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How to tie a man or a guy to yourself forever

How to bind a man to yourself — the strongest rites, rituals and conspiracies

Many women believe that with the help of a love spell or a binding, you can seize your loved one unconditionally, but this is not so. After all, the power of the magical effect on a man, and his reaction depend on many factors.

Of great importance for the final effect are also the correctness of the performance of all actions of the rite, knowledge of the texts by heart and the presence of the necessary attributes.

The influence is rarely perceived by a man as a boon. Having made a love spell, a woman should understand that the responsibility for the mental state of the satellite falls entirely on her.

The separation of the two schools of love magic — white and black — is very conditional. Both types of influence work through a change in the consciousness of the object, instilling in him a feeling of dependence on the performer.

Practicing magicians who have a high degree of personal protection and put the effectiveness of the ritual above the client’s safety prefer to use dark witchcraft, but at home they should refrain from this.

The only thing, but the big difference between white and black magic is the ability of the victim to resist the suppression of his will or not to react to witchcraft at all if the girl is not at all interested in him. Due to this “soft” method of coercion, the rigidity of reciprocal recoil is reduced.

In some cases, it may not be.

An example of the lightest white love spell is a plot on a growing moon, which a girl needs to pronounce at midnight, standing at the window of her bedroom. From time to time, biting the tongue to mild pain, while whispering with a pause, he whispers:

“I bite myself, I attach a slave (name) to myself. So that the slave (the name) missed, from the longing of rest did not know either during the day light or at night dark. Everything to think about me.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

You should know that white love spells have small durations of action — from two weeks to three months, so they need to be updated periodically.

How to tie a man or a guy to yourself forever

A love rite of medium strength and short-term duration requires several approaches and has two versions. If a young man is well acquainted with a girl, then she can periodically treat him with conspiratorial sweets without the danger of being suspected of magic.

If people are unfamiliar or have stopped communicating, then they will have to sneak some candy into the object of their love.

How to make a love spell:

  1. 1. The girl takes any candy in a foil casing, which does not melt and does not deform in heat.
  2. 2. Treats in a wrapper are wrapped in a white paper napkin and placed in a bra.
  3. 3. Candy is worn for 12-16 hours.
  4. 4. When the necessary time has expired, you should get candy, bring it to your lips and whisper a plot: “How sweet this candy is to you, so my chest, my lips and all my sinful places would be sweet to you. As you never give up sweets, so you can not give up on me. Amen. Amen. Amen».
  5. 5. Then the treat should be gently kissed and presented to the beloved in the near future.

The plot will receive additional force, if you read it, being near the object of impact or in the room where he spends his regular time.

How to tie a man or a guy to yourself forever

On the day of the ceremony (preferably on any Friday on the growing Moon), you need to buy as much poppy seed by weight as a handful on the market. After sunset, pour the poppy in your palm and speak quietly above it:

“Poppy is tasty and tasty, and I, the servant of God (name), is young and beautiful. As birds love poppy seeds, so God’s servant (name) will love me.

Will he wish me alone and only dream about me alone. Other women will become uninteresting to him, one he will consider me lovely.

He will be the only one to love and accept me, as well as all my desires to fulfill. As I said, so be it.


The next morning, the fortuneteller should go to the temple, taking with him the poppy in a paper envelope. After reading any known to her prayer of the Mother of God and putting a candle to the holy image, the girl asks for the fulfillment of the cherished request to bewitch the guy.

If the feelings of one praying to a young man are pure, the Virgin Mary will hear this request.

Conspired grain must be fully utilized during this growing moon. It can be put on a few grains in the pocket of the guy, pour on the road along which he must pass to the threshold of the house where he lives, but this should be done imperceptibly.

How to tie a man or a guy to yourself forever

To bind a man to yourself without negative consequences, with the help of the word of God, is to give him the opportunity to refuse the proposed gift of love. Having shown willpower, if a man is unwilling to change his life, a man easily overcomes his passion, and the action of the conspiracy will collapse.

