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How to read tea leaves at home

How to read tea leaves: the rules for making a drink and the meaning of symbols

Guessing on the tea leaves appeared more than 7 centuries ago in the East. It was one of the most popular ways to know your future.

In Italy, the values ​​of the resulting figures were finalized.

Guessing on the coffee grounds is considered the most reliable and simple. It is easy to hold at home. To do this, you will need a teaspoon of ground (not soluble) coffee for one cup of water, a Turk, and about an hour to brew a drink and interpret the symbols seen.

The most favorable time for such divination is night or evening.

  • In order for fortune-telling to be successful, proper preparation of the room is important. It should dim the room and remove all sources of loud sound.
  • You can not guess for fun. By this, a person will infuriate otherworldly forces, and the next time they need to get an answer to a really important question, they will respond with an evil joke.
  • It is necessary to decide on the questions that a person wants to ask the providence in advance, and not to hastily invent them when the coffee is already brewed.
  • Before pouring the drink into the cup, you need to shake the container where it was prepared — so the thick will not settle on the bottom, but will fall into the cup.

They drink coffee, slowly and not being distracted by third-party events, while thinking about the essence of their question.

If at this time someone knocked on the door or phoned, do not continue to divination. Fate signs that the answer to the question is not yet known, or it’s too early for a person to find out.

After all the coffee is drunk, you need to cover the cup with a saucer, turn it upside down and turn it seven times from left to right. The figures that were formed after the cup was lifted from the saucer, and constitute the result of fortune telling.

How to read tea leaves at home

How to read tea leaves at home

For divination to be successful, you need to find at least five characters. It is customary to consider them in this order:

  1. 1. From the top edge to the bottom.
  2. 2. When the cup is turned by the handle to the guessing — clockwise.
  3. 3. Then counterclockwise.
  4. 4. The bottom of the cup and saucer.

Patterns formed on the saucer tell about the past, and the symbols found on the walls and on the bottom of the cup predict the future.

If chaotic strokes do not fold into a solid image the first time, you can turn the cup at different angles. Over time, the fortuneteller will learn to notice the smallest details and build a picture out of them.

It is forbidden to ask for help from other people and decipher the signs they see with respect to themselves.

To interpret proceed only after all the pictures are found.

How to read tea leaves at home

A plant in a vase or pot says that it is important for a guessing person to make the people around him feel comfortable.

A bouquet of flowers or leaves means that a person is awash in love.

The forest is a symbol of mistakes made in the course of life, for which you still have to pay. Coniferous forest — a warning about future troubles.

The values ​​of individual plant species are presented in the table.

FlowerSincere joy, wonderful mood. Many colors — the absence of any turmoil in the future. A wreath of flowers indicates the presence of true friends who will share both joy and sorrow
ChrysanthemumSymbolizes untimely love. When a fortune-teller decides to reciprocate, the one who first spoke about his feelings will already lose interest in him
LilyA fully bloomed flower symbolizes stability in relationships, and a half-opened bud warns of domestic quarrels.
the RoseGuessing soon fall in love or is already experiencing to someone strong love feeling. In a few days, there will be a pleasant meeting with your chosen one or chosen one
CarnationColdness in love
CloverHave to run into problems. Fortunately, they will be insignificant and transient.
PalmNext to the fortuneteller there is a person who truly loves him. Material well-being will soon improve, and if the top of the palm is located next to the rim on the cup, the person will be lucky in gambling
  • With a round crown — some of the loved ones will need help, and guessing will provide it with readiness.
  • With a long and narrow crown — a situation arises in which you have to show willpower and perseverance
SheetA person will not have problems with money. If there are several leaves, they symbolize a long-awaited gift from a loved one. A bitten or torn leaf indicates the presence of envious persons in close surroundings.
Maple LeafSymbol of honor and valor
StumpParticipation in a serious project that will require a lot of effort, but also will please the result. Sometimes a stump symbolizes a reliable business partner.
  • With leaves — the news of the birth of the heir. The appearance of a new friend.
  • Without leaves — conflict at home or at work will lead to the desire to never return to this place.
FernMan needs to communicate with nature. Should walk more in the fresh air and eat healthy foods.
MushroomThe family is expected to replenish — someone will bring his soul mate into the house or give birth to a child. To see a mushroom at the bottom of the cup means that close relatives (children, parents) are unhappy with the actions of the person who guesses.

