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How to make the wish come true in 1 day

How to make a wish come true in 1 day: effective techniques and magical rites

Techniques of fulfillment of desires and magical mysteries pursue an important goal — to create a special thought form of the desired and send creative, materializing power to it. Everything that a person focuses on is filled with energy.

If it is negative and manifests itself in fears — the dream does not come true. If a person thinks positively about his desire (in which special techniques and rituals help), this allows him to be carried out as soon as possible.

Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques for translating the desired. Its essence lies in the mental representation of the desired object or event in the form of a mental image.

One of the most important visualization tools is imagination. The following rules will help you quickly master this technique:

  • The correct formulation of desire. It should be expressed in the present tense and formulated as specifically as possible. Words should not contain a negative particle. "not" or words "want". Example: "I have a new country house with two floors and a terrace".
  • Focusing on the final result. It is necessary to concentrate on the moment when the dream has already been realized, and the goal has been achieved. Do not think about how this will happen. Here the principle of the proverb: "God works in mysterious ways".
  • Imagination itself inside, not outside the picture. On the mental screen you should imagine yourself not watching from the side, but being a direct participant in the events.

How to make the wish come true in 1 day

In order for desire to be fulfilled quickly, you should take three simple steps:

  1. 1. Formulate the desired. A dream is spoken in one sentence, visualization is not required in this method. Example: "Tomorrow I win the lottery".
  2. 2. Creating a mental vacuum. At this stage, you should completely abandon all thoughts for a few moments. To do this, you can focus on any horizontal line (a window or table line will do), or on a gray surface.
  3. 3. Repetition of the wording created in the first paragraph. It is carried out after it was possible to hold the mental emptiness for several moments. This allows you to send a request to the Universe.

To make the wish come true as soon as possible, this method is recommended to use before bedtime. But if suddenly in the process of applying the technique, he overcame a dream, it is repeated the next morning.

How to make the wish come true in 1 day

The golden minute of the day is called those 60 seconds, during which making wishes most effectively. Once in 24 hours, the heavenly office reviews all the offers from people.

If you have time to send your request at this time, it will instantly be under consideration by higher powers.

The golden minute is calculated as follows: the number of the date of the month is the hour, and the number of the month itself is the minute.

For example, the date is 15. 01 (January 1).

On this day, the golden minute of the day will be 15:01. It is at this moment that one should make a wish.

But there is an exception. In those days that fall from 25 to 31 numbers, the calculation is done the opposite.

For example, 28. 08 (August 28) 08 counts in an hour, and 28 in a minute.

The golden minute of the day on this day will come at 8:28.

How to make the wish come true in 1 day

To fulfill the desire as soon as possible, in windy weather, stand under the crown of a mighty tree and mentally pronounce your desire. Then you need to jump, trying to reach the highest branch.

As a thank you, you should leave the tree with a gift — a bun or a handful of any fresh seeds, putting the offering under its crown.

The body language can help to quickly achieve the desired. For this purpose mudras, dance, visualization with the addition of physical sensations are used.

Yogis teach that every gesture made has a special energy and is able to influence the emotional state. In addition, special gestures (mudras) help to concentrate the energy of a person on his specific goals, allowing him to become stronger and healthier and make his dreams come true.

The next mudra is called "Kubera". It contributes to the realization of those desires that are directed not to harm other people or nature. Before you perform "Cuberu", it is necessary to articulate desire very clearly.

It should not contain negatives.

Then you should close the tips of the index, thumb and middle fingers on both hands, and press the ring and little finger to the palm.

How to make a wish come true in 1 day

Breathing should be measured and calm. Mudra complement the positive visualization of the performance desired. In order for desire to be fulfilled in 1 day, this mudra should be repeated seven times, putting into it as much of the positive energy of visualization as possible.

In other cases, to make a dream come true, a magic gesture is performed every day for a week or more.

With the help of dance you can immerse yourself in a state in which the power of human thought increases significantly. If necessary information is brought into this state, then very soon it will be realized in the material world.

