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How to win a man-Libra: how to please, fall in love with yourself and keep forever

A man born under the sign of Libra is changeable. Despite this, in a relationship he wants stability.

His temper is hot-tempered, but quick-witted. Such a man can find fault with people for nothing, therefore it is difficult to please him. Scales are distinguished by honesty, straightforwardness, sociability and self-confidence.

Representatives of this sign are aesthetes and erudites, so they can attract only smart and outwardly attractive women.

Men born under the sign of Libra, attentive and courteous suitor. It is difficult to find more charming natures, therefore they are very popular with girls.

In addition, they are very loving. The Libra men pay attention to those women who look after themselves and have good manners.

Therefore, in order to interest them, it is necessary to pay attention to the little things: manicure, new hairstyle or dress.

Representatives of this sign pay attention to how the girl behaves in the company. To catch them, you need to present yourself profitably, keeping yourself restrained and friendly.

Such guys do not tolerate hysteria, nervousness and aggression, as well as public humiliation. It is not recommended to impose on a man-Libra, who is annoyed by this behavior.

He loves when a woman is mysterious and inaccessible, and will begin to seek her himself.

To conquer a guy, a girl should never argue. In a conflict situation, she needs to be able to find a compromise and constructively talk. Next to such a woman, a man will always be comfortable.

When conquering it is important to follow the rules of correspondence on SMS or in social networks. She should be a little intriguing and encouraged to write a response message.

Like a man-Libra is not too difficult, but to fall in love with yourself is quite difficult. You should be patient and try to be interested in what he is interested in, and never cross him.

How to win a man-Libra: how to please, fall in love with yourself and keep forever

Man-Libra is charming, he can teach himself well, loves the women’s society very much. He always has a lot of fans who are interested in them, and the guy pays attention to all of them, but since he is indecisive, he cannot choose one of them.

He likes to talk, knows how to keep up a conversation on any topic, often jokes and compliments girls.

Man-Libra at the peak of a relationship can part with his chosen one. Such behavior from him is impossible to predict, and as a result, the woman feels deceived. To understand such a man and not allow her sudden departure, the girl must:

  • pay more attention to him;
  • try to find out his preferences;
  • adapt to his character:
  • not hysteria and not show aggression.

How to win a man-Libra: how to please, fall in love with yourself and keep forever

Horoscope compatibility signs of the zodiac with men of the air element:

Zodiac signHow to win a man-Libra
AriesIn the Aries woman, the boy is attracted by her temperament and energy. If she gives in to her partner and restrains her emotions, then you will have a very strong couple.
TaurusA Taurus girl should behave with such a man naturally and be interested in his hobbies. She can easily win the guy with her cheerfulness.
TwinsThe Gemini woman is optimistic and calm. These are the qualities that Libra likes.
CrayfishCancer and Libra are two completely different signs, so a woman needs to try to win such a guy. For this, she does not need to impose and bother him. It should be as often as possible to leave him alone, not disturbing on trifles
a lionThe Lion girl attracts the Libra man with her charisma, bold character and temperament, but it is important for her not to cross the border and not to put pressure on her partner
VirgoThe girl conquers men with her good temper, prudence and balance. Libra does not like to sort things out on high tones, so they are always calm. This quality is very appreciated by a man, so they can have a strong relationship
LibraWoman-Libra fascinates her chosen one with unpredictability, cheerfulness and ease, this is good compatibility, because people are very similar to each other.
ScorpioScorpio girl is not easy to attract Libra, as they are very different. Such a woman will interest a man only with her determination and mystery, not being afraid to take the initiative.
SagittariusThe Sagittarius girl likes a guy because of her temperament and activity, so she doesn’t need to do anything to charm such a man, everything happens by itself
CapricornTo interest the representative of the air element, the Capricorn woman must show her stability and responsibility.
AquariusThe Aquarius girl is sociable, inquisitive and spontaneous, which conquers the Libra man. Together they are very comfortable
A fishIn order to attract a guy, a Fish Girl should have a peaceful nature, be soft and compliant.

If the Libra man is married, then to enchant and conquer him is almost useless. He is serious about marriage, chooses his darling carefully and if he marries, he will never lead an affair and will not risk family well-being.

How to win a man-Libra: how to please, fall in love with yourself and keep forever

The representative of such a sign is a controversial person. In relationships, he manifests his instability. Any little thing can lead to separation.

To keep a partner, a woman must be calm and balanced. He will not tolerate next to a scandalous and jealous girl.

Various problems a woman will have to solve on her own, removing unnecessary responsibility from her companion. His darling should be a good hostess. He loves it when the house is perfectly clean, but he himself is no different to housekeeping.

If the partner looks attractive, not conflict, smart, often praises him and makes compliments, then the Libra man is able to live with her all his life.

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