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How to prepare for confession and communion

How to confess and prepare for communion

Confession and the sacrament are among the main sacraments of the Church. They help a person to cleanse his soul and mind from heavy sinful thoughts.

It is as if a man begins his life anew The important point is the proper preparation for the sacraments. A person must follow his thoughts, behavior, actions.

You can not wish anyone evil, envy, annoyed and swearing. For three days, one should maintain strict fasting, which concerns not only food, but also intimate life, drinking, smoking, and entertainment.

All people who believe in God need to confess and receive communion in order to calm their soul. This can be done when there is a strong desire to get rid of the heavy burden of sins committed.

However, Lent is the best time for a person to think about his life, ask the Lord God to forgive sins, conduct the sacrament of confession and prepare for the sacrament.

In order for repentance of sins to be carried out correctly, it is important to observe certain conditions:

  • It is necessary to accept the sacrament of baptism, held by the priest in the temple. If a person has already been baptized, then it needs to be discussed with the priest.
  • Recall or compile a written list of their sins from the age of 7 or from the time of baptism for those who were baptized as adults.
  • If sin has caused damage to another person, then before you go to confession, you must do everything possible to make amends. In addition, you need to forgive the sins of your offenders yourself.
  • It is important to keep yourself in the soul from anger, envy, gossip and bodily communication between spouses, in the night after the sacrament too. But in Passion Week, the matrimonial fasting is not so strong.

During confession it is necessary to sincerely honestly tell about your sinful deeds.

It is important to repent of exactly what the person did, and not blame someone else or the circumstances of life.

You need to tell in simple language, not trying to use special church terms.

Do not be afraid that the priest will be greatly shocked by confession or will ridicule a person. It is important to remember that confession remains only between the priest and those who talk about their sins.

How to prepare for confession and communion

In order to make it easier to prepare for the sacrament of confession, you can use a short list of sins in accordance with the ten commandments that need to repent of the church:


Corresponding sin

I am the Lord your God, that you have no other gods before My face

Godlessness, communist views on life, atheism, magic, visiting attendants, healers, astrology, reading horoscopes, participation in sects, pride, boasting, arrogance, vanity, careerism

Do not make yourself an idol, do not worship and do not serve them

Worship to various idols, divination, brownie feeding

Do not pronounce the name of the Lord your God in vain

Blasphemy, mockery of shrines, use of swear words, breaking promises made to God

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy; Six days you shall work, and the seventh day is Sunday to the Lord your God

Performing work on a holiday, skipping Sunday worship, parasitism, non-observance of fasting

Honor thy father and thy mother

Insulting parents, disrespectful attitude to seniors and teachers

Murder, abortion, anger, swearing, fights, feelings of hatred and resentment, rancor

Treason, intimate relationships outside marriage, homosexuality, masturbation, viewing pornography

Theft, Theft, Fraud, Greed, Avarice

Do not give false testimony

Perjury, falsehood, deception, slander, gossip, betrayal

Do not wish for someone else

The feeling of envy, dissatisfaction with their position, grumbling

How to prepare for confession and communion

After a person has repented of his sins, he needs to prepare for the next important sacrament — Holy Communion. This process of preparation has its own characteristics.

  • Communion takes place in the morning during the Mystery of Divine Liturgy.
  • On the eve of the Sacrament one should attend an evening service, which usually consists of a combination of vespers and matins.
  • The preparation process also includes abstinence in food. Observe fasting should be three days. At this time, do not use eggs, meat, dairy products, fish, sweets.
  • On the eve of the sacrament spouses are forbidden to enter into intimate relationships. Prohibited various entertainment. It is necessary to limit the viewing of television.
  • On the day of the sacrament from midnight, you can not eat anything, drink water, smoke.
  • In the morning, you must wash and brush your teeth.
  • It is advisable to get up early to have time to read the prayers to the holy communion.
  • In the temple at the beginning of the service must come without delay.

After the people in the temple sing “Our Father,” you should come closer to the Royal Doors. It is important to skip ahead women with young children, the elderly, nuns.

If a person is missed, then you need to bow in gratitude and go straight through.

Baptism should be in advance, near the Bowl of this can not be done. After a person has taken the sacrament, you should go to a special table where they will give me a drink.

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