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How to win a man of Sagittarius

How to fall in love with a man Sagittarius

How to win a man of Sagittarius and become his only love? Use the recommendations of astrologers to understand the chosen one better and find an approach to it.

In this article, I gathered for you the most proven tips.

How does Sagittarius behave?

Before you develop a strategy for falling in love with a male Sagittarius, figure out what he is.

How to win a man of Sagittarius

What can be said about Sagittarius:

  1. He is a sociable, friendly, active and tireless person. Always in the thick of things, adores to be the center of attention and talks a lot. Use it — ask questions about him, let him tell, use his eloquence. Most of the time in your conversations should be devoted to him. Ask about interests, goals, aspirations, about his childhood — in general, about everything in the world.
  2. He loves praise and even flattery, so do not skimp on compliments. Notice his success and express delight. He wants to feel special and unique, so satisfy this need, and become special for him too.
  3. Ask for help, advice, constantly show that it is irreplaceable for you, without it you will not be able to cope with your problems. He eagerly meets, it is important for him to feel like a knight and to receive gratitude for accomplished feats. But you cannot criticize Sagittarius — he will quickly find another woman who will accept him as he is.

These are the most important tips to use to fall in love with a Sagittarius man.

How to understand Sagittarius?

This man is a very freedom loving and independent person. He aspires to everything new, tries different projects, actively realizes his goals.

He has a strong entrepreneurial attitude, so he often becomes successful and rich. The main thing is to have a woman next to her who will inspire her deeds and then appreciate her success.

How to win a man of Sagittarius

What to do after you started a relationship:

  1. Even in a relationship, he wants to continue to pursue a woman and accomplish feats for her. Therefore, never surrender to him a hundred percent, keep the riddle, intrigue. Let him win you every day again.
  2. Show that other men like you too. He must understand that in the case of parting you will not be alone for long. Dosed provocation of his jealousy — what we need. But do not play too hard. It is important to show that with all your demand, you are only in love with him, and you will be a faithful companion of life.
  3. Be honest and honest with him. Sagittarius feels a lie and quickly loses interest in a woman who deceives him.

How to find out that he fell in love?

Very often, girls make mistakes when they think that they have already fallen in love with Sagittarius. He is courteous with all women, which often gives them vain hopes.

Try not to make a mistake and not to build matrimonial plans ahead of time.

How to win a man of Sagittarius

Signs of Sagittarius love:

  1. If usually he is the soul of a company, he behaves gallantly and courteously with women, is active and active, then, having fallen in love, he becomes more calm, quiet. May become rougher, frightened by their own feelings.
  2. When communicating with a woman you like, he begins to breathe more often. If you notice that during his conversation with you his breathing becomes faster, this is a good sign.
  3. Pay attention to his look. If he is in love, he does not look at his body, face, or appearance, but as if he penetrates the very soul. Pupils dilate, and speech becomes slower, more relaxed.
  4. Sagittarius in love will definitely introduce his woman to friends and relatives. It is important for him that close people approve of you too. All this is mixed with the desire to show off what a gorgeous woman he has won.

If you have been dating for quite some time, and your acquaintance with your relatives has not happened, it is unlikely that you mean anything to Sagittarius. Perhaps he treats you frivolously and considers only as a “fallback”.

How not to lose Sagittarius

If you feel that your beloved has lost interest in you, you need to take urgent measures in order not to lose the relationship. It will take a maximum of your ingenuity.

What astrologers advise:

  • Ask for help, artificially create problems for yourself and turn on the lifeguard who will come to the rescue of the princess in trouble. He should feel like an irreplaceable, sort of noble knight. And do not forget to admire how easily and quickly he solved your problem.
  • Unite you and the bright emotions experienced together. It is necessary to decide on something extreme, on a joint overcoming of some fears. For example, you can jump with a parachute together.

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How to return?

If you make a mistake, and the relationship collapsed, and your feelings did not pass, do not be discouraged. Everything can be fixed.

What astrologers advise:

  1. First of all, you need to get rid of overwhelming emotions so that you can soberly think and assess the situation. To do this, go in for sports or go to a psychologist.
  2. Analyze your relationship and think about what your actions were wrong. Something was lost in you, from those qualities that fascinated him at the beginning of the novel. Remember and become again the woman who once conquered him.
  3. Running after him and begging to return is definitely not worth it. On the contrary, step back, show that you have an active and rich life, post photos on social networks — beautiful, bright, showing that you are not suffering.
  4. Show that you have fans, let Sagittarius know about it.

And if you did everything in steps, correctly, then very soon the man will try to resume the relationship if he has at least some feelings left.

  • The Sagittarius is a man-knight, a rescuer of beautiful princesses. Therefore, inspire him to feats, ask for help, show that he is irreplaceable and necessary. And do not forget to thank for all that he does for you.
  • Always demonstrate that it is not just him who needs you. He should have an understanding that other men also like you, who are just waiting for you to become free again.
  • Experience bright emotions together. Your joint leisure should be varied and rich.

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