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Lapis lazuli — properties and who suits

The magical properties of lapis lazuli stone: beauty and strength in one bottle

The lapis lazuli stone impresses with its amazing deep blue. It seems that this is not a mineral taken from the bowels of the earth, but a piece of the sky itself, so beautiful it is!

By its nature, lapis lazuli is a relatively inexpensive ornamental stone, but its real value lies in its amazing abilities, which we will learn more about in this material.

Lapis lazuli - properties and who suits

Historical background of the origin of the gem

In ancient times, marble was mined between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, from which ancient palaces and temples were erected. At random, workers found pieces of lapis lazuli in a rich blue hue in the marble blocks.

The rulers of that region did not miss the opportunity to enrich themselves on such a find. Therefore, the mineral was declared a tremendous rarity, the price of which reached beyond the heights.

The emirs (as the rulers in the East were called) thought out everything so well that they ordered to chain the slaves who mined lapis lazuli to the walls of the mines in order to avoid the theft of the gem.

Since then, the stone has gained great popularity and reverence. The ethnic groups living in the eastern steppes and mountains associated the nugget with their main god, Tengri-Nebo.

Initially, a bright blue mineral was used to veneer the palaces of noble people and churches. Gradually, a stone from the territory of Afghanistan began to spread throughout the world: first it was in Persia, then in Ancient Egypt.

And then he reached ancient Greece and Rome, from which he eventually came to Europe.

In each of the states lapis lazuli attached great mystical significance. For example, the ancient Egyptians considered it a symbol of their main god Ammon-Ra. Gem was attributed to the property of helping to administer heavenly justice.

In this connection, the judge in Ancient Egypt was supposed to wear a badge of stone on his chest, on which the word «truth» was carved.

Lazurite products were used as the decoration of the tombs of the rulers of ancient Egypt. The burial room of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, which became famous all over the world, was replete with ornaments with this stone.

In ancient China and other Asian countries, the lapis lazuli symbolized the power of the monarch and Heaven, absolutely the same for all — for the rich and for the poor. And according to one of the beliefs, lapis lazuli served as the basis for the plates of Moses, to which the prophet wrote the famous ten commandments.

In addition to the use in construction and symbolism, the stone was in great demand among the ancient painters in the East and in the West. It was ground to a state of powder, and then ultramarine was made from it — a bright blue dye having a resin, water, or tempera basis.

How did the mineral get its current name? It did not happen right away.

Initially, the Persians, he was known as «heavenly stone» or «lajvard». And the Europeans, in particular, the Russians, up to the 18th century, called him with the help of the Latin word «lapis lazuli».

Approached to the modern name of the version appeared during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Then the gem began to be called “lapis lazuli” or “lazerik”, which gradually transformed into the word “larus”.

Place of Birth

The original gem mining site is the territory located between Northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan. In the province of Badakhshan, to date, this gem is actively mined.

Starting from the 18th century, lapis lazuli began to be found in Russia — on the coast of the Slyudyanka river (the southern part of the Baikal region). The Empress Catherine II, acting at that time, gave orders to search for the stone there.

Lapis lazuli - properties and who suits

Another of the deposits is located near the Afghan deposits, which originally found this breed of amazing blue color. It is located near the Pamir Mountains.

It was found at the beginning of the 20th century.

In addition, several lapis lazuli mining sites can be found in China, Chile and Africa, but they are much more modest than their counterparts.

Color variations

Not in all cases, lapis lazuli has a heavenly hue. You can find bluish and dense blue, closer to black minerals.

Also there are variations of greenish and violet-lilac specimens.

Plus, the shade of the gem can be uniform or be supplemented with specks, stripes and various patches. Lapis lazuli having feldspar veins is the lowest grade material.

And the greatest value differs Badakhshan lapis lazuli.

The national treasure of Afghanistan in nature is found in 3 basic varieties:

  • Niili — These stones have a rich blue color. They can either be monochromatic or contain pyrite streaks.
  • Asmani — a gem of a fascinating shade of blue. Also known light blue variations.
  • Cycci — azure, casting a greenish tinge and containing a variety of inclusions.

The most elite version of the Afghan stone is Niili. At the cost of such a processed stone in jewelry will cost about ten US dollars per 1 gram.

And Sufsi is the cheapest subspecies.

The nugget found on the territory of the Baikal region resembles Badakhshan mineral in its colors. And the Pamir and Chilean azorevics are not so bright.

The healing properties of lapis lazuli

Lithotherapists recommend to maximize the properties of lapis lazuli, use it as massage balls, and also use it in the form of neck ornaments (beads, necklaces, pendants, etc.).

What can a striking stone with its charm help?