How to read tea leaves at home

The figures of animals are often found in fortune telling on the coffee grounds.

Flying bird means cloudless future and productive work. The bird is sitting on a branch or a perch — a guessing person will receive an answer to a question that has been worrying him for a long time.

If it is possible to establish its species, the value of the symbol should be sought in the table.

OwlIf something does not work, you need to ask the advice of that friend who, in the opinion of the fortune-teller, has the wisdom and knowledge in this matter. An owl with spread wings indicates respect from others
HeronA person is not afraid of loneliness, he even likes a certain detachment from society. However, it is necessary to improve relations with neighbors and colleagues, because their help will be needed soon.
CockSign of family well-being and unity of opinion
CrowThere will be trouble in the house. The crow looks away — misfortune awaits someone from friends or neighbors. I put my head under the wing — there is still time to correct the situation.
SwanWealth will arise literally from nowhere. A swan with an elongated neck and an open beak suggests that the enemy will encroach on the welfare of the fortunate
EagleIf it is a flying eagle, you can prepare for the move. Peacefully seated bird predicts victory in a difficult and lengthy confrontation
DoveAmong the friends of the one who guesses there is a man with a pure soul and thoughts. No need to offend him with your distrust or suspicion of something bad
HenA person will want to feel like a child, so he will commit reckless acts. If a hen incubates a clutch, it’s a sign that a stranger will ask for help — don’t deny it.
ParrotExcessive candor will damage the reputation of a fortuneteller. Someone will let loose the secrets entrusted to him, which will be the reason for misunderstandings and gossip.

Consider a sign in the form of a reptile sitting in the grass — the insidious plans will be revealed. Watching the fight of two animals — the guessing person has to make a choice of two equally bad options.

Significance of reptiles in coffee fortune telling.

SnakeStretching in length symbolizes wisdom and respect. The snake as if wraps the cup from the inside — the ill-wisher pretends to be a companion. Rolled rings says that it is necessary to solve the question of life and death
LizardUnexpected event that adds trouble
TurtleAcute reaction to criticism
CrocodileThe fortune-teller will suffer financial losses through the fault of a business partner or a family member. The crocodile is peeping out of the water — a person will appear in the circle who cannot be trusted. If the animal has a gaping maw, you should take a closer look at the hired employees, some of them are behaving in bad faith.
ChameleonSlow progress. And it will be successful only if you show enough patience, caution and dedication

The wild beast is hunting — a warning that the enemy is plotting evil.

To see an animal hiding behind a tree — to a complicated course of the disease or the sudden appearance of barriers to the goal.

Also, when guessing the coffee grounds, each type of animal has its own meaning.

