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How to remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg independently at home: technique and decoding

Removing egg spoilage: preparation, ceremonies, decoding, subsequent protection

Removing spoilage egg is an effective method of getting rid of negative energy. The action of this method is based on the transfer of information from a person to another living organism — the embryo in the egg. It is the fertilized egg that is the most malleable substance.

If the human biofield contains destructive elements (damage or the evil eye), then the internal structure of the egg also changes. With the most serious violations in the energy sector, various inclusions can appear in the egg — blood, threads, etc.

The presence of damage can be judged by the following features:

  • A sharp deterioration in health for no apparent reason.
  • Atypical behavior (a person becomes slow and inattentive).
  • The development of various phobias, fears.
  • Insomnia, frequent nightmares.
  • The inability to focus on a particular subject makes work difficult. Difficulty concentrating while talking.
  • The occurrence of visual, auditory or tactile hallucinations. Often manifested in the form of votes of close people who have long been dead.
  • Intolerance to the taste of dishes that once liked.
  • Depressed, apathetic condition.
  • Excessive passion for alcohol.
  • The desire to constantly be in the dark, aggression due to the bright light.
  • Conflict, problems in communicating with loved ones.

How to remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg independently at home: technique and decoding

When there is practically no damage, you should start preparing for its removal:

  • observe fasting for two weeks without consuming meat, fish, and other animal products, as well as alcoholic beverages;
  • read a prayer every day "Our Father";
  • be sure to visit the temple, confess, take communion, put yourself and all your relatives candles for health.

If the removal of a negative with a raw egg is carried out to another person, these actions must be performed by the conducting rite, and the victim of induced damage. In the most difficult cases, when you can not lose time, removing the negative is carried out without much preparation. In this matter, it is recommended to rely on your feelings and risk assessment for the victim.

If there is an inner confidence, a sense of readiness to perform the ritual, you can proceed to it immediately.

How to remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg independently at home: technique and decoding

The ritual is performed exclusively with the use of homemade chicken eggs, which were not in the fridge. At the same time in the chicken coop should be a rooster, as the egg must be fertilized.

You can use the unfertilized egg, but in this case the rite will be less effective.

The egg for the ceremony should be with one yolk. If during the roll-out process it turns out that the egg has a double yolk, it should be disposed of and re-performed the ritual with the help of another product.

Water for the ritual is taken from the spring. If it is not available, melt or holy water will do. A thawed liquid can be made from tap water.

In the process of freezing the water is cleared of any information accumulated in it.

How to remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg independently at home: technique and decoding

Before embarking on a ritual, it is useful to familiarize yourself with several features of its conduct:

  • it is necessary to roll out the head longer than other parts of the body;
  • after rolling out the egg is broken so that the yolk remains intact;
  • immediately after breaking an egg, wash your hands up to your elbow with cold water;
  • if the ceremony is held in the evening, its action can be enhanced with the help of a lit church candle.

The following rites are both methods of diagnosing the presence of damage, and methods of removing the negative. With their help, you can remove the harm from yourself and from your family, from another person in his presence or from a photograph.

It is preferable to conduct this ceremony on the waning moon, during the morning or evening dawn. Algorithm:

  1. 1. In the right hand they take a fresh egg, plant a person facing east.
  2. 2. The person performing the sacrament becomes behind him.
  3. 3. Eggs are led over the head, gradually increasing the circles so that in the end they cover the entire head.
  4. 4. Then the radius of the circle decreases again, until it reaches one point in the region of the crown.
  5. 5. After that, above the head three times draw a cross.
  6. 6. The egg is broken on the edge of the glass and poured into water.

Depending on the interpretation of the results, the sacrament can be performed several times. If the first ceremony showed that a person has serious damage, it is necessary to conduct the ceremony for 7 or 9 days in a row.

The contents of the glass should be disposed of. After the final procedure, you need to get rid of the glass.

