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How to win and fall in love with a man-virgin: which girls they like

How to win a man-virgin: the secrets of seduction, compatibility with other characters

Man-Virgo belongs to the 6th sign of the zodiac, belongs to the earth element and is under the auspices of Mercury. Love is the main aspect in the guy’s life, he begins to prepare for it from childhood.

The boy loves his mother very much and is with her on a constant energy bond. He is also interested in other representatives of the fair sex. Virgo evaluates the behavior, notices the slightest flaws, trying to learn from communicating with girls.

This helps him in his later adult life, because by the age of marriage, the boy already knows what he wants. It is the constellation Dev is distinguished by a special relationship to love.

In their view, this feeling should be pure and immaculate, as well as the only one for life.

The representative of the sign of the Virgin is under the auspices of the earth element. This is a very wise and pragmatic person who begins to realize his life purpose from a young age.

According to astrologers, this constellation personifies the image of the Most Holy Mother of God, therefore the sons of Mercury treat women with special respect. They have an amazing ability to see the best features in the character of girls.

Guys strive for the perfect moral purity of their chosen one, so they try to stay away from unworthy candidates.

Winning a Virgo man is easy enough if a girl has a classic set of positive qualities. For his part, the man is fully ready to enter into a serious relationship. He begins to prepare for this event from the beginning of his conscious age.

The guy thinks his whole life ahead. The life of the Virgin is similar to the game of an experienced chess player who thinks about the steps ahead.

This is a very purposeful person who does not tire of working on self-improvement. The guy finds a lucrative job, knows how to manage the household (copes with all matters of repair and landscaping), perfectly calculates resources.

He needs all these skills in order that the chosen one could supplement with her presence the family happiness created in dreams.

Positive and negative traits:



  • high level of intelligence;
  • practicality;
  • pragmatism;
  • purposefulness;
  • a responsibility;
  • hard work;
  • punctuality;
  • good breeding;
  • prudence;
  • analytical mind;
  • discipline;
  • tact;
  • selectivity;
  • care;
  • generosity;
  • good breeding;
  • honesty;
  • justice;
  • the ability to protect the weak;
  • self-criticism;
  • thrift;
  • kindness;
  • ability to truly love
  • excessive demands;
  • touchiness;
  • stealth;
  • snobbery;
  • criticism;
  • sarcasm;
  • straightness;
  • pickyness;
  • rancorousness;
  • pedantry;
  • squeamishness;
  • earthiness;
  • conservatism;
  • irritability;
  • bouts of discontent;
  • melancholy;
  • isolation;
  • selfishness

Virgo more than any other zodiac signs are lonely. The secret lies in their approach to choosing a life partner.

Men are so keen on finding the perfect partner that simple earthly women do not seem appropriate to them.

How to win and fall in love with a man-virgin: which girls they like

Man-Virgos belong to one of the most difficult categories of grooms. They are not prone to the rapid ignition of passion, they can not be seduced by sexy clothes.

These guys choose their companion themselves. The girl may not even suspect that the guy likes.

Virgos have their own selection criteria, and in order to meet them, you must fully plunge into the inner world of a representative of the earth sign. It is necessary to completely repeat his behavior, assess priorities, become his like-minded person.

Virgo has a very strong connection with her mother. Even if outwardly their relationship seems cold and incomprehensible, you should not make hasty conclusions. Native people understand each other at the mental level, so they can always agree.

To achieve a serious relationship with a guy, a girl needs to become like his mother. To do this, you need to learn how to keep house and try as much as possible to repeat her behavior.

External similarity will be a great bonus to tame the guy forever.

Character traits of a girl who will help to charm a man-virgin:

  • Modesty. This is a necessary condition in order to fall in love with the Virgin. The guy likes modesty in clothes, manners and conversation.
  • High intellectual level. Girls who have modest mental abilities have no chance to please a man.
  • Cleanliness. Virgo is the most demanding mark on matters of purity. The chosen one should give personal hygiene (then cleanliness in the house) serious attention, because the guy is by nature very squeamish.
  • Pragmatism. In order to win over the representative of the Earth, it is necessary to identify their future plans for life. A man does not understand the frivolous, one-day-living girls.
  • Nurture. Man-Virgo wants to introduce his darling with parents and close friends. At the same time he should not be ashamed of her behavior. The guy wants to be proud of his soulmate.
  • Self discipline. The children of Mercury are excellent tactics and strategists of their own lives. Successes to them come, thanks to discipline. A woman should support this pattern of behavior.
  • Caution. This trait is characteristic of the man himself, since he will never support the venture. The girl should adhere to similar views and not provoke a guy for adventurous actions.

How to win and fall in love with a man-virgin: which girls they like

A man long eyeing the object of his love. He likes to approach any issue in his life constructively and pragmatically.

Virgo analyzes each act of a girl, draws conclusions from her statements, oversees communication with representatives of the stronger sex. When he realizes that he is in love, he begins to act more actively.

The guy is looking for a meeting, finds out the presence of reciprocal feelings and only then becomes sociable and talkative.

Virgo tries to constantly maintain contact with her darling. During the day, the guy meets the girl several times or gets in touch with her by phone and internet. He gives gifts and tries to please the object of his love in everything.