RamStubbornness will not allow to achieve the desired in the shortest possible time.
HorseThe runner promises a letter or other news from a loved one; grazing peacefully reports no danger; lying — a symbol of indifference
  • Fluffy — if you are told a secret, you should not report it to anyone. Silence will be rewarded.
  • Thin — trust in a new acquaintance will lead to the loss of a large amount of money. Do not count on the favor of Fortune. Envious people are plotting evil
A monkeyFalse promises, deceived hopes
DogTo achieve success, you need to work in a team. See the outlines of a dog at the bottom — to the betrayal of a friend, disappointment in long-term love relationships
a lionPersonalizes unselfish help and generosity. Indicates that the actions of the boss or official will be fair. A lion with a raised tail demonstrates the desire of a fortune-teller to gain power or power.
GiraffeReality and fantasy mixed in the mind of man
FoxThere is a risk of becoming a victim of a fraudster or a thief.
CamelOdnakorby symbolizes failure, two-humpy says that over-developed sense of duty prevents a person from acting in their own interests. The camel caravan hints that you need to be more patient and more restrained.
ElephantIf his trunk is pointing up, this is a sign that the fortuneteller has a reliable rear; and if down, he needs support. Two elephants near — an equivalent contribution to the common cause
CowBefore hoping for a successful completion of the project, evaluate your environment. If there are no people willing to work hard and take responsibility for the result, plans are doomed to failure.
HareA person does not know how to calculate his actions and read the intentions of others. Also, this sign says that the cause of failure is cowardice.
HedgehogThe one who guesses is inclined to help others to the detriment of their own interests. If only the hedgehog’s face is visible, the person feels the need for protection. Hedgehog, curled up, symbolizes the willingness to fight for their ideals until the end
BearDifficult fate. Only by chance will it be possible to avoid danger. Because of one thoughtless act, all the work done before will lose its meaning.
DeerSincere confession of sins; thoughts expressed without hint or hint
MouseIf the mouse holds something in its paws, it means that the current problems have arisen because of the carelessness inherent in the dreamer in his younger years. A few mice nearby are artificial obstacles on the way to the goal, erected by those who guess. The mouse at the top of the cup indicates the division of property, money, or a showdown with someone suspected of treason

Fish symbolizes the defenselessness of society.

Fish in a skillet — a person is guided only by his opinion. It is impossible to convince or dissuade.

If he conceived something, he will realize it.

A fish jumping out of a river indicates a desire to conform to ideals accepted in society. Circles on the water near her tail are a sign of suspicion and fear of being different.

If the shape of the figure resembles a specific type of fish, use the table to decrypt it.

SharkThe shark, evenly bending around the edge of the cup, says that the battle can not be avoided. If her muzzle is directed to the bottom, and the tail is up, you need to be vigilant in any situation. The figure of this fish, seen at the bottom of the cup, reminds of the presence of a long-standing enemy who still represents a danger.
SomSelf-confidence, self-esteem. The head of a catfish symbolizes perseverance and the desire to receive your share.
Sea HorseA pleasant surprise. Romantic dinner with your loved one
PikeThe case, which plans to do guessing, is fraught with great risk
FlounderLimited outlook. A person does not want to receive new knowledge and does not see the need for self-development. Two flounders — monotonous, not requiring intelligence occupation
SwordfishTo achieve the goal, competitors do not shun any methods.
gold fishIndicates the materialization of desires. If she swims in an aquarium, dreams are too unrealistic to come true

Symbols of animals that are not included in any of the categories.

ButterflyA butterfly with spread wings testifies to sincere youth; with folded — says that a person is in a calm state, he is pacified and satisfied with his current position. A butterfly sitting half-turned in such a way that its wings are partially open, indicates communication with young people; if a fortune-teller chooses a profession, such a figure may indicate pedagogical specialties
DragonflyCarelessness, lack of plans. Life is one day
SpiderVictory at any cost. A spider with legs wide apart promises that all the spiteful critics will be neutralized. Sitting on the web reports that there are additional arguments that a fortuneteller can operate on during a dispute or court session.
ladybugLucky ticket, lottery winnings
CrabHealth problems, a person needs medical care
OctopusThe tentacle-twisted octopus symbolizes a determined competitor; all tentacles are directed in one direction — you should not agree to participate in adventures
WhaleTo achieve the goal, you need to think through every step. If a whale releases a fountain, people interested in a successful outcome of the case will cover the rear
DolphinSuccess in business
FrogLooks out of the puddle — to the arrival of the guests. Sitting means melancholy and apathy, and jumping indicates recovery and relief from painful thoughts.
SnailThings will slow down due to bureaucracy. If the snail hid in the sink, you can relax, there is still time to prepare for an important task. I had to see several snails at once, which means that a series of minor troubles is coming.
AntA man fusses, but he does not know why. The ant path indicates the support of the team, family cohesion
beetleIt symbolizes gossip and intrigue that rage behind the back of a fortuneteller. Deer beetle warns you shouldn’t trust your secrets to friends

The silhouette of a young woman symbolizes love, the old woman personifies slander, gossip, slander. The little girl points to such traits as infantilism, gullibility.

