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Is it possible to go to the cemetery at Easter and why

The answer of the Orthodox priests to the question of whether to go to the cemetery on Easter and Easter holidays is categorical — no. This is explained by the fact that Easter is the main church holiday, proving the victory of life over death.

On this day, it is not customary to remember the departed; on the contrary, one should rejoice and celebrate this great feast of joy associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A trip to the cemetery on such a day is a sin.

You can visit this mournful place later — on the Red Hill.

On Holy Christ’s Resurrection, many traditionally attend the churchyard. Practically in all cities on Easter day they even organize special bus trips to the cemetery to make it easier for people to get there and share light news with their departed relatives.

But the Orthodox faith does not welcome such an action.

The priests explain this by saying that Easter is a holiday for any Christian. There should be joy in the soul of a believer on this day, since the resurrection of Jesus testifies that death does not exist, but is only a transition to eternal life.

When visiting the churchyard, a person begins to grieve among the graves of deceased relatives and friends, as a result of which he may doubt the possibility of spiritual salvation.

After Easter, the funeral services are not held in churches for a week. In these seven days of the dead people funeral services with Easter chants.

Therefore, the priests emphasize that on this bright holiday you need to rejoice, not grieve.

Is it possible to go to the cemetery at Easter and why

You can go to the churchyard before the Bright Resurrection of Christ. For this, special days are designated, called parent Saturdays.

For the period of Lent, they fall out three times. These days it is recommended to go to the graves to visit the dead.

After Easter, the cemetery is also visited on a special day. It may be called differently:

It falls on Tuesday of the week following the end of the Easter week. Before you visit the churchyard, it is recommended that you first go to church and pray for the souls of deceased relatives.

Is it possible to go to the cemetery at Easter and why

It is on Radonitsa that Easter is celebrated on the graves of deceased relatives. It is necessary to pray for them in the temple or at the cemetery.

A dead person does not need anything — neither a cross nor a monument, since it is simply a tribute to traditions. The soul of the deceased constantly needs only prayer.

Substantial assistance in this is provided by the commemoration held in the church. Before visiting the churchyard, you need to go to the temple to the beginning of the service and submit a note in which all the names of the deceased are indicated for their commemoration.

After the end of the liturgy, it is imperative to serve a memorial service. The power of prayer will be given by the communion of those who remember this day.

It is also desirable at the exit from the church to give the beggar a beggar and ask him to pray for his deceased relatives.

Is it possible to go to the cemetery at Easter and why

At the churchyard they light a candle and pray again for the soul of the deceased. You can invite a priest to the grave to hold a requiem lithium.

At the grave, they must clean up, remembering the deeds of the deceased with a kind word.

Many people leave cookies and sweets in the cemetery. According to Christian tradition, this cannot be done, because the soul of the departed does not need this.

This is a pagan tradition that Orthodox priests also disapprove of. It is best to distribute food to the poor.

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