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How to win and fall in love with a male Lion

How to win a Leo man — secrets and tactics, horoscope compatibility

In nature, Leo is recognized as the king of beasts, the men of this constellation fully correspond to this rank. Representatives of this zodiac sign always feel at their best.

They condescendingly look at the crowds of their fans, occasionally giving them their attention.

Since childhood, the Leo Man believes in his uniqueness and exclusivity. He behaves arrogantly with those around him, but people are instantly captivated by this guy’s charisma and recognize his significant position in society.

Leo does not doubt his own royalty, he confidently reigns in a select circle of friends and friends. If someone does not recognize his leadership, the man simply strikes this man out of his life.

The representative of the constellation Leo is friendly and sociable. A woman who decides to enter his life does not need to rely on the appearance of the king of beasts.

If at first glance the lion guy looks inaccessible, then this is only a temporary phenomenon. One has only to bring a smile on the face of this man, as his boyish nature will immediately manifest.

Getting to know a guy is easy, he is sociable and open, but only a bright and self-confident girl can keep his attention on his person. The representative of this constellation is unlikely to show interest in the gray mouse. To please him, a woman needs to be:

The last item in the list is very important to consider when initially communicating. Leo does not like sullen, tearful and anxious ladies. If a girl turns to him for help, he will surely give her all possible support, but sympathy and compassion are unlikely to ignite a spark of passion in his soul.

This guy can not be called amorous, relationships with women, he begins with sexual desire. If the lady does not cause him intimate fantasies, Leo will never take care of her.

This man is not one of those who have been eyeing their darling for a long time, so he should be attracted immediately. The first impression that a girl makes on Leo becomes fundamental in the development of further relations.

Creativity and originality are the strongest tools for seducing this guy. If at the time of acquaintance the lady can not boast a bright make-up and sexy outfit, then she just needs to make an uncommon deed: surprise or laugh the chosen one.

The most important thing in dealing with this guy is a manifestation of sincere interest and admiration. Leo is interested in flattery, if a lady can find a reason for praise, they should immediately use it.

A man will definitely appreciate a playful compliment, it can be any phrase that accurately notices the dignity of a guy. It should be noted his style, wit or masculinity, but not reaching servility.

Leo subtly feels insincerity, so admiration should come from the heart.

This man has a rivalry spirit in his blood. This guy can and should be compared with others, arguing in his favor.

However, in all you need to know the measure, because in future relations you will have to maintain your position. Leo is not one of those who are satisfied with one compliment.

He needs constant feeding with sugary speeches.

How to win and fall in love with a male Lion

Winning the heart of the discerning guy Leo is not easy. In his life, he will allow only a fully developed woman. This man does not need a constant companion, and this should always be remembered.

He is surrounded by crowds of fans, so he always finds one with which to brighten up evening entertainment, but it rarely comes to serious hobbies.

Only a very persistent woman can conquer a male Leo. In order to permanently occupy the place of a permanent partner in Lev’s soul, a girl needs to prove her indispensability to a guy.

If the goal is to hook a married guy, it is easy to do. He is prone to polygamy, so he gladly responds to the conscription views of women outside the family. However, this should not be done in view of possible negative consequences.

Yes, and the Lions family leave very rarely.

A simple formula about the way to a man’s heart through the stomach works with him. If you identify his royal eating habits, then he can easily be interested in inviting and luring the network with delicious dinners. A man loves comfort and luxury; you cannot take it with a simple pie.

But the refined and original dishes he will definitely appreciate.

To charm the lion is best in its territory. He does not like the available ladies who are trying with all their might to get into his bed. But on a visit to the chosen one, this man immediately sees the economic abilities of the girl.

The idea of ​​marriage arises only when he does not want to leave the women’s monastery. If you create comfort for Leo and envelop him with care, he will immediately feel the deep sympathy for the lady, but we must not forget about sexuality.

In the view of this guy, the ideal woman combines the three most important values ​​for him:

If a girl wants to marry him, then she should prepare for complete submission. In his family, the Lev man is a powerful tyrant, but the despotism of this husband can only be noticed after the wedding.

The representative of this constellation has different concepts about love and marriage. Dates and meetings mean little to him, he is used to changing women one by one, so he will not cling to the darling if she does something wrong.

It is easier for him to part with her than to defend his position, because Leo will not waste time on fighting with his beloved.

With his wife, Leo behaves as if she is his property. He establishes rules in the family and demands their unquestioning execution.

The spouse must love and honor her husband, be willing to have sex and in every way please him, otherwise Leo will quickly find a mistress.

Only a very cunning woman who can keep a distance, even if she has been married to him for many years, can fall in love with Lev to madness. By nature, this man is a true boy, until his old age he believes in miracles and naively trusts people.

Behind his external thoroughness and impressiveness is a simple guy who loves games and riddles. If the lady succeeds in enchanting him with some sort of “highlight” and does not reveal to him the secret of her soul, Leo with passion will unravel her all her life.

The constellation of Leo is ruled by the fire element. Despite the fact that representatives of the fire get along well with people in friendship and at work, their love relationships rarely add up successfully.

This guy is able to get along with a woman if she has a less temperamental character than he. In a pair of fervor Leo is more than enough for two.

Astrologers note an amazing fact: this man behaves in the same way in relations with all women. It is impossible to re-educate him, so a lady, willy-nilly, has to adapt to her chosen one if she wants to live with him all her life. But in response to her efforts, the girl receives touching care and reliable support.

