he leaves the relationship easily, very quickly finds a new partner and begins to train his psychological tricks on him.

We summarize: it is better for these people not to converge, because a relationship will not bring happiness to any of them. But friendship or business union can be quite strong and productive for both.

Causes of conflict

If you have managed to enter into such a relationship with an unsuitable partner in your horoscope, it is important to understand which problem points you need to pay special attention to in order for the union to be less stable.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility - Conflicts and Relationships

What is worth working in the relationship of Leo and Scorpio:

  1. Leo is a noble and generous person. He does not hold insults for long. It can be quick-tempered, but it quickly departs. Scorpio also remembers for a long time a person who has touched him with something. Holding a grudge, he will come up with a cunning plan of revenge and prick more painfully in a moment of weakness.
  2. Because of this, and all the troubles in the pair. But if Leo learns to restrain the flashes of his anger, and Scorpio will step over himself and talk about what he does not like, right away, there is a chance to establish normal human relationships.
  3. More responsible for the fate of the pair should be Scorpio. It is his endurance and purposefulness in resolving conflicts that should save the union from a final break. He needs to learn how to put out violent quarrels and not hold insults in himself so that the proud Leo does not slam the door and leave.
  4. If Scorpio does not show wisdom, Leo relationship exhausted completely. He will proudly leave his partner, and will long remember him as a ruthless, cynical and dismissive person.

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Lion Woman and Scorpio Man

Leo respects strength, and a woman is looking for exactly this quality in a partner. In Scorpio, she finds him in full and easily gives in to his charisma. And the initiative of the relationship most often comes from her.

He seems to her a difficult prey, which awakens in her hunting excitement. She uses all her charms to attract this inaccessible man.

Unfortunately, she does not understand how their characters and views on life differ. It is because of this that their relationship cannot be called the collaboration of two people loving each other.

This is a constant confrontation in which both will fight the characters and demonstrate their strength.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility - Conflicts and Relationships

Although this relationship usually begins quickly and easily. The man gives in to charm of the chosen one and falls in love at first sight.

She seems to him to be inaccessible, sought-after and popular among other men, his own vanity is flattered by the possession of such a woman.

She, in turn, likes to be close to such a well-mannered, cold-blooded and charming man at the same time.

They will try to fall in love with their partner more and more, but at the same time they themselves fall into the trap. This game of “who loves whom,” ends sooner or later with someone’s broken heart and the disappointment of both.

Male lion and female scorpion

A man notices this girl among many others almost instantly. It seems to him that she is the one with whom he can build a happy and harmonious relationship.

They agree that both deny social norms and principles, tend to differ from others and stand out from the «gray mass».

But rather quickly, differences in characters begin to tire and annoy both. A woman gets bored with constantly admiring the chosen one and listening to his self-glorification.

She seems to him too cold and devoid of emotion, which is why Leo is bored.

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