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Is it possible to guess on Baptism on January 19, how to do it correctly: for the future, love, betrothed

True divination for the baptism of love, betroth and future

The night before Epiphany closes the cycle of «fortune-telling» days, imposing a strict ban on divination up to the Green Christmas Market (the period between the Trinity and Ivan Kupala). Experienced forecasters recommend refraining from dangerous forms of divination working on the call of evil spirits this night, because after the Winter Yachts there will be far less opportunities to clean the living space from the negative.

Turning to the Higher Forces for clues, a person concentrates on priorities and subconsciously discovers himself to solve them.

Divination from January 18 to 19 for women’s happiness — love, marriage and family well-being — are among the most sought-after in the Christmas season. The safest of them are rituals with playing cards and tarot and entertainment group entertainment.

Rites with challenges expressed in formulas, appeals to the “condemned-disguised”, can be attributed to the dark or close to her neutral magic, requiring the installation of a protective field on the contractor and his workspace. To carry out such manipulations need to be alone.

Is it possible to guess on Baptism on January 19, how to do it correctly: for the future, love, betrothed

In order to find out who her future husband will be, a loved one or a hateful one, the girl before going to sleep opened the new card deck and took only the kings from her. The fortune teller hid four chosen cards under the pillow, pronouncing: “My welcome-long-awaited, appear, look at me, come to me”.

At night, if the Higher Forces favor the fortuneteller, they send her a prophetic dream, where a map appears, symbolizing the betrothed.



The spouse will be either a military or a successful entrepreneur.

The groom should expect an elderly and status, hard parting with money

The girl will be lucky to marry someone who is sweet to her heart

For the enviable groom will have to fight — with his wife or the habit of being alone, but the result will justify

Is it possible to guess on Baptism on January 19, how to do it correctly: for the future, love, betrothed

To keep the tradition of fortune telling on a comb, you need to buy a wooden comb, with frequent long teeth. In the evening, before going to bed, the girl is combing her hair well, then she puts the comb under the pillow and says: “I’m married and disdainful, in a dream I dream, comb my hair”.

In the morning the comb is taken out and examined:

  • if between the teeth only girlish hair, then do not wait for marriage;
  • the hairs are lighter than those of the fortuneteller — a blond is wooing;
  • there are dark hairs — the husband will be a brunette.

Guess so, if the eve of Epiphany falls on a male day: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Is it possible to guess on Baptism on January 19, how to do it correctly: for the future, love, betrothed

Below are the fortune-telling «women’s fate» in the coming year, intended for the group divination. Rituals of this type can be taken lightly, but practice shows that by the end of the year most prophecies come true.

True divination for marriage:

  1. one. «Thread». The girls cut a skein of red yarn into identical pieces, according to the number of participants, and at the same time they set fire to their own thread. Whose thread of the first burned down, the girl first and under the crown to go. The fire went out before reaching the end of the thread — this year the matchmakers will not wait.
  2. 2 «Gold ring». Fortune-tellers take on a simple golden ring and unfold a narrow, long piece of black velvet on the floor. Each girl takes turns to the edge of the black band and says: «I will shake a little ring around the city, and I will go after that little ring before I get there.» Then the ringlet is placed on the edge and rolls along the matter. Where the ring stops, they put a mark, and then look — whose mark was farther than the rest, the girl first and get married.
  3. 3 «Bread and ribbon». They put bread crusts in a ceramic pot and put many pieces of satin ribbon. Closing her eyes, the girl puts her hand in the pot and grabs the first thing that comes across. She took the ribbon — to be a wedding, grabbed the bread — you can not wait for the groom.

It was about group rituals and such a sign — if the guys who saw the girl’s fortune-telling managed to “disrupt” the evening and scare the girls, all fortune-tellers were destined to go to the crown in the coming year.

Find out at what age the girl will be able to marry, will help the gold ring. It was hung on a red thread over a glass of water so that it hung below the level of the edge of the container, but did not touch the water.

It was necessary to wait patiently until the pendulum begins to move.

After a minute or two, the little ring should start to swing. How many times it will hit the walls of the vessel — at this age, the girl and get married.

If there were only a few blows (from one to ten), it means that there are so many years left for the groom to wait.

The singer lights two church candles on the table. On a blank sheet of paper, she draws a large circle, divided into several sectors.

Each of them is signed by a male name taken from the head. The more names there are, the more accurate the prediction will be.

Then the fortune teller inserts a red thread into a new needle with a large eye and hangs this pendulum over the central part of the lined circle. The tip of the needle should barely touch the paper.

Which sector the needle will point to, with that name and the spouse to wait.

Before going to bed, the fortuneteller sat on the bed and quietly read the plot three times: «Saint Samson, let me see my prophetic festive dream.» After that, you could immediately go to bed, or you could take some time to give your thoughts the right direction and get an answer to the tormenting questions in your sleep.

In the morning, the first thing the fortuneteller was to remember and write down in detail everything seen in a dream. In a ghost at night, the answer to her question was necessarily contained.

With the help of this divination for baptism, village beauties spoiled by male attention learned which of their fans to give preference to.

