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How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

How to put a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui

The correct arrangement of furniture in the house, according to the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, assists a person in harmonizing his inner state and relations with people around him. This applies particularly to the bedroom, because it is in it that a person spends a lot of time, rests and gains strength. The location of the bed on Feng Shui allows a person to feel cheerfulness after sleep.

His energy will not be dissipated, but concentrated, filled with power and give a good mood.

To harmoniously arrange the furniture according to the concepts of feng shui, it is necessary to take into account many nuances and difficulties. However, a thorough observance of all the rules will allow not only to establish a night’s sleep, but also to bring harmony into all spheres of life.

It is necessary to have a bed in the bedroom according to the rules of the ancient Chinese teachings in the most remote corner of the room, but in such a way that the front door can be clearly seen. To sleep was good and strong, you also need an abundance of air. For this reason, the space above the bed should be freed from objects cluttering it.

Compliance with proportions is an important rule of Feng Shui, so the bed and the room should be in harmony. For a narrow room you need to buy an elongated bed, and for a large and spacious room a double bed will do.

The upper floor above the bedroom should not be occupied by a bathroom or toilet. Therefore, in the house of the room must be placed so that the bathrooms on each floor were located under each other.

How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

In addition to the correct placement of the bed, the overall organization of the space has a great influence on the full sleep. On the ceiling, in the part that is located above the bed, there should not be chandeliers or other bulky structures.

They cause an unconscious sense of danger, because of which sleep will be restless. It is best to make the ceiling smooth, without protruding beams.

The ideal option would be the tension.

According to feng shui, mirrors on the ceiling are generally unacceptable. A sleeping person should not be reflected in them: he can be frightened if he suddenly wakes up.

Another important point is the ability to see the door lying on the bed. If you fail to harmoniously put the bed in this way, you need to hang a mirror on the wall in which the entrance to the room will be viewed.

How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

The position of the human body in a dream, the ancient Chinese doctrine gives a special meaning. Physical state and emotions depend on the location of the head relative to the cardinal points.

To find a favorable direction, Feng Shui offers two proven methods:

  • Determining the number of gua. It shows a personal energy map and well-influenced parts of the world.
  • The choice of the side of the world, which contributes to the desired state of body and spirit.

How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

To find this value, you must perform a number of actions:

oneSum up all the figures of the year of birth. The operation must be performed until a one-digit number is obtained.
  • For those born in 1980, 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
  • For those born in 2001 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 3
  • For men, the resulting value is taken away from 10.
  • For women, add to the resulting number 5. If it remains a two-digit value, add its numbers to each other.
  • For boys born in 2000 and later, take the resulting number of Gua from 9.
  • For girls born no earlier than 2000, add 6 to the value obtained. Sum the numbers until there is a one-digit number
  • Male born in 1980: 10-9 = 1.
  • Female born in 1980: 9 + 5 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5.
  • The boy born in 2001: 9-3 = 6.
  • Girl born in 2001: 3 + 6 = 9.
3Gua valueshould not be equal to 5. If after all the calculations, this value remains, then for males it equates to 2, and for women — to 8For example, in a woman of 1980, the number of Gua is 5. According to the rule, the value 8 is taken instead.

Based on the calculated value of the gua, the best position of the head of the bed is determined:

Gua numberNecessary location headboards
oneSouth, Southeast, East, North
2Northwest, Southwest, Northeast
3North, East, South, Southeast
fourSouth, Southeast, East, North
6West, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest
7West, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest
eightSouthwest, West, Northwest, Northeast
9North, South, East, Northeast

Experts advise to use another method of ancient teachings, which should be properly set the bed. According to this method, all sides of the world, towards which a person sleeps with his head, in their own way have an effect on the energy of a person, his way of thinking and well-being.

To improve your life and activate its different areas, you need to choose the direction responsible for them and contributing to the achievement of the desired state.

The sides of the world and their influence:

Side of the worldPositive impactNegative impact
NorthDevelops the third eye and intuitive perception. It will be useful to often mistaken people, as well as those who are inclined to do impulsive actions and succumb to instant desiresIt has a bad effect on people for whom material values ​​are important.
NortheastFavors the development of intelligence and improves the ability to learn. Especially recommended for schoolchildren and students.You can not sleep people of science and personalities, often thinking a lot. This direction is not conducive to rest, but, on the contrary, informationally loads the brain
EastIt is recommended to sleep for all people, especially — in old age. It provides a good sleep and rest.Not recommended for young couples, as sleeping with your head in the direction of this side of the world worsens sexual activity and relationships
SoutheastRecommended for achieving goals and making dreams come true. Develops the pursuit of goals, willpower and perseverance, helps to overcome failures. It is useful for businessmen and personal careers.Do not choose people who prefer spiritual values
SouthHelps to establish contacts and useful datingNot suitable for individuals who prefer solitude
SouthwestIt helps to establish a personal life, helps to meet a loved one, strengthens ties in the married life and opens love chakrasNot recommended for career and business oriented people
WestIt is useful for sick people, helps to recover and overcome problems.This side will be useful to all
NorthwestUseful for overcoming loneliness, apathy and a depressed state. It invigorates and improves mood, develops strength of mind.Not recommended for people who prefer privacy
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

An improperly positioned bed leads to various problems in various spheres of life:

  • I can not keep the incoming money, because they are constantly spent on small things;
  • career growth is hampered, in the team and with the authorities there are constant conflicts;
  • there are difficulties in attracting new customers and retaining them;
  • there is no opportunity to pay off debts and loans;
  • disputes, troubles and quarrels arise in the family;
  • information is poorly absorbed, and learning is difficult;
  • there are health problems.