If this happens, the girl must accept the fact that the boyfriend is not destined for her and that a happy relationship cannot be built.

The sequence of actions during the ritual:

  1. 1. Closer to midnight, on any day of the growing Moon, you need to light a church candle on the table, take a white sheet of paper, a red pencil, matches and a glass.
  2. 2. On one side of the sheet is written the full name of the beloved, his surname, patronymic and age.
  3. 3. On the other side it is necessary to write and read the prayer aloud: “By the Union of love, Your apostles are connected, Christ, and Your faithful slaves to Himself, so tightly bound together, create Your commandments and each other, love the Divine, create the prayers of the Virgin Mary alone”.
  4. 4. The paper is rolled up (with a prayer inside), thrust into a glass and set on fire from one match.
  5. 5. While the note is burning, they read the following text by heart: “Our hearts have broken with love to You, Christ God, let us live it with our hearts, with our thoughts and soul, and with all our strength, love Te, and sincerely like yourself, and Your commands the storehouse we praise Thee, all the blessings of the Giver. «

Ash should be carefully collected and released at the nearest intersection on all four sides.

It is reasonable to prepare a love potion only if the fortune-teller surely knows that he will be able to give him a drink within 24 hours. The mixture can be used only once for any person who likes, regardless of whether he is married or not.

On the morning of the day when the ceremony is planned, the girl needs to buy a large bright red rose without surrender and put it into the water at home. At midnight, the ingredients are mixed:

  1. 1. On the table are lit two red magic candles.
  2. 2. With a new pin, the fortune-teller stabs his finger and squeezes a few drops of blood into an empty bottle. You can use your menstrual blood, but then the rite is held strictly on the third day of your period.
  3. 3. From the roses purchased in the morning, 7 petals break off and are pounded in a porcelain mortar to obtain a slurry. It must be squeezed through several layers of gauze, and the juice poured into the same bottle.
  4. 4. Having tightly closed the vessel with a rubber stopper, you should shake it vigorously several times, while saying: “As this blood belonged to me, so you, my beloved (name), will always be only mine! Amen! «

The finished drug over the next 24 hours should be added to the drink or food lover, but caution should be exercised — the potion has a very lasting and fast effect. Its action is so strong that the behavior of a man can dramatically change not for the better.

You can always “pin” the heart of your beloved to yours, make him suffer and toil away from the performer with the help of a very strong magical device. The reverse side of the effectiveness and simplicity of the action is the possible “reverse” in the form of a decrease in the partner’s libido and a temporary loss of sexual interest in the girl herself.

How is the rite performed?

  1. 1. On any men’s day of the growing moon, you need to buy 7 pieces of identical needles and a large white handkerchief.
  2. 2. Wrapping needles in a scarf, you should wait for the arrival of a lover.
  3. 3. When a man comes, you should be friendly with him, but you shouldn’t keep yourself with him — let him stay for a while and leave.
  4. 4. One minute after the departure of the beloved one needs to go out into the yard.
  5. 5. Having found traces of a lover on the ground, one must go exactly along them, throwing needles one at a time (but without stepping on them). Every time, throwing a needle, you should whisper to yourself: “I will speak, spell, wild love to bind myself! «

In conclusion, it is necessary to get rid of the handkerchief, putting it inconspicuously in the pocket or bag of the beloved. As soon as his hand touches the plotted tissue, the plot will begin to operate.

If a woman wants to bind a man who has gone to her mistress and does not want to make contact, you should turn to the Higher Forces for help. This ritual is related to white magic, but since it contains elements associated with specific people, after its execution we should expect an energetic “return flow”.

For witchcraft you need to buy 2 mirrors in a wooden frame on a stand and 1 church candle in advance. The ritual is performed on any Moon phase, at midnight:

  1. 1. When the upper light is on, both mirrors are mounted on the table at a distance of 30 cm, turning them towards each other. These attributes symbolize the husband and wife.
  2. 2. Between the mirrors they attach a candle, which means a ruler.
  3. 3. Having prepared the requisites, you need to open the window in the room and turn off the electric light.
  4. 4. Having lit a candle, he sits down opposite the mirror design and slowly introduces himself into a trance, monotonously and without pauses, repeating the same formula: «(Name of husband) Cher Cher Cher Mogori Dash».
  5. 5. When the candle completely burns out and goes out itself, the woman simultaneously takes both mirrors in her hands and puts them on the table with a reflective surface down.