The girl takes as many onions as her boyfriends are looking for her attention, and each signs them in red with the name of a potential fiancé. Then all the bulbs are seated in separate containers with water. A week later, they begin to germinate.

What the first green feather to throw out — the guy and the heart of a beautiful woman to own.

One of the modern divination, tied to the end of the Christmas eve, involves the use of the phone. It is similar to the ancient rite prescribing a girl early in the morning for Baptism to run out into the street and ask the name of the first man he met.

Now, having woken up on the morning of January 19, the fortuneteller simply dials a random number on the phone and asks the person who answered what his name is. If, in response, she hears rudeness, then the wedding is not expected.

If there is a gentle male voice on the phone and if a young man starts asking about something, in the coming year the girl will fall in love. If the respondent calls the name, then there will be a quick wedding with the person who is so called.

If a girl is concerned about the welfare of her future husband, then she should go to the window in the late night of January 18 and sit there for exactly an hour.

If during this time loudly speaking or laughing people pass under her windows, be a rich man to the groom. If someone passes silently, the guy will be poor.

If within an hour no one appears, then marriage can not wait.

For the future, the Slavs guessed mostly alone, and the rites of this type were serious and almost never were entertaining.

People of all ages applied for predictions, regardless of marital status. The exception was sick family members and pregnant women, they were strictly forbidden to guess at Baptism.

Guessing on the egg is one of the most simple and easy-to-use, however, not everyone can see their future in the spreading squirrel. Therefore, to proceed to such a ceremony should only be girls with good imagination.

Guessing on the egg can be on the eve of Epiphany, and from 17 to 18 January.

3 hours before going to bed, the fortuneteller smashes a fresh chicken egg into a glass of water and puts the container on the window, without looking at it. Before going to bed, the girl takes the glass in her hands and according to the form that the protein mass has taken in the water, she tries to guess what awaits her in the near future.

Guessing on baptism on wax can give the most complete answer about the prospects for the near future, especially since there are many interpretations of the result and it is easy to interpret.

For a rite produced at midnight, it is required to fill a small bowl with milk and put it on the threshold of the dwelling. Then, in a deep spoon, melt bee wax and, standing over a bowl, quickly pronounce the plot: “Brownie, my master, come and drink milk and eat wax at the threshold.”

With the last word of the text, pour the wax into the liquid. After a minute, the bowl can be transferred to the table, and the wax casting should be removed from the milk and examined by the light of a church candle.

Decoding of images is presented in the table:


Figure value

Empty squabbles, gossip behind your back, misunderstanding of loved ones

The need to stand up for anyone

Start a new enterprise, new challenges in perspective

Someone from the inner circle has plotted evil

Unexpected startling news

Career will go up, but will have to face someone’s resistance

If open — temporary difficulties ahead, if closed — problems will be long-term

Sharp social takeoff

The man is able to overcome all the difficulties

Disease, frustration, death of a loved one

All things will go up sharply

A person does not see what is going on before his eyes.

Lack of mutual understanding is the result of retaining an unnecessary past.

It should learn to express your thoughts clearly.

The deterioration of relations in the working team

Difficult choices to make

Someone is watching the fortune teller’s life and preparing to strike

Soon the main problem will be resolved safely

Improved health

Update life goals

Conclusion of a successful contract

The emergence of a new love

Improving living conditions

An event that will change the world of divination

Soon the man will have to regret some actions.

Receive long-awaited news

In a difficult situation, a faithful friend will help

Empty bustle, meaningless throwing

Frustration and heartache ahead

Circling in circles, the same problems

Getting a lot of money

Finding meaning in what previously seemed meaningless

A good way to find out the future is to look at the frozen water in the morning, which the fortuneteller before bedtime took out of the threshold of the house. Take any water container: bowl, basin or bucket. The result is evaluated by the relief of frozen ice:

  • the ice froze mounds — a year will bring happiness;
  • ice lies smoothly — no serious accidents are foreseen;
  • the surface is covered with waves — events, both positive and negative, will quickly replace each other;
  • A hole was formed in the middle of the icy lake — the year will be full of negative moments.

If the fortuneteller, before putting the tank over the threshold, guessed, if she has a boy or a girl, then the frozen water will indicate the floor and health of the unborn child:

  1. 1. The surface covered with pits — the daughter will be born. The pits are even, smooth — the child will be healthy, excised, of different depths — problems are possible.
  2. 2. On the surface of the hill, a son will be born. Smooth tubercles mean the birth of a strong baby, sharp peaks or growths — painful and weak.

If the ice hardens smoothly, there will be no children in the coming year or the future of the woman has not yet been determined.

Divination for baptism in the thick of the coffee is carried out once and is distinguished by high accuracy. Even drinking freshly brewed coffee before fortune-telling is a real ritual: hold the cup in your right hand so that the pen also looks to the right.

Throats make small.

Leaving some coffee liquid on the bottom, the fortune teller puts the cup on the saucer and turns it three times in a clockwise direction, then tilts it upside down. Let the thicker flow and be distributed on the walls of the cup, before looking at the result.