For the dance should be allocated at least half an hour of free time. The dance itself can last only five minutes, but it does not always go right to catch the right wave.

It is performed both under the favorite music and in silence — under the music of the heart.

Performed dance alone. So it will be easier to relax.

You must first visualize your desire, and then you can begin to move, allowing the body to do what it wants. The dance of the fulfillment of desires implies a lack of control over the body with the help of the mind. Hands, feet, body — everything should move at the behest of the subconscious.

View body movements should not be confused. After all, this is how the strongest energy field is created, in which desire acquires strength.

You can dance as long as it seems necessary.

Visualization of the desired can be significantly enhanced by connecting the physical sensations. Representing the realization of a dream, you should simultaneously imagine what the body feels. A woman who dreams of a new mink coat, can imagine that she is already in it.

To do this, you can take a piece of any fur, attach it to yourself and, having closed your eyes, imagine a cherished fur coat.

A student who wishes to successfully pass all the exams and get a diploma should imagine what this document is to the touch. It is even possible under some pretext to ask them to hold a certificate of higher education in the hands of their older comrades in order to memorize physical sensations.

To fulfill any dream as soon as possible, it is necessary to find as many vivid physical sensations as possible and supplement them with visualization.

Precious and semi-precious stones create an invisible power aura around themselves that contributes to the realization of the desired. Depending on the nature of the desire, you should select the appropriate color of the stone:

Stone colorMineral examplesImpact
RedGarnet, coral, rubyAllows you to embody the intentions associated with activity, self-confidence, increased attention to his own person. These stones will help to realize and dreams associated with the sphere of love
YellowGolden Topaz, Golden Beryl, Saffron CitrineContributes to the realization of desires associated with creativity. Such stones are charged with optimism, turning unpleasant situations for the benefit of man.
GreenEmerald, jade, malachiteFireplace of this color helps to attract finances to life, improve mental state. They also help to implement intentions related to health and beauty, stabilization of a particular situation, finding peace
BlueSapphire, lapis lazuli, London TopazAllow to realize the desires associated with gaining trust in society, the disposition of people around you
BlueTurquoise, aquamarine, larimarWill suit those whose dreams are connected with distant trips, finding inner peace, harmony with themselves
VioletAmethyst, spinel, ametrineStones of this color contribute to the implementation of creative endeavors. They also help those who dream of acquiring supernatural abilities.
WhiteBrilliant, Moonstone, RhinestoneThese minerals help to start life from scratch, to fill the daily life with new emotions. Therefore, suitable for people whose intentions are associated with updating or getting rid of boredom and everyday life.

Suitable mineral should be dipped in salted water for 15-20 minutes. This will clear the stone. After that, he can speak to the fulfillment of the desire:

  1. 1. They put three wax triangle candles on the table and light them.
  2. 2. Then you should visualize the dream. Taking the stone with their fingertips, gently hold it over the flame in a clockwise direction and say the words three times: "You have the power of fire to imbue yourself with it!".
  3. 3. Take the mineral in your left hand and also continue to shake it, pronouncing what you want in a quiet voice.

Now the mineral is conspired. It should be carried with you.

The remains of the candles must be lit in the following days until complete burnout, laying a stone between them. When the wish is fulfilled, the stone must be cleaned again in salted water.

New Year is a time when the rituals for making dreams come true are especially strong. The special festive atmosphere enhances the sacrament several times, which allows it to be completed as soon as possible.

To make New Year’s wishes come true as quickly as possible, you should follow the following rules:

  • The request should relate directly to the desire itself. You can not want money for a new car — you should ask the car itself, and not the means to purchase it.
  • A fulfilled desire must evoke a feeling of deep satisfaction. If a girl dreams of marriage, she should represent just the wedding, and not just an acquaintance with the potential elect.
  • The dream should not be to the detriment of other people or nature.
  • If the desire is formulated in writing, you must use the most beautiful paper and pen.
  • A dream should be formulated positively, without a particle. "not".
  • About the hidden can not tell anyone.
  • At the time of guessing should be in a good and cheerful mood.
  • On the eve of this holiday ritual it is impossible to quarrel with loved ones.

