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How to win a man of Cancer

How to win a man of Cancer: practical advice

Want to learn how to win a man of Cancer and live with him a long, happy life? Then read this article — in it I share the recommendations, time-tested personally by me and my clients, who successfully married.

Using these tips, you will choose an unmistakable strategy of seduction and falling in love with yourself.

Male Cancer

Cancer — a man with a pronounced female beginning. This does not mean that he is weak and feminine.

Simply, he is more sensitive, endowed with good intuition and usually has many friends.

How to win a man of Cancer

What character traits are characteristic of him:

  1. This is an emotional and sensual person, very open. He does not hesitate to show emotions, and being in his company is one sheer pleasure. At the same time, he strives for peace and balance all his life, using for this a magnificent intuition.
  2. The mood of Cancer is quite changeable. Joy is replaced by irritability so quickly that others are not always able to adapt to it. He is not capable of controlling his emotional outbursts, and he will not strive for this, preferring to live all his feelings “in the moment”.
  3. This is an intellectual, interesting interlocutor, with whom there is always a topic for conversation. Good intelligence combined with responsibility and perseverance help Cancer to achieve goals, build a successful career and improve their status. This is the man who can become a general from a lieutenant.
  4. Male Cancers are of two types. The first ones are very calm, they have a sober outlook on life, they are confident of themselves, are practical and are happy to be engaged in housekeeping, build up their everyday life. This is the perfect option for marriage.
  5. The second type is male egoists, fixated on themselves and with a burden to sophisticated things and way of life. Most often, they do not aspire to the family, preferring to go headlong into creativity.
  6. Despite the presence of a feminine principle, the Cancers are notorious smoothies. Their mysterious character is loved by women who are trying to get closer to them. But only the elected Cancer will let into his heart and make him a wife. The relationship enters solely experiencing deep, reverent feelings for the chosen one.

How to become the one whom he singles out from the crowd? Recommendations below.

How to conquer a man of Cancer?

Before you come up with a strategy to conquer such a tasty prey, try to figure out which women, in fact, attract a man-Cancer. Find out what he has expectations in relation to the darling and family.

And then act.

How to win a man of Cancer

What to do and how to behave in order to attract his attention and stand out from the crowd of other women:

  1. He is looking for a rational, calm, reliable woman with a “masculine”, logical type of thinking. She may be less sensitive than himself, and this harmonizes the relationship. It is important for him that the house was calm, and that his woman created comfort and the notorious rear.
  2. He loves active women, he rarely takes the initiative, and often waits for her from a woman. There is nothing wrong with taking the first step itself. Cancer will appreciate it and highlight you among all.
  3. Very often he reaches out to women who are older than themselves, more experienced, wise and sophisticated. It’s a paradox, but Cancer needs to be conquered by a woman, he doesn’t want to choose himself, secretly dreaming that he will be chosen. Get ready to kill dragons yourself.
  4. Cancer cherishes his parents, it is sacred for him. And you can not encroach on this. You can not restrict his pastime with relatives. Well, be prepared that you will not be in the first place at the same time. You also have to be obedient to the advice and instructions of the mother-in-law.
  5. Cancer can also remember all his life about his first unrequited love. There is no real danger for you — he will love you, but this will not prevent him from indulging in memories. Again, as in the case of parents, it is impossible to make fun of and discuss.
  6. Cancer man is vulnerable, he has a fine mental organization. So you have to think twice before you say something. He may be silent about his grievances, but he will never forget about them, so be alert.
  7. Cancer does not endure scandals and noisy showdowns, peace and quiet at home, a cozy and reliable rear, a happy wise woman — all he needs. If you match this image, he will do everything for you and grow into a very successful man.

As you can see, the nature of Cancer is not the easiest. Therefore, before you begin to conquer it, first think about whether you are ready to put up with some limiting points, and only then proceed to action.

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There are certain clues actions that can draw the attention of a Cancer man. Use them, and he will cease to notice other women, only you will be the object of his dreams.

How to win a man of Cancer

  1. Before you begin, find out what Cancer is interested in. If this is football, understand the rules of the game, the history of victories and defeats of your favorite team. And then in conversation talk about your knowledge, also pretend to be a fan. Similarly, it is worth doing with other interests. Separate them, become like-minded.
  2. Go to him and speak first. Even if it is a banal «Hello», Cancer will appreciate it. He was fed up with princesses who repeat “a man should,” and your attention will intrigue him, show that you are not like everyone else.
  3. Cancer prefers a serious relationship. Therefore, immediately show him that you are not a frivolous girl and do not look for adventures for one night. With him it is necessary to talk about family, children, to pronounce how you see your relationship.
  • The initiative is the best weapon in winning the heart of a Cancer man. He prefers practical and active girls who are not afraid to take the first step.
  • This is a practical ideal husband, so it’s worth fighting for his heart. But be prepared to put up with some points. For example, with his huge attachment to parents and sensitivity.
  • Become like-minded — start to be interested in what he is interested in. This is your winning ticket.

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