The ceremony is held in the evening, before bedtime. Without preliminary manipulations, the egg is broken into a glass of water and placed at the head of the bed. In the morning, carefully look at whether there is a change in the water and the egg.

If there is no metamorphosis during the night, there is no damage. If they do arise, they proceed to interpretation.

For complete recovery from spoilage, the rite is performed for 6-7 nights, following the changes in the egg.

The photo for the ceremony should be one where the person is depicted in full growth and in a sober state. Before the ritual, you should light a candle in front of the icon of the Virgin Mary and put a photograph near the holy face for a few minutes.

This will strengthen the rite. Then they take in the photo in the left hand, and roll the right egg over it, while uttering a prayer. "Our Father".

The ceremony is held in a spacious room. All curtains, curtains and windows open.

An icon of the Mother of God is placed in the room, and a candle is lit near it. In the process of carrying out the ritual must be continuously read. "Our Father" and imagine how negative energy goes into the egg. The sacrament is performed as follows:

  1. 1. Sit down to face the icon. The egg is taken in the right hand and counterclockwise make several turns over the head.
  2. 2. Circular movements are made around the neck and shoulders.
  3. 3. Then go to the right side of the body: forearm, arm, and so on to the foot.
  4. 4. Similarly, rolling out the left side.
  5. 5. The back area rolls out. Circular movements may not be very clear due to inconvenience, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the ceremony.
  6. 6. Then roll out the chest, abdomen, hip area.
  7. 7. The egg is broken into a glass of water along with the shell, covered and taken out to a deserted place. There you should dig a small depression, pour out the contents and put the same glass there. At the same time they make an appeal to the ground: "Holy Land, created by the Lord! Take away a terrible, dirty slander for you, dirty disease, inevitable. Amen".

They drive an egg through the body of a person, simultaneously pronouncing a conspiracy on an egg "Plakun" and imagining how it absorbs all the negative energy.

The text of the prayer: "Plakun, scary sorcerer! You cried the whole week, did not cry a drop of water. Your tears did not roll over the field, your howl did not spread over the sea.

You are afraid of demons and old witches. Sink them in a terrible cry, put them in the hell of a palace.

From century to century".

The rite is performed for three days. Each time the egg is broken into a faceted glass, half filled with water.

The contents should be poured into the toilet so that the yolk is broken. After the ritual, the glass is instilled in a deserted place.

The following ritual is suitable for the removal of strong damage. Held for seven days.

Since the rite is laborious, it is first recommended that you familiarize yourself with its features and prepare yourself in advance. The presence of an assistant is required. It is impossible to conduct a sacrament on your own.

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, both people and the victim of defacement must observe strict fasting.

The sacrament is performed using the following tools:

  • 14 eggs;
  • 7 wax candles from the church;
  • a bowl;
  • Holy water;
  • the icon of the Virgin;
  • icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

This ceremony involves the conduct of special actions in the morning (at sunrise) and in the evening (at sunset). You need to wake up before dawn.

The person you want to heal, lies in a separate room on the floor, facing east. The conducting rite puts the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on the table, lights a candle in front of it.

Then, on the victim’s head, holding a hand, lay an egg and hold it in one position.

Say a prayer: "Nicolae Miraculous, Hristov Ugodniche! I beg you, have mercy on me, the humble servant of the Lord (name). Hear my prayer, help me soon.

Give me healing from the blight of a terrible, foe-induced. Contribute with your power, do not deny me, in the earthly vale of suffering to the living.

I will spend my life in repentance and service to God. Travel and bestow salvation on me, the servant of God (name).


Then you need to stand for a few minutes, imagining how all the bad goes into the egg. When the candle burns to half, it is extinguished.

The egg is taken out to a deserted place and buried.

At sunset, as soon as it gets dark, the next rite is held. It is held similarly with the difference that they pray for the help of the Virgin Mary.

To do this, any prayer from the prayer book will do. The egg is kept on the head of the healed until the rest of the candle burns out.

Then stub together with the egg buried.

