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Leo and Libra compatibility — causes of conflict

Compatibility of Leo and Libra in relationship and love

The compatibility of Leo and Libra is considered harmonious. The fire and air elements are perfectly combined with each other, so this couple has great chances to build a long and happy relationship.

Compatibility in love

This alliance is almost perfect. It has everything: feelings, and great sex, and excellent spiritual compatibility.

They support and inspire each other, are able to save their love and carry it through many years of living together.

Leo and Libra compatibility - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of the relationship of Libra and Leo:

  1. In this couple there is a strong friendship, and strong love. And the well-being, happiness and harmony are given to the two of them easily enough. They understand each other from a half-word, they seek to invest in relationships equally, and not just consume.
  2. These are soul mates. They easily pick up each other’s ideas, no matter how insane they are. And at the same time quickly achieve success in achieving common goals.
  3. The tyranny and egoism of Libra in this pair are successfully extinguished by the wisdom and patience of Leo. Both partners in a pair show only their best qualities, leaving negative to the outside world.
  4. Thanks to the peace-loving nature of Libra in Leo, they do not notice the bad sides, but see only the noble and generous nature, from which the warm vital energy emanates.
  5. There are unpleasant moments. For example, Lev will seek to use Libra in achieving some of his own selfish goals. Not from evil — he just got used to using all existing opportunities, not really worrying about the feelings of a partner.
  6. Libra is an intellectual sign with great analytic abilities. They can generate ideas and guide their partner along the right and shortest path of development.
  7. The lion in this union uses its innate potential to its fullest. His intellect is fully revealed, he begins to see new opportunities in life and use them, quickly achieving success.
  8. Physical compatibility between them is almost perfect, there are never sexual problems. Libra is attracted by the sensuality and temperament of the fiery satellite, they get great pleasure from physical contact, giving in return all their tenderness.

It is very important for Libra to keep his personal boundaries clearly, not allowing Leo to sit on their necks. If he feels permissiveness, write gone.

Instant respect is lost, betrayal begins.

But if Libra will give his royal companion enough admiration and even flattery, without allowing him to invade his personal space too often, this relationship is doomed to success.

Causes of conflict

Despite almost perfect compatibility, there are quarrels in this pair. But this is not bad — you just need to understand what is worth changing in the relationship, what you have to work on in order to preserve love and mutual understanding.

Leo and Libra compatibility - causes of conflict

Leo will be happy to achieve their goals and share the fruits of labor with Libra. But he needs to receive in return the lion’s share of admiration, gratitude and compliments, on which Libra is often stingy.

They need to learn to sincerely admire their partner, then there will be no problems.

The scales will also have to accept that they will always give way and stay in the background. Lions do not tolerate superiority, so if their partner is more successful and in demand, they can leave the relationship, suffering from self-doubt.

Scales can be annoyed due to the fact that important decisions Leo prefers to take alone, without consulting. Therefore, the latter must necessarily take into account the opinion of his partner, and not act only based on their own desires.

Scales love to argue, and Leo hates it. If they do not learn to sometimes recognize the superiority in the dispute of Leo, the relationship will quickly end.

The lion will get annoyed and lose their temper, which may be the beginning of a series of violent conflicts.

The authoritarianism of Leo and the independence of Libra will constantly be a stumbling block. But if the first one learns to give freedom to a partner, and the second one to obey and not argue, they will build very high-quality and stable relations full of love and mutual understanding.

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Lion Woman and Libra Man

Leo woman is very persistent and purposeful. She is bored of living without solving problems, overcoming difficult life circumstances and difficulties.

She wants to always be in the spotlight, to be in the thick of things.

Man Libra hates loneliness. As a rule, before meeting with the chosen one, he already had to be disappointed in women, so he is very careful.

In Lioness, he will see everything that he has been looking for a long time — attractiveness, self-confidence and a strong inner core.

She seems to him almost perfect. And the fact that the main thing in the relationship will be a woman does not bother him at all.

But at the same time he does not become weak, on the contrary, he turns into an equal partner.

Leo and Libra compatibility - causes of conflict

The girl is important not to try to command and press the man under him. This pair will last long only with mutual respect.

Both must learn to compromise on controversial issues.

If a man becomes self-contained, and not to resolve conflicts on the spot, the couple will quickly part. The gap is inevitable in the case when he stops admiring and making compliments to his companion, for whom romance is very important.

The Lion Man and the Libra Woman

This is a more harmonious version of the union, in which the man is the main one, the winner in life, the protector and even the guardian. A woman, weak and defenseless, gladly obeys and takes care of her strong chosen one.

A man falls in love almost instantly. He is attracted by the beauty, lightness and refinement of Libra.

The woman sees him as a real knight who came, defeated all dragons and took her from the tower.

The relationship between them is tied up pretty quickly. And after a period of love, they understand that they are made for each other, they marry and have children.

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