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Japanese horoscope by year: what is it, the characteristic of its signs

Japanese horoscope: what is different from the Chinese

Today we meet the name of so many horoscope options that sometimes you can get lost in them! Traditional Zodiac, Vedic, Slavic, Chinese, Japanese horoscope.

I was curious to know if there is a difference between the two last horoscopes? If you also want to do this — read this material.

Japanese horoscope by year: what is it, the characteristic of its signs

Japanese horoscope: its features

Thought, now you will see a radically new horoscope? And here it is not — as it turned out, the Japanese horoscope is completely and completely similar to the Chinese one, and differs from it only in its name.

Therefore, let us once more familiarize with the already known characteristic of 12 animals of the Eastern horoscope.

Very unreliable, controversial personality. Very clever, dexterous, inventive, coping even with difficult tasks.

The monkey can probably do any kind of activity, although it is quickly distracted and persuaded. Strives to «do everything here and now.»

He is very upset even by insignificant obstacles in his path.

Most of the Monkey people are indecisive. They are characterized by temperament, folly, aggressiveness, vindictiveness.

If they are not hampered by competitors — they can reach great heights.

Performs deep philosopher, gifted man. She loves to work, does her job very well, even if it is given to him with great difficulty.

And if something still did not work out — the Rooster is seriously upset.

Such individuals are distinguished by a certain amount of eccentricity; it is not easy for them to build relationships with others. In addition, they simply believe in their own righteousness (for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that often they are right).

The rooster may well become a closed loner. It creates the image of a determined man, and in the depths of his soul — timid and sensitive. The mood of the Roosters is changing rapidly, from good to bad, and vice versa.

Representatives of this sign are often selfish, but open, always attracting other people with their inner charisma.

This sign of the Eastern horoscope has absorbed the most positive human qualities of character: loyalty, truthfulness, ability to keep someone else’s secrets. True, with all this, the Dog is a little selfish, eccentric and terribly stubborn!

Material wealth is not as important for her in life as moral well-being.

May show emotional coldness, lack of communication. Tends to perceive their environment with criticism, causticity and sarcasm. If you set a goal for yourself, it will go to it to the end and, as a rule, it will become a winner.

Serves as an excellent boss.

Boar (Pig)

The identity of this sign is incredibly brave, sacrificial. If they are accepted to do something, they will give it their maximum energy.

Always act exclusively by direct means, without retreats. The sign of Kaban gives a person sincerity and manliness.

Such an individual does not quickly converge with others, but remains faithful to his few friends, always come to their aid.

Japanese horoscope by year: what is it, the characteristic of its signs

He is laconic, but unrealistically inquisitive — he reads a lot, owns the necessary information. It can flare up, although it does not tolerate conflicts and verbal clashes.

Shows kindness and attentiveness about their loved ones. No matter what happens, the Boar will never give up, will not give up, but will always believe in the best.

Rat people are distinguished by their attractive appearance, innate determination, diligence, desire for the accumulation of material wealth. The rat is incredibly thrifty, economical.

She can show generosity exclusively if she has feelings for a person.

Pedantically accurate, often illogical, ambitious, most of them achieving their goals. But he does not know how to remain outwardly calm — he quickly loses his temper if she is angry.

Also, Rats are usually honest, open, although some of them adore gossip.

The sign gives its representatives patience, laconicism, they inspire confidence in others. Sometimes they are too extravagant, they quickly lose their internal balance.

At such moments, fear the Bull, because its rage will be terrible.

The bull has remarkable intellectual and physical performance. They say about him that he is “a man of light character,” however, at the same time he shows remarkable obstinacy, since he does not tolerate any contradictions.

Tigers are sensitive in nature, love to philosophize, but often “show teeth”. Ordinarily, they draw respect from their surroundings, although they tend to conflict with their elders, their leaders.

The tiger often makes ill-conceived decisions or finds the right way out too late. But, in spite of everything, such a person is very courageous, strong morally, for which he receives a well-deserved assessment of others.

Rabbit (Cat)

Born under the sign of Rabbit (Kota) are distinguished by their bright personality, ambition, talent. They are virtuous, reserved, have impeccable taste.

Tend to make others admire and trust them.

As a rule, Cats achieve material well-being in their lives. Of the negative: they love to gossip, although they do it not with anger.

People show tenderness to their dear hearts, although they rarely become attached to their relatives.

Bringing a representative of the Rabbit sign out of himself is an incredibly difficult task, because they have self-control. Conscientious and executive, pedantic, can sometimes fall into melancholy.

Dragons have good health, incredibly active, active, but aggressive, stubborn and sharp. Honest, emotional, decisive, they can be relied on, although they love to justify their will.

The dragon is a frank person, he will always express his opinion directly, but he will justify it.

Show kindness, often allowed others to use themselves, however, this does not last too long. Cause universal sympathy and enjoy success with the opposite sex.

Japanese horoscope by year: what is it, the characteristic of its signs

The snake is a complex personality, unusually wise from birth, but not loving to talk much. It is characterized by successful business management, though, even so, it is very economical in its funds.

It can be selfish and conceited, but it can also actively participate in the affairs of others, help them when needed. She believes that only she is right in this world, that is why she prefers to act according to her own judgments.

In addition, Snake people show determination, determination, suffer greatly from their failures. Retain outward calm, although in the soul can be torn from a storm of emotions.

Horse is popular in any society. That, however, is not surprising, because she has a light, cheerful disposition, she quickly makes contact. Clever, insightful, although often too talkative.

Has many talents, knows how to attract the attention of others. Very self-confident, knows his true price.

If you touched the Horse’s feelings, she will forget about everything else. I got used to invest my energy to the maximum in everything that I do.

She loves having fun, being in the center of accidents. At the same time, it is very independent, it will not listen to advice from the outside, preferring to do what it chooses itself.

Representatives of the sign to the graceful forms of art. At first glance, an illusion can be created that the life of a Sheep is a complete idyll.

In fact, she often feels helpless, suffers from shyness, indecision, is more a pessimist than an optimist.

Most of these people are very devout. They rarely become leaders because they do not have the gift of eloquence, although they will persistently defend their personal convictions. As a rule, they do not experience material difficulties, adore comfortable conditions, and strive for luxury.

Differ in prudence, gentleness of character, goodwill, excellent taste.

Now it became clear that the Japanese horoscope = Chinese (or Eastern horoscope) and there are no differences between them.

And at the end of the topic I invite you to view the video in which the Japanese horoscope is revealed by year:

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