The sacrament is held daily during the week. If at least one day is missed, the ritual will have to be carried out from the very beginning.

This ceremony allows you to remove the negative and return it to the slave. For the ritual they take an egg, a cut of black cloth and a shoe needle.

The ritual is performed as follows:

  1. 1. First you need to completely strip and take a chicken egg in your hand.
  2. 2. Lay the egg on the fabric and tie it crosswise.
  3. 3. The words of the conspiracy are uttered three times: "As this egg rots, as the earth takes this rot, so do you, enemy (name), accept all the calamities you desire. To be".
  4. 4. A needle is thrust into the center of the obtained knot.

The knot must be hidden in a deserted place or in the forest.

This method allows you to remove the evil eye with the help of an egg from itself. To do this, you need to memorize the 90th Psalm:

How to remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg independently at home: technique and decoding

Prayer during the rite is pronounced 40 times. You will also need to prepare the appropriate number of matches or rosaries for reference. It is not necessary to drive an egg through the body during the sacrament.

His grip in the hand and begin to read the prayers. As soon as there is a feeling that the egg has become heavier, another should be taken.

Saying a prayer can not be stopped for a moment. After the rite is completed, the egg is broken into a glass beaker with water and examined.

If it is authentically known that damage is induced on a person, this effective cleaning can be used at home. The treatment is carried out before bedtime as follows:

  1. 1. Glass half filled with water.
  2. 2. It breaks the egg.
  3. 3. On the contents of the words spell: "Shift every famously, anger, destruction, damage, death, misfortune from the servant of God (name) to the egg".
  4. 4. Then the glass is placed at the head.
  5. 5. The next morning, all its contents are poured into the toilet while simultaneously casting a spell: "Mother Earth, take all the famously, anger, destruction, damage, death, misfortune with the servant of God (name). Thank you".
  6. 6. The glass is washed under running water, at the same time any Orthodox prayer is read.

The rite is held 8 nights in a row. PAfter the final procedure, the cup is disposed of in the garbage disposal or buried.

Ritual with the egg allows you to simultaneously diagnose the presence of damage, and decipher the data, and cleanse the blight. The withdrawal results are interpreted as follows:

The water is clear, the appearance of the yolk is not changed: it lies in the protein, and the protein envelops itNo damage
The yolk remained intact, but filaments or columns are rising from the proteinA weak spoilage has been imposed on family troubles, financial problems. Validity of such damage is from 3 to 7 years. If the columns resemble the threads of the web — damage is easy, induced by a non-professional. But it still gives a person problems, illness, difficulties. The easiest damage lasts no more than one year. Both in the first and in the second case, after the expiration of the term, light damage always returns to the performer, destroying his life 3 times stronger
Protein stretched out in columns, there are bubbles on itThe bane was induced by a professional magician. Damage is caused to a person in all pursued by failure, illness, money problems. Witchcraft begins to work out suddenly — problems are being dumped onto a person simultaneously in several vital spheres. Damage can be ordered by a competitor in a business or by any detractor
There are black dots on the protein columns or on the yolk.Damage is done to death with the use of cemetery land. The one who ordered the damage hates the victim to such an extent that only death will reassure him. This is usually the one who has the victim in the way, or the person who believes that she has deprived him of something. Witchcraft begins to act after three weeks and kills a person for a year
On the protein there are bubbles, and the yolk looks like boiled. Sometimes there are green, gray or brown spots on the yolk.Damage was made to flour during his lifetime. The victim will not die, but her life will be like hell
The protein looks normal, and the whole yolk is cooked.Destructive restriction. It is done with the goal that a person never feels happy and free. There are no difficulties or obstacles, but the victim seems to be bound hand and foot. Sometimes a person can spoil his energy field himself. This happens if the law-abiding and decent person is guilty of something, and his conscience does not give her peace of mind. Such damage is extremely difficult to remove, as a person internally opposes healing, wanting to punish himself for his misdemeanor.
In protein columns there are bubbles and black blotches, and the edge of egg yolk is scalded as it were. In the yolk there are green (or other shades) spotsThe most terrible witchcraft, induced to die in terrible agony. The perpetrator of damage so much hates the victim that he longs to see her torment and experience pleasure from this sight. Usually this is a person with whom the victim is intimately familiar.
Protein covers the yolk in the form of a parachuteHex was made in order to block the paths of life. Sometimes it looks like a strong damage, over time has become even harder
The yolk and albumen are not damaged, but are as if in a fog.The covenant was made by a non-professional sorcerer. Damage is removed completely in several cleansing sessions.
The yolk or protein is pulled upDamage to the disease was done. If there is a bubble on the yolk, sorcery was done on the grave
Yolk brokenImposing heavy witchcraft from enemies
There is blood on the yolkWitchcraft was done using human or animal blood.
The yolk is covered with foilSpeaks about sharing the energy entities that feed on the life forces of the victim
Yellow threads stretching upExtreme damage, for which a ritual is not enough
In the deflated squirrel or yolk, you can see the faceThis is the image of a man who sent corruption, jinxed, cursed or envied