Is it possible to guess on Baptism on January 19, how to do it correctly: for the future, love, betrothed

First, look at those pictures that have appeared at the edge of the cup, then at those at the bottom, and then on the walls across the entire inner surface. The signs left by the thick near the cup handle predict the events of the near future.


Meaning of figures

Long straight strip

Smooth way without alarms

Disease, spiritual grief

For a quick marriage

Happy future, problem solving

Good luck on your new job

Exit from a difficult situation

Happy, long-awaited event

To the dead in the house

Scandals with relatives

The emergence of a brilliant idea

Career advancement

Waiting for love soon

To detect the enemy among those close to you

Someone’s serious deception

Children will be healthy all year

The fortuneteller’s cowardice will prevent her from embodying ideas

The need to assist relatives

Monotonous and hard work ahead

Decent financing, stability

To the destruction of hopes and plans in the love sphere

Fun Events

Very good news is expected.

To matchmaking and marriage

Separation with your beloved

Marriage based on financial considerations

To shedding tears

Changes in life that came with another person

If the fortunate is interested in her financial situation in the coming year, she can resort to divination with the help of third parties:

  1. 1. The one who is wondering leaves the room.
  2. 2. Helpers put a coin of any value on the table and cover it with one of two identical plates.
  3. 3. Guessing who entered the room, you must guess which one of them is hidden money. If this succeeds, financial difficulties are not foreseen, and if not, the year will be difficult.

Divination for baptism according to the book does not apply to the ancients, but is considered one of the most truthful. Before embarking on the rite, the fortunate beret takes the first book from the shelf and mentally utters the question to the Higher Forces three times whether his dearest wish will be fulfilled (it should be said out loud).

Then, without thinking, the performer speaks the first numbers that will come to his mind.

The first digit will indicate the page number, and the second — the line number. Having found the appropriate place in the book, the person reads the prediction and interprets it regarding the question asked.

At night, on Epiphany Eve, the girl should jump out of the gate of her yard without warm clothes (and if no one can see, then it’s better in the bottom shirt) and lie down in the first snowdrift on her back. Without looking at the trail left, the fortuneteller immediately returns to the house and goes to bed.

On the afternoon of January 19, the girl should go out and see how the print is preserved. The track with smooth, smooth edges will tell you that the betrothed will get the fortuneteller loving, affectionate, attentive.

Uneven, like a knife, a rugged pattern will indicate a person with a complex character.

Not one type of Epiphany divination was received by the church, therefore, looking into the future, a person, from the point of view of Orthodoxy, in any case commits a sin, for which in past times could have been temporarily excommunicated from Holy Communion. However, there is a category of rituals that can inflict grave harm on a fortune teller, even if no one knows about them.

We are talking about black rituals with appeals from otherworldly forces that freely roam the world throughout the days of Christmas.

The most dangerous of these divination baptisms is a rite with mirrors that attracts a fortuneteller into a suite of a non-existent world, from which her soul may not return. The purpose of the ritual is to see the future of the betrothed, to subsequently recognize him in life and not give his destiny into the hands of another person.

Many girls do not realize that the role of the betrothed in the rite is played by the otherworldly essence. The longer the performer will admire the desired image or gaze through the mirror galleries, the higher the risk of penetration of this entity into the real world.

Practicing magicians do not recommend using this kind of divination to nervous, impressionable ladies, and more courageous girls are advised not to dive into the looking glass for a long time, in order not to become a victim of an unclean spirit.

Other «terrible» divinations for baptism include «interception» at the church porch or crossroads.

According to tradition, a girl after midnight alone should come to one of these places and stand still, listening to all the sounds coming. The danger of fortune-telling lies in the fact that such sites are also the natural habitat of demonic power.

Going there, the girl actually gives herself to the power of unclean spirits, and their antics can affect her mental state.

Until the evening, in the room where they were going to guess, they brought purity and installed charms to protect against dark forces. They did it anyway: if divinations were in the form of games and when a difficult ceremony was coming.

The main step in protecting oneself from the interference of dark forces at home was the choice of the “right” room. The living rooms never guessed. For these purposes, sauna bathhouses, granary rooms, sheds, and threshing floors were prepared.

On the doors of the selected structure with white chalk painted a large cross. In this way, they were protected from the “omorochka” by treacherous werewolves who abducted the souls of unmarried fortunetellers.

Having protected the entrance from the penetration of the spirit from the outside, it was required to “close the underground” so that evil would not come from there. To do this, on the floor boards it was necessary to find a knot and circle it with the ring finger of the right hand. Then you had to stomp on the bitch with your left foot and say: “Christ is risen, and not you, demon.


In addition to protection against evil forces, it was important to “hide” sin from the Divine eye. From the room where it was planned to guess, they carried the icons, and the fortunetellers themselves took off the crosses and amulets.

They did not wear Christian attributes until the purification procedure was completed. There were many ways to “cleanse”:

  • washing with morning Epiphany snow;
  • pouring water on yourself in the backyard;
  • swimming in the hole.

The most courageous fortunetellers decided to absolve themselves of being a confession of the father, but this method of purification was very rarely chosen because of strong public condemnation.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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