The silhouette of a man shows sense of purpose; see in the cup the figure of a young guy — to separation.

The embryo promises rest after hard work.

The child says that the long-awaited event will happen. The baby in the woman’s arms is a sign that the fortuneteller lacks caring on the part of loved ones.

Other human related figures.

HeadIn profile — protection or intercession; full face — danger. The head of a man foreshadows the separation from his beloved, and the female — indicates the presence of strong feelings for the chosen one. The head with eyes closed says that facts will become known that will change the attitude of the diviner towards his relatives.
PalmPatronage, protection. Man favored by higher powers. Two palms — a sign of peaceful intentions. If something is lying on the palms, a successful case will soon turn up
FootIn his actions a person is guided by common sense.
LipsThey promise a romantic adventure. If they are open, the guessing will spill and tell someone else’s secret. The silhouette, resembling the imprint of lips, folded for a kiss, indicates passion in bed
EyeWith eyelashes — with the help of his charm a person can achieve more; without eyelashes — indicates indifference to the situation. Two eyes predict changes in life
FaceIndicates love affair, gossip. If it reminds of someone you know, this is a sign that future events will be associated with this person.
FistSymbolizes help from friends or like-minded people.

In the immediate vicinity of other symbols, such figures only emphasize or diminish their influence on the fate of a person. As a separate sign, they can not only predict the development of events, but also reflect the thoughts of the fortuneteller, his mood.

Straight lineThe situation is stabilizing. Severely ill get to revive
Oblique lineHazard associated with loss of performance. Need to pay more attention to their health. Losses as a result of an accident at work or idle
Parallel linesGood immunity. Unshakable stance
Wavy lineSmall problems are not worth the time and nerves to solve them
Square, rhombusIndicates a closed and unsociable. The square, outlining the bottom, predicts imprisonment. The square within which another shape is visible is a sign of restrictions.
Circle, ovalSupport, mutual assistance. Family happiness. Husband and wife are perfect for each other
TriangleLocated apex to the bottom signifies failure, loss and illness; top of the cup rim — auspicious symbol
ZigzagTravel to a not very popular tourist country, with dangers. Unexpected turn of fate. Meet an extraordinary person
PentagonGuessing will succeed, but achievements will not bring the expected pleasure. A figure with sides of different lengths indicates disappointment in its choice
HexagonLuck in a risky venture

Often found in fortune-telling signs.

StarDreams will come true, and hopes will be met. Solving the problem will be easier than expected.
CrownSymbolizes success in business or work. Located on the inner perimeter of the cup — speaks of a sense of superiority
UmbrellaMan is too prudent. He is trying to play it safe from the slightest trouble, so he is considered a boring and grumpy
BridgeLuck can turn away at any time.
HouseA house located on a hill promises prosperity; in lowlands — predicts a breakdown and lower profits. Little says about financial difficulties in the family, and if he also has a broken roof, this is a sign of impending conflict in the family. A large house with a flat roof promises happiness in the marriage
SpoonIndicates wealth and hospitality
RoadThe pursuit of travel. The level promises the absence of obstacles and problems related to the execution of documents for crossing the border, and the tortuous one says that the path will not be easy
CrescentNew acquaintance. If the points resembling stars are located nearby, this is a sign that the marriage will be concluded by calculation, not by love.
ShoeOn the heels — to get acquainted with a charming man; on a flat sole — additional expenses during travel
WineglassA man will demonstrate steadfastness in his decision. Two glasses predict a wedding, including gold or silver. The glass from which the liquid is poured out indicates a hidden aggression towards the guessing
A heartLove that is now or will overtake a guessing later. Two connected hearts — prediction of a quick marriage. A heart with an open circuit is a sign of separation and divorce
BroomSpeaks about the courage of the fortuneteller and his readiness for change
GlassesUnrealistic perception of the world. Sensations and feelings are distorted due to the influence of the manipulator. Glasses with handles — a call for diligence when shopping and entering into contracts
The sunA sun with long rays indicates leadership; with short — warns of impending conflict with the authorities. If only half the sun is visible, the person needs to unleash their potential.
WebVictory over enemies
ShipWith raised sails — a sign of good luck; with smoke from a chimney — a missed opportunity.