The following methods allow you to quickly fulfill the New Year wish:

  • Write the dream on a thin piece of paper and roll it up. Under the chiming clock, the note is ignited on a candle and poured into a glass of champagne, which is drunk to the bottom after 12 beats.
  • Jump as high as possible when it is midnight. In flight, think about the implementation of the desired.
  • Eat 12 grapes before the end of the chimes, while making a wish.
  • Cut 12 snowflakes, on each of which write down one dream. After midnight they are thrown off the balcony.
  • Write a letter that describes all desires, plans and dreams. It should be sealed in a beautiful envelope and not open until next New Year holidays.
  • After midnight, draw your wish using any colors (except black).

Mantras are phrases in Sanskrit that encode a powerful energy message. Each of the mantras for the fulfillment of desire should be pronounced 108 times:

  • AUM — HRIM — STREAM — HUM — PChAP. This mantra allows you to fulfill desires associated with health, finances, goal achievement.
  • AUM — JAYA — JAYA — SRI — SHIVAYA — SWAHA. Among yogis, this mantra is called "gold"as fulfills any desires.
  • AUM-JAYA-JAYA-SRI-SHIVAYA-SVAHA. It allows you to achieve very high results in your chosen field of activity. Promotes the fulfillment of desires associated with studies.
  • OM-NAREVAZA-NAGATE. It will help to fulfill a heartfelt dream in the sphere of love.

One can appeal to the Lord God and the saints only with pure intentions. When the desired is accomplished, you should do any good deed — to help someone you know in solving a difficult issue, to give generous alms to a beggar at the temple.

Pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker in the temple or at home in front of his icon:

"To St. Nicholas, Divine Divine! In your life you did not refuse to humble people petitions, so help me also in the desire of my heart.

Bless me, the servant of God (name), Father Nicholas, for the fulfillment of secret dreams. Ask the Lord to give us salvation and grace all the days of our life.


John the Theologian is addressed as follows:

"Most Holy Father John, coming at the throne of the Lord, coming and interceding for us! Grant us the fulfillment of our petitions for the glory of the Lord, more than help us gain spiritual perfection to enjoy in the heavenly abodes of God. Pray to the Lord God for us, Most Holy John, let us glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the kingdom above.


Holy Martha (Martha) of Bethany was the sister of Lazarus and Mary. She was mentioned in the holy writings of Luke and John. Prayer to St. Martha sounds like this:

"O holy Miracle-working Martha! I come to you for help, be a quick test assistant.

I humbly ask you for consolation in earthly concerns. Pray the Lord for me and for my household, may we save the Lord in our souls.

And entreat the Lord Jesus Christ for the care that today is me (the name of the desire). I earnestly implore you, most holy to the servant of God Martha, to help me for the glory of God.


Simoron’s magic is distinguished by sparkling humor and ease of execution. Thanks to these properties, her rituals will help to find the right mental attitude and bring the realization of the desired.

This method allows you to attract pleasant things in everyday life. For the fulfillment of more global desires, this method is not quite suitable.

For this Simoron rite, you must purchase a notebook in advance. The rite itself is held on the first lunar day.

Notepad can be any — the main thing is that its appearance brings aesthetic pleasure.

On the first page you should write your wish. Example: "With a sense of joy and gratitude, I accept new socks from the universe.". Instead of socks, you can specify any small object that is easy to purchase yourself — cream, apple, cup or chocolate.

Then you should go to the store and buy the specified item.

Since this desire has come true, you can proceed to the next step — thanks to the Universe. Under the wish written in notebook note: "Hooray!

Wish come true! Thank you so much!". Instead "fulfilled" Desires should now write two new ones.