The representative of the earth element is able to make any sacrifice and do everything in his power for the reciprocal feeling of the girl. If he feels and makes sure of his presence, he will make a marriage proposal.

Virgo is committed to a serious relationship, rare random novels trying to forget forever.

There are times when a guy changes his principles and falls in love with an unworthy girl. For a while he tries to idealize her image, attributing to him non-existent positive qualities. A man does not listen to the arguments of others, because none of the people is at this moment for him authority.

Over time, Virgo realizes her mistake and is very disappointed.

How to win and fall in love with a man-virgin: which girls they like

To win a man-virgin, you must apply the original tactics and strategy. He is very selective, so the girl is recommended to work hard.

The boy’s heart will belong to an exceptionally decent and benevolent woman who can beautify his life.

Steps to attract will be justified, because the woman will be the husband of a responsible, loyal and caring husband. Virgos are considered one of the best companions of life, so their attention is very expensive.

To attract the attention of a guy can be impeccable appearance and restrained behavior. A man is very fond of natural beauty, he is also impressed by exquisite unobtrusive makeup, which is called “transparent”.

Clothing should be elegant and not vulgar, bright catchy outfits will be ignored by the Virgin. A girl should be sociable and modest at the same time.

The representative of the mark always prefers this fine line between publicity and restraint.

An example would be a situation in which a woman leads a friendly conversation on current topics with the stronger sex. Virgo immediately note for themselves the mental abilities of the chosen one. The girl should stay free and not pay special attention to the guy, just this behavior is attractive to a demanding man.

When it comes to a personal conversation, you need to unobtrusively hint about your future plans, to focus on the preference for a serious relationship. In the future, it is worth asking the guy’s parents, to ask more about his mother.

This story will help make the right plan for their future behavior. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that at the first meetings the girl should stay independent and modest, avoiding unnecessary touches.

The initiative of hugs and kisses should be wholly owned by Virgo, otherwise he will consider the behavior of women frivolous.

To make a Maiden fall in love, you must carefully consider your behavior. The representative of the mark is a very “hard nut”, he feels false and hypocrisy, therefore he can recognize insincerity in communication.

If the girl managed to interest the guy and get the next date, you should not disappoint him with persistent actions or excessive initiative. It is very appropriate to continue to conduct conversations in a measured manner.

It is recommended to share your plans for the future, to demonstrate your education and curiosity.

A man should understand that the girl is fraught with many mysteries that he has to solve. She owns a huge amount of information on various topics, and is also a good hostess (in order to tie the Maiden to herself, you must really become her).

After some time, it is recommended to pause and cancel the scheduled meeting. At the same time, it is necessary to explain that urgent business has appeared (work, study, solving everyday problems).

The sensible solution would be to make the guy bored, at which time he realizes what treasure he can lose.

On the next date, reassure the man, detailing the reasons for the absence. The representative of the sign will be delighted if the girl does not forget to inquire about his affairs, and also ask about the health of the parents (especially the mother).

Such moments contribute to the final decision of the guy to stay next to the chosen one, because he will feel in her reliability and confidence. These simple techniques can completely conquer the Virgin.

By hooking the most sensitive strings of a guy’s heart, you can keep him close to you for a lifetime. A woman should often remember the time of courtship and try not to change her behavior. The representative of the earth sign does not like surprises and “magical transformations”, when, after entering into a serious relationship, the girl becomes completely different.

It is necessary to remain still soft and modest, to decide with the elect questions of the future life, to be interested in his successes and to maintain relations with the boy’s relatives. It should be consistent and disciplined.

Virgo is caring for and living life together with her soulmate in a special way. He can not make constant compliments, not to cover with bouquets of flowers, not to organize expensive rest. In this case, be sure to give the woman feel that she is loved and in complete safety.

Life with the Virgin will turn into a fairy tale, if his chosen one behaves correctly. The man is very fond of compliments that are expressed in the original form.

You should not call it diminutive words or say flattering words.

It is necessary to praise the guy constructively and regularly for his positive qualities. Not one of his efforts and care should go unnoticed.

It is recommended to emphasize how necessary and timely was his help, how his knowledge and skills were useful, etc. A representative of the earth element will be forever winged, these compliments will inspire him to act decisively, will give strength and confidence (this is necessary for Virgo). The girl can be sure that this is the most reliable way to permanently tie a guy to her.

A married man-virgin, who meets with a new passion, is a very rare exception to the rule. For this behavior, the guy needs good reasons. The first reason could be an unfaithful wife who took a rash step and committed treason.

The virgin is still in love with her, but it seems to him that the formalities of divorce remain between them. In this case, the mistress should not build illusions and wait until the man moves to her with things forever.

Sooner or later, he will reconcile with his wife and break off relations on the side, especially if there are children in this marriage.

Another option would be a situation in which the spouse completely disappointed the man, and their relationship is deadlocked. People no longer understand each other, they have no common themes left, feelings have gone without a trace.

For the Virgin is very important moral aspect of the relationship, so even if the guy is married, divorce remains a matter of time. The mistress needs to find out the true reason why the representative of the earth element decided to betray.

The mistress must understand that she needs to overcome his wife in positive qualities and not allow her to make mistakes. It is recommended to welcome help to children from a previous marriage, this will only strengthen the current relationship.

You don’t need to be jealous of your wife, if the Virgin finally left, he will not return.

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