The ritual is performed for three nights in a row.

Independently, you can return your husband to the family in a safer way — using the magic of holy water. It is almost impossible to destroy such a love spell, if only in the life of a man does not appear the love destined for him.

On the eve of the day of the ceremony, a woman brings from the temple one taper and a small jar of holy water. At home you need to find a picture of a spouse, made no more than three years ago.

The ceremony should begin after midnight. The phase of the moon does not matter, but the light from it should illuminate the room well.

  1. 1. Having moved the table closer to the window, by means of a fortune, he dips three fingers into a jar of holy water (as in the creation of the sign of the cross) and irrigates the candle lying on the napkin with liquid.
  2. 2. While the candle dries, the woman sits still and mentally reproduces in her head the happiest moments of the past married life.
  3. 3. After 20-30 minutes, the candle is lit and set on the table.
  4. 4. Taking a photo in your left hand, you need to say quietly, but convincingly: “I call this slave (husband’s name) to this, I submit his will. Forget others, only dream about (your name). You will come to this house, you will never leave this place. I conjure with wax, I am commanded to be fulfilled. Amen».
  5. 5. Having crossed over three times, the fortuneteller covers the vessel with water with a photo card, like a lid, and waits until the candle completely burns out.

Immediately after the ceremony, a jar with a photo should be put in a cache, and a candle should be taken away from the house and buried under a tree.

To bind a man to himself through a white conspiracy, if he is married, it is very difficult, because this kind of magic denies the destruction of the family. Exceptions are situations in which he is unhappy in marriage and does not know how to help himself.

The girl, to finally attract a loved one to his side, will need his fresh solitary photograph, a simple mirror, 3 dried flowers of violets and 2 thick red candles.

How is the ritual performed?

  1. 1. A mirror is placed in the middle of the table, and candles are fixed on either side of it.
  2. 2. In front of the mirror put a photograph of the object.
  3. 3. Within several minutes, the fortuneteer persistently peers into the image of the person in the photo, presenting himself next to him and visualizing scenes of a sexual and domestic nature.
  4. 4. Concentrating on her goal, the girl takes the flowers and grinds them, putting the pieces next to the photo slide.
  5. 5. Dry herbal powder is set on fire by one of the candles with the words: “Candles burn and melt, and the love of God’s servant (name) only grows towards me, God’s servant (name), as flowers grow in spring. This love grows, ignites and is approved by the highest forces. Amen».

The resulting ash should be swept away with a palm on a clean sheet of paper and at the first opportunity, mix it with food or drink of the beloved.

On Ivanov’s day, even the most powerful love spells pass with impunity for the performer. The energy of witchcraft night absorbs the negative, not allowing it to return in the form of a «recoil».

On the eve of the temple you need to buy 5 of the biggest candles, which only will be on sale. Also on the eve of an important date you should find an old photo of a loved one, where he is alone.

Between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning, on the night of Kupala, the fortune-giver puts out in a row and lights in turn all the candles, and puts a photo in front of them. A few minutes until the candles inflame, the girl quietly reflects on herself and her beloved, thinking about the planned relationship with tenderness.

Then she says: “Ivan, she bathed, but did not fall. I beg you, give me his feelings, if only I breathe, let me love one. I ask as soon as a loving heart can ask a wounded one, do not leave my request.

Amen, Amen, Amen. «

After reading the spell, you should sit in the same place until the candles are completely burned out — you can not get up, talk. Butts are still warm wrapped in a paper roll and buried under a tree.

Love bindings (prisushka) their action vaguely resemble the spell, but the principle of their work is different. Tying a man to oneself is possible only if his feelings for his partner are already strong enough, but they require strengthening or need constant stimulation.