But now one of the two points should be self-fulfilling, and the second should be the one that will be carried out by the forces of the Universe.

Self-fulfilling desires will help nourish the notebook with energy. It should be periodically reviewed, thanked for the fulfilled dreams and enter new ones there.

To make the dreams come true, such a technique will do. Its essence lies in the fact that under the bed are placed notes with desires and various items that symbolize something positive. There should be no dust or old objects under the bed.

This can slow down the fulfillment of a dream, or even bring undesirable events into life.

Instead, you should put a note under the bed or an object that symbolizes the execution of the plan. For example:

  • A card with the image of money will help to attract the required amount;
  • booties will help those who want to have children;
  • employment record with the desired position entered — get a job (the book can be specially purchased at the newsstand);
  • travel agency booklet — go on a trip.

For the fulfillment of desire, you can use the usual chewing gum. To start a dream come true, you need to fix one letter on the package, turning the chewing gum into "desired".

Then you can chew it, representing the embodiment of a dream.

It is also important which gum is chosen:

  • Mint is suitable for desires related to finances;
  • strawberry — in the field of love;
  • for travel — multifruit.

For quick execution of the desired, you can resort to magical rites. All the sacraments, except the rite of invoking a genie, belong to white magic and do not bear negative consequences.

You can spend them at home.

For this sacrament you will need a candle and a sheet of paper with a wish written on it. It is preferable to prepare the candle for a thin, long and soft one, as it is twisted 7 times during the ceremony.

The sacrament is performed as follows:

  1. 1. On the candle is 7 turns.
  2. 2. Under her put a note with desire.
  3. 3. The candle is lit.
  4. 4. The enthrallist represents the fulfillment of desire within 10-15 minutes.
  5. 5. When the fire reaches the seventh orbit, you should get a note and burn the candles in the fire.
  6. 6. At the end of the ceremony, the higher forces should be thanked for their assistance in fulfilling the desire.

For the ceremony should wait for the full moon. After midnight they write a cherished wish on a blank sheet of paper.

Then they put a magic note on the window sill so that moonlight would fall on it.

Sheet should lie so for three nights in a row (during the day it must be removed). During this time, the desire is saturated with the magical energy of the moon and begins to incarnate.

Until the dream comes true completely, you should hide the note in a secluded place. When the desired becomes true, the leaflet is burned and the Higher Forces thank for their assistance.

In the morning they take water from a well or a river and put it to stand until the very night. Before going to sleep, three times the words are pronounced:

"Voditsa-sister clean, spring (well)! You are wearing a silushka and you wear health, you fill the beast and man with life. Fill with power and my desire, but rather fulfill it.

Revive, do not destroy, to all living things for the good, not to someone else, but I need to. Amen".

Then they sip a few sips, and wash their face and hands with the rest. After that, you should go to bed without talking to anyone before dawn.

With the help of special rituals, you can call a genie and apply to it with your request. But before resorting to this method, it should be noted that the good-natured image from the Disney cartoon does not correspond to reality.

A jinn is no less dangerous than another unclean spirit, and in such rites one should be especially careful.

According to the legends, genies are insidious and powerful creatures. They may require a much higher fee for the fulfillment of desire than the energy of visualization.

The consequences of calling a genie can be a loss of work, poor health, discord with loved ones. Therefore, resorting to the challenge of the Muslim spirit only in the most extreme cases.

The location of the sacrament should be surrounded by a protective barrier. To do this, take 5 pink crystals (they can be purchased at a jewelry or handicraft store), and arrange them in a circle. It is preferable to take natural crystals — for example, agate or quartz.

Use against the genies protective circle, drawn in chalk or salt, is useless. These elements do not frighten the jinn or stop them.

According to Muslim beliefs, each of the jinn has a choice — to be kind or serve evil forces. What kind of spirit will come to the challenge, it is impossible to predict in advance.

You can protect yourself from a genie only with the help of Muslim amulets. As a talisman, the image of a crescent is well suited, the value of which is comparable to the value of the cross in the Christian tradition.

