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Is it possible to wear things of a deceased person, what to do with them

Is it possible to carry and store things of a deceased person: the opinion of priests and psychics

Often, after the death of loved ones, there are items of clothing, jewelry, photographs and other personal items. The question of what to do with them, the relatives of the deceased decide differently. Some are left for memory, others use them themselves or distribute them to those in need.

Experts in this matter hold the opinion that the things of the dead certainly need to be disposed of, since they carry negative energy. But this should be done correctly, so as not to harm anyone.

There is an opinion that all personal belongings carry the charge of energy that their master possessed during his lifetime. Therefore, most religions recommend getting rid of them in order to protect themselves from various troubles.

But regardless of the advice of the priests, it is up to the relatives to decide what to do with the things of the deceased.

Is it possible to wear things of a deceased person, what to do with them

The death of a loved one inevitably brings suffering and pain. This event gathers around itself a lot of negative energy, which is concentrated in the room where the deceased lived during his life.

Especially a lot of such energy negative accumulates on jewelry, bedding and clothing of the deceased, so it is recommended to get rid of these items so that the unhealthy energy does not go to living relatives.

The Orthodox religion claims that a person will do a good deed if he distributes the clothing of a deceased relative.

In this case, the priests say that, handing out wardrobe items to the needy, it is necessary to ask them to pray for the soul of the deceased. Prayers will help her to go to heaven and find peace. It is recommended to give clothes to other people, leaving one or two things as a memory.

In this case, you need to give not one, but several people.

An unequivocal answer of the priests to the question when it is better to do this, religion does not give. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that the energy of the deceased person is preserved on the items left after him for forty days. Some experts argue that things must be distributed before this date and help the deceased thereby complete their earthly affairs.

Others are sure that it is necessary to wait 40 days and only then return the clothes, because until that time the soul of the deceased continues to be in his home.

Muslims are also made to distribute the clothes of the deceased relative. This may be the remaining close and strangers. Such an act is considered to be alms made from the face of the deceased, therefore, to his soul in the next world it will be counted as a good deed.

The longer people will use the things of the deceased, the more it counts.

If there is no one to give the remaining clothes, it is recommended to take them to the church. The priests themselves will distribute it to the needy.

Worn things the church recommends burning.

As for the things of the deceased child, they are treated as follows:

  • Clothes, even if it is almost new, you need to burn.
  • Toys also need to be disposed of, and not given to other children. Negative energy remaining on them can go to the living child.

After the death of an older child, it is impossible to put his clothes on the youngest — this will harm his health.

Is it possible to wear things of a deceased person, what to do with them

Along with the question of the storage of the departed things, many are interested in whether they can be used for personal purposes. Religion does not approve of such behavior, considering it sinful.

The soul of a person remaining in the house is able to observe what is happening and may subsequently punish the offenders.

Is it possible to wear things of a deceased person, what to do with them

Representatives of the clergy, experts in bioenergy, psychology and extrasensory perception refer to the issues of death in different ways, therefore their opinion on how to deal with items remaining after the death of relatives differs.

Psychologists unequivocally argue that you can not use these things. Especially negatively they will act in the event that a person saw them donned by the deceased during his lifetime. This is due to the peculiarity of human psychology:

  • such things cause associations with the image of the deceased;
  • such an act is considered an disrespectful attitude toward the soul of the deceased;
  • things once again remind of death, which causes anxiety, sad or disturbing thoughts.

Sometimes, after the death of loved ones, valuable things remain that donate or donate impractically (for example, fur products). Such items must be removed away for a few months, and then try to use them.

If, even after the passage of time, things cause negative emotions, it is better not to use them and not to expose your psyche to the negative impact of unpleasant memories.

Psychics and bioenergetics with high sensitivity, advise whenever possible to get rid of the things of the deceased relatives. In their opinion:

  • objects keep a part of the dead energy of the deceased;
  • wearing such clothes, a living person accepts all the negative things left over;
  • underwear, even if it is expensive and practically new, needs to be burned;
  • clothes that were deceased at the time of his death should be disposed of in any case.

Expensive and high-quality things are recommended to start using 40 days after the death of a relative. Previously it is necessary to remove the negative energy of the deceased with the help of special rituals.

If a person with a deceased relative had a bad relationship, psychics advise immediately to give up his things: such objects will not bring anything good.

In addition to the clothes, relatives also have other things of the deceased person: good-quality shoes, expensive jewelry, memorable photos, letters, diaries and manuscripts. You can deal with these objects in various ways: disassemble and give to other people, throw out or carry out a ritual of purification and use yourself.

If the opinions of experts and clergy differ on how to deal with clothes, the issue with shoes is decided unequivocally: it must either be given to other people, or simply be disposed of.

Shoes must be given after 40 days have passed since the date of the relative’s death.

New owners of clothing should be people who were not personally acquainted with the deceased. Relatives and friends should not take the remaining shoes.

The Jews explain this rule by the fact that the people who will wear it, trample the ground over the head of the deceased with their feet.

Particular attention should be paid to the money left over from a relative. If it is a large enough sum, it is necessary to allocate a part of it and distribute it in the form of alms to the needy.