The “tied” man constantly thinks about his partner, other women irritate him, and parting with his beloved fills his heart with longing.

One of the easiest options for prisushka for a guy is a rite with an onion and photograph of the victim. With the advent of the new month in the sky, the girl takes any photo of a loved one and cuts only his face out of the card. Then she cuts the unpeeled onion in half, puts the portrait of the beloved on the incision, reunites the halves and reads the plot 3 times:

“Sadness and tears, melancholy and grief will accept meekly upon myself. In return, I ask the servant of God (name) to value me alone, to weaken me alone, to want me all my life.


One of the most powerful methods to bind a man to himself for a year or more is based on creating an energy cocoon around his aura. Once in this shell, a person will actively perceive only what is broadcast within it, namely, the image, speech and actions of the woman who has bewitched him.

Such a strong binding also has a minus — fortune-tellers, creating “red bonds”, also become dependent on the love of the object and will suffer if the relationship does not develop.

The sequence of actions to prepare for the ritual and the rite itself:

  1. 1. In the morning of any day of the week falling on the growing moon, a girl brings 5 ​​taper candles from the temple.
  2. 2. On the same day, a reel of thick cotton threads of red color is bought in the store.
  3. 3. For the ceremony you will need a photo of a guy — the original is best, but you can print from the social network.
  4. 4. After midnight, candles are set and evenly lit on the table, then the lights are turned off.
  5. 5. Taking a photo in her left hand, and a coil of threads in her right hand, the girl does not close her eyes tightly to see the candle flame through her eyelashes, and on this orange background visualizes the image of the beloved.
  6. 6. When the picture is firmly consolidated in consciousness, you need, without breaking the mood and not opening your eyes, roll the photo with a tube, an image inside.
  7. 7. Reading the plot (5 times), start slowly wrapping the picture with a string.

The words of the conspiracy are: “Forever you are my prince forever, for my feeling is infinite. Oh, the moon, summon the evil army to take the guy to the fate.

With whom he is endeavored, he will at once disperse, with all his soul he will torment me. I send weakness to girls and girlfriends, I am now a true friend to him. Oh, my love, create my image, those who are near, forget and betray.

Let it be so! Amen!

Amen! Amen! «

Candles must burn out, and only then the conspiracy artifact is retracted to the hiding place of the apartment, where it is stored until the expected effect. Cinder should be buried on the side of the nearest intersection or in the wasteland.

Another way of attracting a guy with a scarlet thread can be used when a fortune-teller doesn’t have a photo of a loved one, but the relationship with him has already crossed the border of friends.

How is the rite performed?

  1. 1. On Friday on the growing Moon you need to buy a reel of red thread, a sewing needle and a small (30 by 30 cm) piece of white cotton fabric.
  2. 2. The church candle can be purchased in advance or taken from stocks.
  3. 3. At midnight from Friday to Saturday, with a lit candle, the full name of the beloved and the date of his birth are written on a small piece of white paper.
  4. 4. The leaf is folded three times (as in the picture) so that the inscription is on the inside.
  5. 5. The resulting envelope should be attached to a white cloth (in the center) and firmly sew it, without piercing the paper with a needle. It turns out that the note was in a dense cocoon, and you can get it by simply cutting it in the middle.
  6. 6. Placing stitches, you should read the plot three times: “I will entangle the heart of a servant of God (the name of a man) with red threads. Just as he doesn’t cut off these threads himself, he won’t run away from my love. I light a scarlet color of ardent love. The heart (the name of the man) would burn with a bright flame for me (your name). You will be these threads networks, you will be these threads as fetters. Amen».
  7. 7. Then the fabric is neatly folded in four and hidden in a pillowcase pillows.
    How to tie a man or a guy to yourself forever

If the thread is torn during the ritual, all actions are urgently interrupted and set aside for a week..

