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How to win a man-Taurus: how to attract, subdue and keep forever

How to win a man-Taurus: 6 qualities that he appreciates in a woman

Not every woman can conquer a male Taurus. He refers to the choice of a partner very meticulously and comes into contact only with the one that corresponds to his ideal. For such a man, the opinion of others does not matter, he is stubborn and does everything in his own way.

You should not expect from him a great romance, sentimentality and dinner by candlelight, but he is able to conquer his chosen one with decency, reliability and confidence in the future.

Taurus never converges with a woman too quickly. Before entering into a relationship, they weigh for a long time all the advantages and disadvantages of a potential partner.

To draw his attention to herself, a woman must possess a number of qualities.

How to win a man-Taurus: how to attract, subdue and keep forever

Tauruses love beautiful women. They need the one that other men pay attention to.

Such a man will never tolerate in the companion untidy and untidy. But a person who is too concerned about her appearance is unlikely to attract him.

Taurus man loves naturalness. It can be repelled by unnatural female beauty achieved through plastic surgery.

How to win a man-Taurus: how to attract, subdue and keep forever

Such a person is attracted by gentle, soft women who give away with ease the reins of government to a man. Taurus very much like individuals who need protection or patron.

This guy will never associate his life with a vulgar girl or a strong and powerful woman.

He himself is calm and balanced by nature, so he will not tolerate manifestations of aggression on the part of the chosen one.

How to win a man-Taurus: how to attract, subdue and keep forever

Male Taurus loves educated and well-read girls. If there is nothing to talk about with a woman, he will not come closer to her. He is important versatility of views, the ability to keep the conversation not only on everyday topics, but also on intellectual.

His companion should know and be able to tell a lot of interesting things.

A man appreciates prudence and does not tolerate excessive talkativeness.

The representative of this sign is economical and practical. Sometimes he seems even greedy and disinterested in comfort. His darling should have similar qualities.

However, this man is extremely unpleasant in a woman prudence and mercantile spirit.

Taurus needs a zealous hostess who can cook and create home comfort. He loves a tasty meal and will require to serve full-fledged multi-course dinners.

Despite the balance in everyday life, in sex Taurus is tireless. His partner can be the one that can give him diversity. A woman should become a passionate lover and be ready to experiment in bed.

But only if the relationship has already begun. And right after the acquaintance it is worth being unapproachable for him for some time.

A woman should be simple, kind and understandable. The representative of this sign does not like omissions, tricks and intrigues.

His heart will win the sincere, romantic and dreamy nature.

Tauruses love compassionate girls who are ready to help at any moment.

Trying to win a man-Taurus, a woman should take into account her astrological horoscope. Depending on the sign of the zodiac, you need to act as follows:

Woman zodiac signRecommendations
AriesDue to its activity and vitality Aries is easy to tame Taurus. The main thing is not to show your excessive emotionality. With the Aries woman’s ability to restrain her ardor and ambition, a long-term alliance is possible.
TaurusEffort girl is not required. No one can evoke more delight and glamor in Taurus than a woman of his zodiac sign. People have a lot in common, and they understand each other perfectly. The only sticking point will be the inherent stubbornness of both, but if they manage to find a compromise and give in, then this union will be perfect.
TwinsTwins difficult to endear such a man. They will be able to do this only by completely changing, which is almost impossible. The twins are frivolous, talkative and mobile, which hinders the slow and balanced Taurus. Between them, only short-lived romances are possible, after which the Twins disappear and the Taurus becomes disheartened.
CrayfishCancer attracts the man of this sign with its sensuality. This person easily understands the male Taurus, as they want the same thing. She only needs to convince him of the seriousness of his intentions and the desire to have a big and strong family.
a lionThe lioness is a royal person, focused on luxury. Taurus does not like such a life, he is not ready to give up on his principles — a woman will have to do this. To seduce this man will turn out by itself, but a woman will be able to keep him for serious relations only by lowering her demands.
VirgoVirgo will be able to conquer the guy with its practicality, rationality and honesty. It cost her more to show their ability to farm and dream less
LibraScales just need to be yourself. By nature, they are feminine and cute, which attracts Taurus. At first, he doesn’t realize that a dictator is hidden behind this gentleness. Tricks will help the woman: low-key make-up, more suppleness and «weakness» in his presence
ScorpioScorpio has everything to conquer and keep Taurus — mystery, sexuality, intuition. Do not just act covertly, as Scorpions like to do — the guy will not forgive
SagittariusThese are completely opposite signs. Connect them under the power of only a sense of humor and sexual passion. Sagittarius will be able to achieve the attention of such a man affection and tenderness
CapricornIn Capricorn Taurus will attract restraint and practicality. If a lady leaves her attempts to change a man, then it will be a harmonious couple.
AquariusFor Aquarius, the male Taurus is the ideal. A woman may be interested in his mystery and originality. The main thing that should be shown is efficiency and ability to manage money.
FishPisces, thanks to their tenderness and pliability, make Taurus want to conquer, patronize, and be surrounded by care. Showing their culinary skills, they will be able to charm him completely

The man of this sign is a big owner and a jealous man. His companion must forever forget even about meaningless flirting, otherwise he will have to experience the strength of his wrath, in which he is terrible.

If a woman succeeds in winning a Taurus man, this does not mean that she will be able to keep him close for many years. Therefore, it is important that he himself was interested in the union.

The ideal spouse and partner for the representative of this sign will be a woman who has the following characteristics:

  • appreciates a quiet and peaceful life;
  • does not tolerate parties and noisy campaigns;
  • loves and knows how to cook;
  • considers loyalty the foundation of the family;
  • remains practical and thrifty;
  • always ready for sex.

Taurus will never be with the woman who leads them. In relation to him, one cannot be active and persistent, one should not push for it openly.

These men always work a lot, and they need a companion who can afford a good rest.

You should never enter into an argument with Taurus. He will not be able to convince, but to cause anger and irritation will be easy.

But if a woman puts forward reasonable alternative solutions, then the man is always ready to listen to them.

Taurus is very important home as a place of rest and a cozy atmosphere in it.. He will notice even the smallest changes in the details in the interior, whether it is a new bedspread in the bedroom or another soap dish in the bathroom.

In family life, the girl needs to be prepared for the fact that a Taurus man will control everything. At first glance, it seems that relations with him are too complicated.

But if a woman manages to become his faithful and irreplaceable companion for him, then she will not find a more reliable and responsible husband.

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