Before taking possession of the inheritance left, it is necessary to thank the deceased for the gift and remember only the good about it.

Stones, like the metal used in jewelry, have been the custodians of the owner’s energy and all information about him for many decades. If a person received the jewel of a deceased relative, you must make sure that it was not part of the magical rituals.

Otherwise, such a thing should be immediately abandoned. If the precious thing was used only as an ornament, it can be used without fear.

Many people, in need of money, sell the departed jewels. For this reason, it is not recommended to buy gold from the hands and in pawnshops: in this case, it is not known who the jewelery belonged to and whether it will not harm the new owner.

If the gold jewelry is transferred from the mother or grandmother of a daughter or granddaughter, you must clean them in the church. Then they can be not only stored as a memorable thing, but also used for its intended purpose.

The pectoral cross is a source of spiritual strength and carries the karma of the owner. According to Christian customs, he must remain with the person after his death, so it is customary to bury the deceased by wearing a cross on him.

If for some reason this has not been done, you should put it in a separate box or bag and store it at home.

If the owner of the cross has died of his own free will, you need to get rid of the object: bury or melt.

Wearing a cross of the deceased relative is only possible if he was a worthy person. It must first be cleansed and consecrated in the church.

In ancient times, these objects were considered the most important value in the family: it was no wonder that in the event of a fire, it was the icons that were the first of the burning house to endure.

The ancient images of the saints can be taken without fear. It is best to put such icons in your home next to your own.

This subject appeared in the life of a modern person relatively recently, therefore the church does not have a single opinion on this matter. If this is a new and expensive phone model, you can keep it for yourself and use it yourself.

Old vehicles must be given to those in need to pray for the soul of the deceased. If the phone was with the owner at the time of his violent death or voluntary retirement, it is better to get rid of it by breaking it apart and discarding it.

Such a thing is usually worn on the body, so it bears the strong imprint of the deceased’s personality. If during his life the deceased led a decent life and was in good relations with his relatives, his watch would not bring anything bad to his son, daughter or other close people.

Otherwise, you need to get rid of the object.

It is quite easy to understand whether it is worth using the hours left from the father or grandfather. You just need to wear them for a while and listen to your feelings.

If no negative is felt, the item will not harm the new owner.

Sheets and pillowcases, on which a person died, bear on themselves a powerful imprint of negative energy, therefore it is necessary to get rid of such bed linen. This is due to the fact that the energy released at the time of death is especially heavy and can cause illness.

If a person is different thin and impressionable mental organization, negative, accumulated on the bed linen, can even kill him.

It is necessary to distinguish the bed on which the relative died, and the linen, which he used to sleep during his life. In the latter case, it will not carry negative energy, and you can sleep on it without fear.

Dishes, like clothes, must be distributed to poor people. If in the possession of the deceased there were old expensive services, they should be carefully cleaned and kept in salt water for some time (salt will wash away all the negative).

Then the dishes should be washed with running water and use it yourself.

Such things are desirable to keep as a memory of the deceased. If possible, diaries, letters and other fruits of the deceased’s work should be put in a separate box and stored in the house.

If there is no storage space or a desire to do this, all paper evidence should be burned. Throwing such things is impossible so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

This question is one of the most difficult. There are a lot of opinions about storing photos of the dead.

Previously, they were inserted into frames and hung on the walls, not considering such an act dangerous or reprehensible. Now many believe that such images carry negative energy, and put them away or discarded.

In any case, some time after the death of a relative, there comes a moment when his appearance is erased from memory. Then, to revive the memories, old photos will be very useful.

Therefore, you can not throw pictures, you just need to properly organize their storage.

Modern psychics, psychologists and bioenergetics advise not to hang portraits of deceased relatives on the walls, where they will constantly come across and remind of their grief. It is especially undesirable to place them in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

It would be right to have an album or a special box for such photos and keep them separate from the pictures of living people.

Bioenergetics recommend not even sleeping in a room in which a deceased relative lived during his life, as his soul may come in a dream. But not everyone has this opportunity, so this rule can and break.

After the funeral and the passage of forty days in the room where the deceased lived or died, it is necessary to do a general cleaning:

  • All old, broken and non-recoverable items should be thrown away.
  • From the old bed or sofa, which died a man, you must get rid of. Such items store a lot of negative energy and have absorbed the suffering and pain of the dying, so it is not recommended to sleep on this furniture.
  • If it is not possible to throw away furniture or it is impractical to do it, you need to clean it by sprinkling it with holy water and conducting a special ceremony.
  • If, shortly before his death, a person was seriously ill, it would be right to make repairs in the room: this will help to clear the space of the negative energy of illness and suffering.

To clear things and space from the negativity of death, you can use the following methods:

  • Light a church candle and walk around the deceased’s bed with it, hold the candle under and above it. Then the bed must be sprinkled using holy water and sprinkle salt on the bed.
  • If it is known that the deceased possessed some supernatural abilities, then in order to purify the space, it is necessary to invite the priest to the house.
  • Salt will help remove the negative from the clothes of the deceased. To do this, you need to wash it in salt water and rinse thoroughly under running water.

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