A conspiracy into the wind has a short-term effect and, by the principle of action, is more like a challenge to anguish, but this method has an advantage — it works perfectly from a distance. A few days after the ritual, the young man will give an accurate message about himself or show interest, but for more decisive actions on his part, the rite will have to be repeated three to five times within 12 days.

In windy weather, any day of the week before sunset you need to go to a deserted intersection, turn to face the wind and say a spell:

“Thirteen winds, thirteen whirlwinds, come from behind the mountains, bring sorrow, find him to the servant of God, my beloved (name), so that he misses, grieves, cannot see the light of white without me (name)! Call him to me, in the afternoon — at the sun, in the evening — at the moon.

Send him the Lord’s flour for me, God’s servant (name). Amen! «

Prickling on saliva (one’s own or a loved one) acts as strongly as binding on blood. If there is no opportunity for a man to obtain biological material, then the object’s attention is sought through the influence of a witch saliva fluid.

There are two options for such a ceremony performed after sunset at the front door of the house (apartment), where the beloved person lives:

  1. 1. It is necessary to approach the door almost closely and spit on the timber door frame. After this you should whisper with fervor: “Dries up saliva, my words are getting stronger. Let (the name of the person) dry by (his name) now, how this spit on the door will dry ”. Immediately after the conspiracy, you need to leave without turning around and not talking to anyone along the way.
  2. 2. Going to the entrance to the dwelling, the fortune-worker plentifully wets the index finger of his right hand with his saliva and draws a large cross on the door. Driving her finger on the door, the woman reads the plot three times: “I mark you with a cross (name), I mark love. You will pass through this door; you will only gain a passion for (your name). ”

The ceremony is carried out when they probably know that the object of binding is at home. The presence in the living space of other people does not matter.

One of the best opportunities to bind to a man for a long time comes for a girl on a date, when the couple is planning the first sex. Such a binding is necessary if the young man has not yet become stronger in his feeling for his partner or he has other connections on the side.

You need to cook a delicious dinner or snacks to the buffet table with your own hands, putting all your love for a guy into the cooking process and constantly thinking about your desire to be with him. In addition, she needs to try to make her image as seductive as possible in order to arouse as many sexual emotions as possible.

After a joint dinner, the girl should try to go to bed a minute earlier than the guy and have time to whisper, having nestled on his pillow, the words: “To love him, like today, all my life. May the magic of love come with us all our lives, forever from each other. ”

Binding to the nodules, although it does not have an instant action (you should expect a result for 7-12 days), but it will be held for as long as it takes most. For the ritual needed:

  • red candle;
  • cut red satin ribbon;
  • photograph of the bewitched.

At midnight on Friday’s day (during the growth of the Moon), the girl sits down at the table, lights a candle in front of her and puts a photo of a man in front of her.

The ritual consists of the following sequence of actions:

  1. 1. Taking a prepared ribbon in hand, the knotter ties one knot closer to the middle of the braid and at the same time says: “I will knit the first knot with the thoughts of God’s Slave (the name of the beloved) to the God’s Slave (my name)”.
  2. 2. Then, at a short distance from the first, another nodule is tightened. They say the following words to him: “I knit the second knot — I will tie the heart of the Slave of God (the name of the beloved) to the Slave of God (my name)”.
  3. 3. Next, the third knot is tied, accompanied by the following text: "I knit the third knot — I will bind the desire of the Slave of God (the name of the beloved) to the Slave of God (my name)".
  4. 4. In conclusion, you need to squeeze the ribbon with three knots in your fist and complete the plot with a decisive voice: “Never untie the knots for anyone — between God’s Slave (the name of her beloved) and God’s Slave (your name), you will not get anyone else. Let it be so».

After the ceremony, the tape must be safely hidden in the house and never tell anyone about the actions performed.

The most important secret of the magicians, thanks to which you can come to a result not only fast, but also sustainable, is the ability to let go of the situation, and if possible, completely forget about the actions performed by the ceremony. Constant waiting for the result of the work done with the mental construction of various scenarios of future events will be perceived by the information field of the Universe as endless requests that will take time to process.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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