  • contributes to the normalization of blood pressure;
  • strengthens the immune system, will act as prevention of colds;
  • if you suffer from insomnia, it is worth putting a few azurewalk stones under your pillow at night: then you will fall asleep faster and wake up will be easier;
  • will help the gem to cope with such an unpleasant phenomenon as allergies;
  • epileptics, constantly using lapis lazuli, face attacks much less frequently;
  • women in the position it will be useful to eliminate toxemia, ensure a safe pregnancy;
  • reduces pain in rheumatism;
  • psychics use lazurite powder to remove parasites from their bodies;
  • and another valuable property of the stone — wearing earrings with it allows the fair sex to have thick and strong hair.

The main ability and healing power of azorevic is to release positive energy and protect against any negative.

Lapis lazuli - properties and who suits

The magical properties of lapis lazuli

It is impossible to doubt that the nugget has great mystical power. With it, it’s really not easy to heal, but to radically change your whole life.

What are the magical properties of a gem?

  • Azurevik symbolizes sincerity and kindness. In European countries, products with him are usually presented as gifts to their close associates in order to attract well-being and kindness. The stone has powerful positive energy, however, it is ready to share it exclusively with good sincere personalities.
  • Can be used as a talisman. In this case, the gem will protect its owner from various negative influences, will help to forget and let go of the insult, the negative.
  • Takes on the role of mentor. Gives a person the wisdom of life, teaches him to live according to the concepts of justice.
  • Attracts change. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of something changing in life (work, friends, place of residence, and so on), purchase a lazurite bead or a bracelet. Soon your wish will come true.
  • Lapis (another of the names of the gem) successfully treats harmful habits such as alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.
  • Useful for meditation. The energy of the crystal helps to get rid of any internal blocks, prohibitions, at the same time activates human strength, increases intuitive abilities.

The mineral is very good for teachers, doctors, psychologists, librarians. However, to all those who adhere to the established way of life, he is not shown: he will break his usual life.

The crystal is of great value for the representatives of the stronger sex. The latter makes more self-confident, relieves fear.

The original or a fake?

As a rule, under the guise of lapis lazuli, they try to sell colored minerals of other origin (chalcedony, jasper, and cacholongs). As an imitation, glass cabochons of similar colors are also used.

But there is one effective way that allows you to discern where the fake and where the real stone. It is necessary to lower the crystal in a container with water:

  • liquid flows evenly from natural lapis lazuli;
  • numerous small droplets will appear on the forgery.

Also look at the shade of the mineral with different types of lighting. Natural nuggets begin to dim in the light of the lamp, and under the sun’s rays, on the contrary, maximize their shade.

Lapis lazuli - properties and who suits

Astrological compatibility

People studying the science of stars, say that on the Zodiac azorevik suitable for all constellations. The only difference is that it will have different effects on different constellations.

And to get maximum help from the heavenly mineral will be able only to those to whom it is ideally suited.

  • Aries — must first find a common language with azure. If this is successful, they will receive a decent reward from the stone. So, he will teach the fire representatives to complete the work begun, and also begin to change their lives for the better.
  • Taurus — together with lapis lazuli achieved and full spiritual harmony. Nugget Venus will help pets to increase their income and generally improve things.
  • Twins — not the most complained mineral sign. However, wearing azure jewelry, the dual Gemini can drastically change his reality. Also, if the stone decides to favor them, it will save them from pathologies, relieve from anxiety and negativity, and improve vision.
  • Crayfish — These are the people who can count on maximum support for the crystal. Thanks to the energy of the gem, Cancer will reveal his abilities, believe in himself, and use universal love.
  • Proud lion under the influence of lapis will be able to get rid of congenital aggressiveness, negative thoughts. Take control of your emotions.
  • Virgin — Another lapis lazuli favorites. He will relieve them of emotional squeezing, improve communication skills. Plus eliminates from the life of enemies, helps to find and save love.
  • Indecisive Scales this stone is also very much shown. Especially it should be used by women in a position for a favorable pregnancy and easy delivery.
  • Scorpio azure will help to show his skills and positive personality traits. Products with mineral allow to balance the complex nature of the people of the specified constellation, plus attract the right environment to their lives.
  • Sagittarius sometimes too straightforward, so they just need a talisman. It will contribute to the mitigation of aggression, will open the heart of love, ensure family harmony and have a good effect on health.
  • If you want a miracle to happen — first believe in it. Alas, but not all zodiacal constellations are capable of such. For example, Capricorns are desperate pragmatists for whom miracles do not exist. Therefore, the stone and can not show their strength to them.
  • Aquarius lapis lazuli will bring the greatest benefit. Crystal will improve absolutely all areas of the life of this constellation. He will teach not to be content with what he has, he will protect others from the negative, heal health.
  • Fishes modest and quiet by nature, they are advised to buy azorevic to increase their self-esteem, as well as bring business success to life. In addition, the gem will accelerate for them a cure for colds, headaches, skin pathologies. However, you need to wear it carefully — from time to time, the rest of the jewelry is shown, so that Pisces will not turn into melancholic.

Now you know the properties of lapis lazuli stone, to whom it suits. In conclusion, I want to offer a video:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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