If the guessing person asked a question, the answer to which implies an indication of the place, the letter means the name of the city, country or institution. She can symbolize the name of a person or a month, a day of the week.

In other cases, it should be interpreted according to the table.

The meaning of the letters of the Russian alphabet.

A, CThe victory of good over evil. Career growth
BWhatever the problems, man has enough strength to overcome them.
ATSoon the trouble will happen. Letter with monograms predicts tears
RThe reason for the failure is magical intervention. A letter represents damage and curses associated with money; capital indicates a spell or a crown of celibacy
D, MImproved financial status, additional profit
HERThe man chose the right path. The letter, directed by the ends to the bottom of the cup, symbolizes remorse
ANDDo not make thoughtless decisions or make hasty conclusions
FConflict situations away from home
W, F, OPredict fun, entertainment, friendly gatherings
TOA visit to a psychic or mage
L, T, XChanges on the love front. An unmarried girl or an unmarried guy is awaiting acquaintance with a man of the opposite sex who will become the second half. People who are already married may decide to divorce
HAnxiety, bad forebodings, serious experiences
PThe best friend hides something
C, UA quarrel with a man who tries by manipulation to make a guessing person do something unpleasant or unacceptable
UhLoss or theft of a valuable item
FTo achieve the goal, you must persevere to it.
IBright prospects, happy future
B, bFlirt

The meaning of some letters of the Latin alphabet.

LCheating, intentional mistake. Counterfeit jewelry or banknote
ZThe final stage. End of a relationship. Dismissal from work
G, HThe joy of being in like-minded society. Teamwork. In conjunction with human silhouettes means attending mass events (concert, wedding)
YNot an easy choice. Man stands at the crossroads
QAssisting someone on an ongoing basis, parasitic relationships
W, VVictory
UMan is more interested in material than in spiritual. If the letter is located with a fork down, he who guesses is dissatisfied with his financial situation.

The numbers usually indicate the date, house number or phone number. To see the favorite number in the coffee grounds is a sign of good luck, regardless of its value.

Date of birth predicts events that will irrevocably change the life of a guessing, but not necessarily for the better.

The value of the figures is presented in the table.

oneTo a man or woman who got married many years ago, this figure indicates that their feelings for each other are still preserved. The unit recommends a lonely person to look at his friends and acquaintances, it is possible that some of them try to communicate their sympathy with hints
2Household troubles routine. Need to be calm no matter what happens
3Harmony in family and love relationships. Victory in dispute or competition
fourThere will be serious problems at work. The implementation of the plan will require more resources than expected.
fiveHe who was trusted with all the secrets, slanders the fortuneteller behind him
6Do not take to heart the words of others
7Leisure time should devote to joint rest with friends and relatives. Children lack the attention of parents. Lucky things to do
eightNonconstructive criticism. Envious people will convince that the project is a failure, and the goal does not justify the means
9Fateful acquaintance
0Trouble will go, obviously losing situation will be resolved in favor of the guessing. Turn up the opportunity to get rid of the object, which is associated with bad memories, or move to another apartment after living together with unpleasant people

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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