You can find out who caused the damage by using several methods. After this ritual, the guilty person quickly communicates or makes itself felt in any way.

This ritual will require 7 ordinary sewing needles. They must be purchased specifically for the ceremony, not taking change from the seller.

After returning from the store, you should heat the frying pan on the stove and put all the needles on it. Holding the pot by the handle, rotate it clockwise with it, as if the onions get in the way while cooking.

Words are simultaneously pronounced: "The edge on the fire, the fire under his canopy. Whoever has caused evil to the servant of God, come to my door.


Spell the spell should be as many times as there is a desire. Often, ill-wishers are already determined during the procedure. They start to call, write messages, or even come to visit, if we are talking about familiar people.

At the end of the rite, the needles should be disposed of in a street bin or buried in the ground. Houses can not leave them.

This sacrament is held exclusively on Friday, at sunset. For it, you should find 7 different old keys and throw them into the boiling water.

All keys must be your own — come from home, garden, barn, mailbox. While they are boiling, the conspiracy is repeated 7 times: "Whosoever bears me, let him horned on a hump will bring".

Then the fire must be turned off and leave all the contents cool. When the water has cooled, the keys are removed. You can not throw them away, they do not pose any danger.

Water should be poured at the pedestrian intersection closest to the house. Soon, the porchelnik will remind himself by a phone call or some other way.

A victim of spoilage at will can return the negative to the ill-wisher. To do this, you can use the rites with the use of well water or keys.

Before returning damage, it is necessary to evaluate all possible risks and make sure that the identity of the sorcerer is determined reliably.

To conduct this ceremony, you should put a full bucket of water from a well in front of you. Then scoop a full bucket and pour it onto the ground, scoop another one and pour it again. The third time you need to wash your face with water from the bucket, uttering the words of the conspiracy: "From the forest came to the forest and get out.

People hover on people and come back. Brought by the wind, return to the wind.


The rest of the water from the bucket is thrown out by a sharp movement over the left shoulder. Thanks to this ritual, the negative will begin to return to the ill-wisher in the coming weeks.

This rite is held in the phase of the waning moon. For the ritual will require:

  • 3 handfuls of coarse salt;
  • fork;
  • old frying pan for roasting.

Salt must be poured into the pan. A cross is drawn on it through the entire vessel with the help of a fork. The direction of movement in the picture — from the bottom up and from left to right.

On salt forms 4 squares. 4 small crosses should be drawn on them, drawing the first cross in the lower right square and moving clockwise. Then put the pan on the stove on high heat.

Salt interferes with a fork in circular motions.

Words are simultaneously pronounced: "As this salt is heated, so let the enemies of my followers and the unknown heat up. Come back, famously and suffering, sorrow and envy, damage and the evil eye to where it came from. I do not salt the pan in the pan, but my enemies.