Teaching Feng Shui highlights 4 main parts of the world. In turn, each of them relates to animals that are considered sacred in China:

  • east corresponds to the green dragon;
  • West is associated with a white tiger;
  • south — side of phoenix red;
  • north refers to the black turtle.

For a dream to be calm and peaceful, it is necessary to arrange the images of these animals around the sleeping bed. To the left of the headboard, you need to put a statuette of a dragon, on the opposite side — a figure of a tiger. Before the bed, it is recommended to hang a picture of a red bird that will keep the sleeper calm.

Behind the bed you need to position the picture with a black turtle.

A separate room for a bedroom in such a dwelling is impossible to allocate. Therefore, in a one-room apartment it is necessary to use various options with furniture.

Usually in such rooms using transforming options. The ancient teaching does not recommend solving the problem in this way, but since there are no other options, it is necessary to follow its basic rules.

If a sofa is used as a bed, it should not be left unfolded during the day. It must be ensured that in the unfolded state near the headboard there were no indoor flowers, the front door, the window, the computer or the TV.

Mirrors should hang so that the sleeper is not reflected in them.

To protect the bed from an undesirable neighborhood with irritating objects, experts advise the use of partitions or screens. Beds for small children should not be placed near the door, window or desk.

It can be separated by closing the canopy.

It is considered a bad sign to put a sleeping bed from the foot of the room to the exit from the room: this is associated with the removal of the deceased from the house. According to Feng Shui, this situation increases the outflow of positive energy.

If it is not possible to arrange the furniture in a different way, it is necessary at least to close the door before going to bed so that the energy does not go away.

The bed in the bedroom of Feng Shui should not be directed by the headboard to the window. This increases anxiety and a sense of danger in a sleeping person. It would be more appropriate to place the headboard against the wall in order to create additional support.

And in general, the location of the head to the window is very harmful: with poor isolation, a person is able to get sick due to drafts.

In a room with a sloping ceiling it is impossible to place a bed under its overhanging part: this causes a feeling of oppression. The same rule must be observed when placing the bed under the stairs.

Negative is the location of the bed between the front door and the window. In feng shui it is said that negative energy emanates from these elements, interfering with pacified sleep.

It is undesirable to have a sleeping bed and along the walls, which are air ducts or piping. Therefore, if the bedroom has an adjacent wall with a bathroom or kitchen, the bed should be placed opposite to it.

The same rule applies to walls with heating pipes.

These parameters, according to experts of Feng Shui, are no less important for restful sleep than the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom. Ancient Chinese science gives some tips on the choice of colors and shape of the bed:

  • The sleeping bed should not have corners, as they accumulate negative energy in themselves. Especially it is not recommended to sleep on such a bed as a couple, as this provokes conflicts. Preference should be given to round shapes or beds with rounded edges.
  • The sides of the bed should be below the level of the mattress. Neglect of this rule leads to the life of a person permanent obstacles, tests and restrictions on travel.
  • On the bed of the spouses must necessarily lie a solid mattress. Two separate mattresses create a barrier between the spouses and a loss of emotional and spiritual connection.
  • The bed must be with legs, so that positive energy can move freely under it.

Regarding the head of the bed there are separate rules. First you need to choose the right shape of the back in accordance with the personal qualities and aspirations of the owner:

The formValueA photo
Oval or semicircularBring good luck to officials or businessmen; corresponds to the element «Metal»
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal
Square or rectangularRecommended for people working professions; symbolizes the element «Earth»
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal
UndulatingDevelops creativity; corresponds to the element «Water»
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal
TriangularRecommended for active people who prefer a short sleep; corresponds to the element «Fire»
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal
AsymmetricalSuitable for romantics and artists; associated with the element «Air»
How to properly stand a bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui in accordance with the cardinal

Favorable colors for the bed belong to a delicate pastel scale: such shades help to restore strength during sleep and do not overload it emotionally. To harmonize relationships, couples are recommended pink color.

Alone, he will add vigor. The same applies to orange and peach color.

Red must be avoided. He is too exciting and crazy even very calm people.

It is more correct not to use a blue shade. He destroys the harmony in the couple.

To improve your health, it will be right to use sky blue, lavender and all shades of green.

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