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How to win a man of Aquarius

How to win a man of Aquarius — to keep and marry yourself

Want to know how to conquer a male Aquarius? Read this article: I give recommendations in it, tested in practice by me and my clients personally.

Astrological tips have always been a great help in love, so use them and be happy.

10 important principles

The Aquarius man rarely dreams of a serious relationship, so he is not the easiest prey. But if you know all the tricks of interaction with this sign, the task will be simplified several times.

And even the most inveterate bachelor will not resist your charms, forgetting the desire to remain independent and lonely.

How to win a man of Aquarius

  1. The most important thing is to be sincere and not try to appear better than you really are. Aquarius easily recognizes manipulations and all sorts of female tricks. If you catch a harmless lie, you will lose it forever. The more sincerity on your part, the more thrust from it.
  2. Forget about the feeling of possessiveness and attempts to tie the Aquarius to yourself immediately, once and for all. He always needs to leave a certain space for freedom and independence, so that the relationship is not his. Do not push it or try to control it. At the slightest similar attempt, he will run away, dropping his slippers.
  3. Try not to seduce him first, but to become a good friend to him. Look for common interests, hobbies. You should always be interested in each other. Aquarius is looking for not just a beloved woman, but also a companion, like-minded friend.
  4. Aquarius is an unpredictable person. You never know what to expect from him. To the same people as himself, this man stretches. You must be a mystery to him, an unusual person with original views on life. Connect the imagination and imagination.
  5. Genuinely be interested in them and be inquisitive. Do not be afraid to overdo it with curiosity. Aquarius also loves girls who are interested not only in their own persona, but also in new knowledge, which is constantly being improved and developed.
  6. Never limit his communication with friends. This is his important part of life, which he will not trade for a relationship with a woman. Strive to enter his company and find a common language with people close to him.
  7. In this case, with his friends in no case can not flirt. Even innocent coquetry will make Aquarius say goodbye to you once and for all.
  8. Aquarius always has some bright ideals over which you can not poke fun and sneer. He will be mortally offended and break off relations with you in this case.
  9. Similarly, you can not make fun of his family and friends. It’s not even about evil sarcasm, but even about ordinary irony. You may not mean anything bad, but Aquarius will already see something offensive in your words.
  10. Aquarius should not be bored. Tedious and monotonous life, gray boring everyday life is not for him. Your life should always be bright, creative, diverse and full.

Read these recommendations and think: do you match the image of a woman who fits Aquarius? If not, it is better to look for another candidate for the role of a life partner, because you cannot play the perfect wife all your life, because Aquarius feels insincerity.

How to hold and marry

Now you know how to make an Aquarian man fall in love with you. But what to do next?

After all, love can pass quickly, and sooner or later you will want to move to a new, more serious level of relationships.

How to win a man of Aquarius

So, the recommendations of astrologers:

  1. Do not be afraid to take the initiative. Aquarius do not like helpless princesses who are not able to descend from the tower on their own. Therefore, openly talk about your feelings and plans.
  2. Constantly learn something new, and then share your discoveries, impressions and conclusions with a man. Even if your interests do not coincide, he will understand that next to him is a person who is constantly evolving. And this quality he values ​​most in women.
  3. Surprise him constantly. You must be different, try on different images, show all the facets of your personality. Today you are a cute home girl, tomorrow is an experienced and sophisticated woman. Show your versatility, and he never gets bored next to you.
  4. As soon as Aquarius realizes that the person next to him is versatile, with a creative approach to everything, and not limiting his freedom, he can seriously think about getting married and love you firmly, for a long time and strongly. But do not forget that the interest of this man must be constantly heated.

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How to get along

If you have succeeded, and beloved Aquarius is already in love, you have a serious relationship, then the next step is to live together. Read and follow the recommendations of astrologers, so that shared life does not kill your love.

How to win a man of Aquarius

How to behave while living together:

  1. Solve any conflict immediately and in no case do not blackmail Aquarius parting. This is not the man who will stop a woman if she has collected things. If you leave once, it will put a fat cross on the relationship.
  2. Create a homely and unusual atmosphere. Get creative. Standard furniture and decor — not what you need.
  3. Aquarius above all values ​​peace and freedom. Therefore, do not limit it in communicating with friends and do not provoke conflicts from scratch. Always look for a compromise — he willingly will meet.
  4. Understand that if he chose you, will not change. So try not to show jealousy if someone tries to encroach on him. Attempts razluchnich in any case useless, and you save your nerves.
  5. Strive to be not only his wife and mistress, but also a friend, soul mate. It is extremely important for him that his life partner share his interests.
  • The key to the heart of Aquarius is sincerity. You have to show yourself the way you are, without embellishment and masks. That is what will conquer him.
  • Aquarius will never agree to lose freedom and independence, but it will be a faithful husband. Therefore, do not limit it and always leave personal space.
  • The woman whom Aquarius will love is a creative, non-standard and many-sided person who constantly surprises him. She is also his friend and soul mate.

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