What you are doing is giving you back. Key, lock, tongue".

If the porchelnik is known, one should take a handful of the cooled salt and throw it at his feet. If there is no certainty as to who is the initiator of all life’s misfortunes, salt should be attributed to any pedestrian intersection.

In both cases, the damage is returned to the ill-wisher.

Although the above methods allow the evil who brought it back to return, experienced magicians do not recommend resorting to it unnecessarily. The fact is that even after removing egg spoilage or any other healer’s rite, the process of retribution begins.

The briar begins to experience serious ailments, he has tangible problems.

Even in the event that the sorcerer set himself a defense against the return of damage, he will inevitably be overtaken by a punishment in the form of a retribution from the Higher Forces. This happens according to the law of karma (or its biblical equivalent — "Each will be rewarded according to his deeds"). Sorcery launches a number of processes in the Universe for which the sorcerer will have to bear responsibility.

The punishment of the Higher Forces in this case is many times higher than the one that the sorcerer receives in the event of a deliberate return of damage to his victim.

It is not always possible to reliably identify who caused damage. The return of evil, even if it is just, is a sin.

If the damage is returned to a person who is not actually involved in witchcraft, this will entail serious consequences. For this reason, witchcraft is not recommended to return.

After the ritual of removing the damage has been carried out, it is necessary to take protective measures against the possible return of the negative. Wearing a talisman and proper disposal of materials used during the ceremony will fix the result of the cleansing ordinance.

The rate of neutralization of the negative depends on the degree of magical effects. A slight evil eye, caused by envy, leaves after the first procedure of rolling out an egg. To remove damage, usually one rite is not enough.

Ritual should be performed at least 7 times.

In the intervals between procedures, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • take nothing from the hands of other people;
  • attend the temple;
  • wear a cross;
  • it is desirable to keep the post;
  • be sure to give up drinking.

Already one cleaning process is enough for the negative to start returning to the porchelnik. In most cases, the one who did the evil will want to send the damage again.

To do this, he can take any item from the victim or, on the contrary, hand it over. It can be anything: gift, water, food, matches.

Therefore, for at least three days after the ritual of removing the defacement, one cannot take or give to people who may be involved in witchcraft no things. The sorcerer himself may send his child, spouse or relative.

A damage cop can come in, asking for forgiveness. There is no need to believe in his sincerity, as he only uses the breadth of the soul of his victim.

In no case can not forgive the sorcerer, because in this case he will get rid of the retribution of the Universe, and the victim itself will again remain with its damage. If the detractor says "sorry", should respond: "God will forgive".

At midnight, you should wash your face, feet ankle-deep and hands with holy water. At the same time utter the words of the conspiracy: "The moon in heaven is full, the water is transparent, like a Christ’s tear.

May my body and soul be pure as well. Amen".

This protection is valid until the person deliberately commits a bad deed. In this case, it loses its power, and it should be repeated immediately.

After removing the negative, it is useful to acquire additional amulets that will protect the sorcerer from his possible return. It can be:

  • Protective icon. Any image with the image of the Virgin Mary will do. It must be placed in your room under the ceiling.
  • Pin. It should be fastened to the clothes, saying the words of the conspiracy: "Protect, point, from the black eye, damage, slander and any infection. Amen".
  • Charm with the image of the rune Algiz. This fleece has a powerful protective effect, allowing you to protect yourself from any danger.

Eggs after the ceremony can be disposed of as follows:

  • bury in the ground in a deserted place;
  • break into a glass of holy water, and then drained into the sewer;
  • attributed to an abandoned grave in the cemetery.

Each of these options is acceptable. The method of disposal directly depends on how severe the damage is.

The most optimal way to finally get rid of the negative — is the assignment of all waste to the grave. In this case, the negative energy will quickly leave the earthly world and will not harm anyone.

If, however, carry the eggs in the trash, there is a chance that an innocent person will touch them. In this case, a great sin will be committed, and the person who is free from damage will have to answer for it.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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