Before the ceremony, it should be determined whether it will be conducted with or without a lamp. The power of the ceremony does not depend on the subject, but its presence is quite symbolic and definitely affects the jinn.

Before the sacrament of calling a genie, you should familiarize yourself with other rules:

  • Desire pronounced with a piece of paper. It must be recorded in advance.
  • The petition must be written in a clear and understandable language.
  • The genie is asked only real things. For example, if you ask a genie to give power over the whole world, this can make him very angry.
  • Be sure to thank the spirit and send it back.

To order a wish fulfillment from a genie, you will need:

  • copper lamp (sold at the souvenir shop);
  • animal tail, harvested without violence;
  • resin;
  • indigo shade paint powder.

The lamp must be placed in a protective circle of pink crystals, so that the genie could not escape outside the designated area. The tail is dipped in paint and the paint is shaken in the air, saying the words 33 times:

"Genie, the magical performer of desires, appear!".

"And if my wish is not fulfilled, then I will fill you with boiling tar!".

After the ceremony, the lamp should be quickly closed.

In some cases, dreams can be fulfilled very slowly, or with great difficulty. The reasons for this occurrence are usually as follows:

  • An obsession with one of the versions of the requested. If a person imagines that his dream should come true in a certain way and nothing else, the Universe cannot manifest creativity. Any meditation practice aimed at cultivating a state of detachment and relaxation helps against obsession.
  • The destructive nature of the dream. It should not be negative, or cause harm to other people. Such a desire, if embodied, will return to man in the future as a boomerang, but at the same time will have sevenfold destructive power.
  • The impossible dream. The need must coincide with the reality and the laws that operate in it. If a person wants to learn how to fly like birds, this dream is unlikely to be fulfilled due to incompatibility with the laws of biology and physics.
  • Unconscious rejection. A person believes that his desire is sincere, but in reality it is imposed by society or friends.
  • No self confidence. If a guessing wish considers itself unworthy of its fulfillment, then it will definitely not come true.
  • Inaction. Higher forces can give a large number of chances for success, but if a person does not take advantage of them, then his desire cannot be realized.

When all the rules are followed, one thing remains — let go of the desire. This means that when recollecting a dream one cannot think about how bad it is, that it has not yet come true.

To feed desire with positive energy, rather than negative, it is necessary instead to present its implementation. People with particularly strong energy will be able to fulfill their dream even in one day, as often as possible soaking it with creative energy.

What can not be done in the process of applying special techniques and conducting ceremonies:

  • Cling to the old. When the Universe begins to provide chances for the realization of a dream, a person may be required to leave the comfort zone. If he continues to cling to his past life, his intentions will not come true.
  • Specially focus on the negative. One or two doubtful thoughts will not be able to mark the execution of the plan. But if a person wallows in anxious thoughts every day, it will prevent desire to come true.
  • To perform rites for desires associated with the will of another person. It’s impossible to change the life of another, and it will bring harm to the one who wants it. The dream should be reformulated so that it applies only to the one who asks.
  • Dream out of fear. All desires are fulfilled only if the person is not afraid to be left without something, but on the contrary, strives for it. For example, you can be afraid of being sick or seeking health.

If the desire later turned out to be unnecessary, you can use the following rite of cancellation. It is held after sunset, but before midnight, since the evil force is later walking:

  1. 1. Take a new scarf and tie a knot on it.
  2. 2. Then you should concentrate on the desire, once again thinking about whether to abandon it. If so, the node is untied and the words are pronounced: "A sinful person is prone to make mistakes. Here I am, the servant of the Lord (name), made a mistake. I asked the Great Spirit to help me, and then I realized that even without this intention, I feel good. I ask now to deny me the fulfillment of this desire (pronounced irrelevant dream), and forgive me for my excitement. Amen".
  3. 3. After the ceremony, one should get rid of the headscarf so that nothing else can be connected to the dream.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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