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Leo and Aries compatibility — causes of conflict

Leo and Aries Compatibility — Fire Alliance

The compatibility of Leo and Aries is considered favorable. This is a union of two fire elements, in which passions always boil and there is tremendous love.

Let’s try to figure out what is characteristic of the relationship of such a zodiac pair.

Compatibility in love

Relationship problems should not be. The exception is when they start with a conflict.

Aries and Leo can intersect at work or compete in business, which causes acute negative situations.

Leo and Aries compatibility - causes of conflict

But after a long conversation, they begin to respect each other, stop competing, agree on mutually beneficial cooperation and become good buddies.

If the relationship began, then there is no need to talk about peace and stability. This couple is full of passion, emotions and feelings.

The fire element of both does not allow them to live in peace, they will boil with energy, to beat the dishes, to organize violent scandals, and then no less turbulent reconciliation.

Both partners are strong personalities with a strong inner core. They want to dominate and strive for leadership in everything.

It is highly desirable that, as a result, the leading position in the pair is occupied precisely by Aries.

Leo must infinitely respect his partner, make his decisions and authority. If he starts to argue, conflict and try to pacify the violent temper of his chosen one, it’s not necessary to talk about harmony and happiness in a couple.

If this pair is perfectly compatible in love, then it is better for them not to collide in affairs. Turning into competitors, they use any, even the toughest ways to destroy someone who can overshadow their success.

But in a relationship, being alone, they feel great with each other. Between them, usually strong love, great sexual attraction, mutual support and unlimited trust.

If both try to preserve the original atmosphere of love, warmth and romance, their relationship will become stronger with each day and turn into an unbreakable, very stable and strong union of two people loving each other.

When the love between them flashes immediately, both are piously sure that they have met their other half, with which they will spend the rest of their lives. Leo trusts in horoscopes and loves esotericism, so he will definitely study the astrological forecast of their relationship and will be convinced of a fateful meeting even more.

Leo and Aries compatibility - causes of conflict

The initiative comes almost always from Aries. He decides to start a relationship, get married, have children.

Also chooses a vector of common development and makes sure that the family boat does not break about life.

Cloudless and calm their life can not be called. But it will not be boring for sure. There is great love, incredible ideas, and ambitious goals.

The problem point may be the sphere of finance, because both terrible spenders and luxuries.

Causes of conflict

This couple will quarrel and conflict often. The fiery energy of both does not get bored and live calmly.

In fact, quarrels in this pair are the usual need of the characters of both to receive different emotions. They need both negative and positive equally.

Leo and Aries compatibility - causes of conflict

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. In the beginning, both can play hard in the passion and get carried away only the sexual side of life, not paying attention to anything else. Because of this, in the future they may be disappointed, realizing that in the imagination they have drew a non-existent quality to the chosen one.
  2. They should refrain from public scandals. It helps to release steam, but the sediment from quarrels remains, and for a long time. About public opinion, which negatively relates to a crazy couple, and can not speak.
  3. Both ardent maximalists, who as if have not yet come out of adolescence. From extreme to extreme, they simply do not see the golden mean. Therefore, if positive emotions — then to euphoria, if negative — then to depression. This moment is important to learn to control both.
  4. Both boils energy, and she must give a way out. If it accumulates, it can break out at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, it is important for them to constantly look for new impressions, have fun, look for a way out of these fiery emotions.
  5. Both very strongly believe in each other, often overestimating the partner. Relying on the elect, they can themselves begin to relate to affairs and solving problems superficially. This shift of responsibility may end badly.
  6. The union would be ideal if Leo led, and Aries obeyed in a joint business. Then all the fervor will go to work, and only love and peace will remain in the relationship.

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Aries woman and Leo man

This is a rather strange couple, because a girl does not usually choose Lviv as her love partner.

It is important for her to understand that her strong character needs to be shown not in a relationship, but in the outside world. Learn to be more gentle, tolerant, fair.

There is a big risk that she can turn into a “mummy” controlling her man, which should not be allowed.

Aries man and Leo woman

The unpredictable and energetic character of Aries is very attractive for a girl in such a union. He also likes in his companion the ability to easily and with humor to extinguish any conflict, to settle a tense situation.

In their pair there are all the emotions that only exist. Except boredom — it will never happen.

Their relationship is a constant game, development, moving forward and pleasure for both.

Both love adventure, travel, change of scenery. They effortlessly achieve their goals together. This is a union of two equal partners, in which each makes the same contribution.

There is never a dispute and talk about who is in charge and who will make decisions. Everything is done together.

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