Leo is gallant and courteous, he knows how to make a woman happy. The beloved who conquered his heart will never regret the time spent next to this man.

Compatibility with representatives of the zodiac circle:

Zodiac sign and date of birthRelationship characteristics
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)The union of this pair is quite successful. Here, a wise Aries woman skillfully extinguishes conflicts with Leo. This lady does not like to sort things out, so she silently does what she sees fit. A man understands that to suppress Aries is useless, he accepts his beloved with all the flaws, respects and appreciates her loyalty and devotion. In the relationship of this couple, passions always rage, partners do not lose sexual interest in each other for the rest of their lives.
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)With a Taurus woman, the mischievous Leo is bored, but this union turns out to be extremely strong, because in the face of this lady, a man finds the ideal hostess. The girl of this sign envelops her chosen maternal care and affection, always supports and guides him. Even if the guy is bored with this relationship, he rarely decides to part, as he is comfortable and calm next to Taurus. The only thing missing here is the storm of passions, so Leo often satisfies his desires on the side.
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)Strengthening the relationship in this pair prevents the variability of the girl-twins. This lady is able to twist an exciting romance with Leo, but it is unlikely that she will get anything more serious. An independent woman will never recognize the primacy of a man in a union, and he regards her disobedience as disrespect for herself. Frequent scandals and quarrels usually lead this couple to parting, because the partners do not even try to find a compromise
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)A pair of Cancer women and a male Lion from the side looks perfect. Next to Cancer, a man is shrouded in tenderness, admiration and warmth, but here the girl here is often forced to suffer. The popularity of Leo among women does not give her peace, the lady is tormenting herself and the chosen one with jealousy. However, the more often she arranges scenes, the stronger the man seeks to break free and twist the intrigue on the side.
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)Two Leo badly get on in one territory. These partners are constantly fighting for power, but never come to something definite. No matter how a man raises, the lady Leo will still move him from the throne whenever possible. Such a union is able to exist for many years if the boy and the girl live in different places. Their relationship is based on insane passion, so the Lions do not want to part. They often create guest marriages to be together and avoid conflicts.
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)With the Virgin Leo uncomfortable. This woman is overly serious and meticulous, she adheres to conservative views on relationships and often criticizes the fervor and narcissism of the chosen one. Leo will not receive admiration from the girl-maiden, the lady will always find something to complain about. The success of her lover does not please her, but only make her feel envy. Virgo does not recognize the superiority of Leo and always tries to belittle him. Because of this, a man often breaks off relations with her.
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)For the Libra girl, the Lev boy is a true knight from a fairy tale. Next to him, she gains confidence in her own strength and tomorrow. For a man, this lady becomes a good friend and a wonderful mistress. Libra likes it when someone takes their life into their own hands. The girl dutifully recognizes the beloved leader, she always listens to him, so Lev has nothing to reproach her with. Here, harmony reigns in everything, partners have nothing to share and nothing to argue about, they are just there and enjoy it
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)In this alliance, two strong and energetic personalities clash. They get along fine, but that is only until the first disagreement. If the opinions of the male Leo and the female Scorpion diverge, the battle begins for life and death. The treacherous lady is more determined and more impulsive than a guy. In her face, Leo gets a fierce and invincible opponent. Emotions explode constantly in this pair. But astrologers say that these partners are in no hurry to leave. The love of Leo and Scorpio is tied to sexual attraction, with their scandals they only heat up the fervor of passion
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)In the love relationship of a woman-Sagittarius with Leo, there is a clear similarity of temperaments. These partners are always on the same wavelength. They get along well because their views coincide in many ways. The union of this couple could be called the most successful for Leo, if not the persistent Sagittarius thirst for independence. This lady likes to take a walk, and the man does not decree her. If he refuses to keep her company, the girl calmly goes to a party without him. The union is preserved only when Leo manages to accompany the chosen one everywhere, otherwise he says goodbye to her.
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)With a stubborn and capricious woman, Capricorn Leo will not get along. Pairs of these signs are extremely rare, because these partners are usually not interested in each other. For Capricorn, the Lion is a pompous tyrant, and the man sees this lady limited, constrained and overly serious. They are unlikely to meet in the same company, because their hobbies are completely different. In rare cases, Leo and Capricorn live together, but such a tandem can hardly be called a happy couple. Here, a man and a woman are incredibly annoying each other, they tolerate their relationship just for the sake of some benefit.
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)In Leo, Aquarius woman is of genuine interest. This girl is fully consistent with his ideals. She is smart, sweet, docile and charmingly feminine. However, from this lady can hardly be achieved thrift. A mess reigns in her house, her husband is constantly hungry, as Aquarius woman does not like to cook. Her destiny — a beautiful flutter in life. This girl is attracted by art and intellectual conversations. If the Leo man does not require the Aquarius to perform household duties, then the partners live in perfect harmony, otherwise they part more often
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Woman Pisces is a true gift of destiny for Leo. From this lady he constantly hears the praises in his address. Pisces can idealize people, so Leo, with his virtues, is seen by a woman as a benchmark. A man in this union revels in its importance. Pisces sincere and selfless love inspires him to act beautifully for his beloved. An idyll reigns here, but very often Leo begins to abuse the girl’s confidence, cheats her and destroys the purity and strength of this union.

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