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Is it possible to cut and dye your hair at Baptism on January 19th and why

Can I dye my hair and cut my hair for Epiphany on January 19?

According to national signs, a haircut to the baptism of the Lord is an unacceptable occupation: this way you can change your destiny in a negative direction. However, the opinion of the priests about haircuts and hair coloring on this day is not so categorical.

The priests believe that the most important thing for baptism is to visit the church and pray to the Lord, and if it so happens that the woman signed up for the date at the hairdresser, there is nothing wrong with that.

Church leaders may not recommend cutting and dyeing their own hair, for the reason that this exercise takes a person too much time, and he will not have time to attend the service and sanctify the water at the Baptism of the Lord. To cut and dye other people’s hair on the Epiphany holiday is work that cannot be practiced on January 19.

Haircut and manipulation of hair dye should be a few days before the festive night.

If a person looks untidy and is in dire need of a haircut on that day, since on other days he is busy at work and cannot get time to go to the salon, the answer of the priest regarding his visit to the hairdresser’s will be positive. After staining, ringlets need to be rinsed with holy water to protect themselves from disaster.

If a woman chooses to baptize her child on this holy day, cutting a strand during the ordinance on January 19 will not do any harm to the baby: so he gets closer to the Lord.

Is it possible to cut and dye your hair at Baptism on January 19th and why

According to national signs, haircut and coloring January 19 have a negative value:

  • Cut hair ends for baptism — shorten your life by a few years. A haircut spent on the Epiphany celebration will not only deprive several years of life, but also predicts illness, slow hair growth.
  • Self trim hair — deprive yourself of beauty, vitality and youth.
  • If an unmarried girl has her hair cut or dyed her hair for baptism, she will do her relatives hair, she risks being alone until the end of her days.

If during the visit to the barbershop on January 19, critical days began, you should refrain from cutting and painting in order not to disrupt your biofield.

Pregnant women are not particularly advised to carry out any manipulations with their own or other people’s hair at Baptism: not only will the opt for the expectant mother, but also have a negative effect on her baby.

During pregnancy, it is impossible to dye hair for quite logical reasons: the paint contains harmful substances that through the mother’s blood will get to the baby and may adversely affect its development.

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