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Is there really a 13 sign of the zodiac or is it a myth

13 signs of the zodiac — is it true or myth

Recently, the press began to appear shocking notes from astrologers, which say about the existence of 13 signs of the zodiac. Experts of the science of stars believe that it is not uncommon, but actually acts as a new Zodiac constellation, which must be taken into account in the process of drawing up the natal map.

From this material you can find out whether there really is a new 13th zodiac sign and, if so, what characteristics it has.

Is there really a 13 sign of the zodiac or is it a myth

Is there a new zodiac sign?

The educational portal NASA Space Place recently published a material on the displacement of the position of the constellations in relation to the ecliptic of the Sun, which provoked a shift in the zodiacal constellations.

The concepts of «zodiac» and «zodiac constellations» are known to people since the times of ancient Babylon (this is about 3000 years ago). However, since then various changes have occurred, in particular — the Earth’s axis has shifted, as a result of which the Sun now resides in the constellation Pisces, for example, not from February 21 to March 21, and some part of this period is in the sign of Aquarius .

The authors of the article also say that the Sun moves almost strictly along the ecliptic, and the different signs of the Zodiac sometimes appear just north or south of it. They claim that the ecliptic passes not through twelve, but thirteen constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Ophiuchus, but the latter has always been ignored, because it was more convenient make calculations.

An interesting note. People possessed knowledge about astrology and the zodiacal constellations since the days of distant antiquity (more than 4000 years ago).

Of course, for such a large amount of time, the earth orbit has shifted slightly, so now the astrological knowledge of our ancestors is subject to careful analysis.

Characteristic of the 13th sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus (in Latin Ophiuchus) is the rarely used thirteenth sign of the zodiac, its correspondence is the zodiac constellation Ophiuchus.

Astrologers express a different attitude to the thirteenth sign of the zodiac. Not long ago, an international group of astronomers made a demand to carry out a cardinal reform relating to the traditional division of the celestial sphere and introduce an additional thirteenth constellation.

It should also be noted that after the approval of this reform, there will also be a shift of all the other signs of the zodiac.

To date, the dates of the rule of the Ophiuchus constellation have already been established — this is the period from November 29th to December 17th. At the same time, the usual horoscope refers to the constellation Sagittarius of all those who were born in the period from November 22 to December 21.

As you already understood, the Ophiuchus formally does not refer to the official list of signs of the Zodiac, although this does not diminish its effect in astrology. People born under this constellation often have a special life task.

Their way is to serve the people, which often comes to sacrifice.

The true Ophiuchus is a person who has been able to step over his destiny. He has little concern for his own problems, while focusing on his surroundings. And the more such a situation a person finds himself in, the more energetic and self-sacrificing he will take on the task.

The strong-willed and talented personality Ophiuchus is capable of doing many great things.

Ophiuchus is a person who has an incredible fate. He can disappear forever from your life, completely reborn, becoming a completely different person.

For some people, Ophiuchus will become a source of joy and happiness, and for others — sorrow and ruin. Behind them are often drawn various strange events that they can not explain logically.

Is there really a 13 sign of the zodiac or is it a myth

These people are characterized by constant travel, travel, acquaintance with a large number of people, to each of whom they find an approach and form a special kind of relationship with it. Ophiuchus may have at the same time several families in different cities, live several lives or layers of life, and also be members of different social circles.

The representative of such a rare zodiac sign may be dangerous to others. If you harm him or hurt him, he will definitely take revenge on you with big troubles, destruction or even death.

It is difficult to frighten such a person with danger or risk, since he has no fear, he is simply crazy about adventures and various adventures. It tends to survive in dangerous situations.

If an accident happens (an accident or a crash), many will die, but Ophiuchus will remain alive.

In the records of the ancient Roman astrologer Manilius we find information that snake poses no danger to the people of Ophiuchus. He writes that: such people «will wear snakes in the bosom and on flowing clothes, kiss them without suffering from poison.»

The main difference between Ophiuchus and representatives of other constellations is that he does not have the opportunity to stop in life. If he stops, immediately everything begins to fall apart and disintegrate, and the Higher Forces force him to move on.

In the sky, the constellation Ophiuchi is located in the middle of two constellations — Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Positive and negative qualities of Ophiuchus

Like any other sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus has its both positive and negative manifestations.

Speaking about the main advantages of such people you need to mention them:

  • active life position;
  • cheerfulness;
  • activities;
  • sociability;
  • excellent sense of humor;
  • vitality.

With regards to the negative manifestations, we can say about:

  • tendency to nervousness;
  • aggressiveness;
  • selfishness;
  • the pursuit of authoritarianism;
  • criticism.

Ophiuchus have long and carefully selected their life partner, dreaming to find their ideal, because of which they have been lonely for many years. It may happen that the Ophiuchus, long-standing in a relationship, unfolds and leaves without regretting the time and effort spent.

But an enamored and loving Ophiuchus is the kindest being in the whole world.

The symbol of the sign is the Serpent, which bites itself by the tail.

Is there really a 13 sign of the zodiac or is it a myth

Special Mission of the Ophiuchi Men

Very often, representatives of the rare 13th sign of the zodiac have a special life mission. It indicates the presence on the body of the mark.

If in the armpit area (for men, on the left side, and for women, on the right side) there is a birthmark or a brown birthmark from birth, then this is a sign indicating healing abilities, extrasensory perception, or that such a person is very much will do for humanity.

Another important sign is a group of moles, which in their form resemble the English letter Y. It is important that this figure can be easily seen on the body — often it is located in the area of ​​the back, abdomen or lower back. Moles should be almost the same size.

If there is an image of his zodiacal constellation on a human body in the form of moles, this is an indication of a certain talent given from above, the development of which must be practiced and given to people.

The presence of the signs described above on the body of Ophiuchus will indicate a special mission that such a person must fulfill in life.

The sign of the Zodiac Ophiuchus refers to the element of water, the mutable cross, its lucky number is twelve, the shade is purple, and the mineral is apatite.

New horoscope with 13 signs of the zodiac

Astronomers, having found the 13th constellation, reviewed the usual horoscope and created a new table of dates of birth, in which the constellation Ophiuchus is already taken into account.

A new horoscope with 13 signs of the zodiac will be as follows:

  • constellation Capricornus — relevant from January 19 to February 15;
  • Aquarius — from February 16 to March 11;
  • Pisces — from March 12 to April 18;
  • Aries — from April 19th to May 13th;
  • Taurus — from May 14 to June 19;
  • Gemini — from June 20 to July 20;
  • Cancer — from July 21 to August 9;
  • Leo — from August 10 to September 15;
  • Virgo — from September 16 to October 30;
  • Libra — from October 31 to November 22;
  • Scorpio — from the 23rd to the 29th of November;
  • Ophiuchus — from November 30th to December 17th;
  • Sagittarius — from December 18 to January 18.

We hope that this article was useful for you and helped shed light on the mysterious 13 constellation Ophiuchus.

You will find even more interesting information in the following video material:

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