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How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

How to clean the house from the negative, damage and the evil eye

By contacting daily with household items and the walls of his home, a person initiates a continuous exchange between transforming (living) and accumulating (non-living) energies. Unlike a living organism that can transform cosmic energy into many others, inanimate objects simply accumulate all the subtle matter available to them, forming a complex energy substrate.

Houses with a stagnant, heavy biofield can adversely affect a person’s mood and actions. The ritual of cleaning the space and maintaining the household energy in a circulating state can change the life of the family living in it for the better.

It is possible to spoil the spatial energy of the house on purpose, by making a damage lining or by tying primitive dark entities to the dwelling. This provocation is very quickly detected in the general deterioration of the well-being of family members, the development of inexplicable fears in children, the presence of extraneous sounds and smells in the house.

The most striking sign of home spoilage is the feeling of a close look at the back, which all tenants complain about.

The symptoms of energy stagnation are more uncertain:

  • quarrels flare up «out of the blue»;
  • children get sick more often;
  • family members begin to feel depressed when entering the house from the street;
  • worsening financial situation;
  • even after cleaning the apartment looks sloppy;
  • house plants die;
  • Household appliances and furniture break down; dishes are often beaten.

Believers say that in places with poor energy, the faces of the saints on the icons darken and become difficult to see, and the lampads are quickly salted and blackened by soot.

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

You can not proceed to the cleansing rituals surrounded by a dark, negative aura. Before all sacred actions — diagnostics and removal of damage, ritual cleaning or a protective rite — the body should be washed with warm water and rubbed with large table salt, which removes negative energy well.

You can turn bathing into a ritual of purification. To do this, you first need in circular motions, from toe to the edge of hair growth on the head, rub the moist body with salt, and then, standing under the shower jets and stroking yourself on the shoulders and chest, utter a short plot:

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

It is necessary to free the home from the accumulated negative along with procedures aimed at energetic cleaning of all adult family members. This should be done in several stages — on the physical and mental levels.

It is useful for baptized people to turn to Divine protection — to invite the priest to go home and from time to time go to church to confess and receive communion.

Nobody except the people living in this territory should know about taking measures to clean up the home space, because it is possible that the person who did the damage will repeat his actions and all efforts will be in vain. To panic and try to reproduce all the rites listed below is also not necessary — it is enough to apply 1-2 effective methods.

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

No ritual actions to clean housing will not take effect unless the information field of the room is previously unloaded from sources emitting negative waves. Hopelessly broken things, no matter how expensive they are, should be discarded. The charge of negative energy is in itself:

  • broken and glued dishes (figurines);
  • cracked ceiling chandeliers;
  • «Bald» carpets;
  • non-functioning machinery;
  • old clothes that no one wears, latrine curtains or tablecloths that «sorry to throw.»

If items can be repaired without losing their appearance and functionality, this should be done quickly or get rid of things forever. Carpets, like massive curtains, are dry-cleaned, excess shoes, out-of-season clothes are put in boxes.

Every corner is washed in the room, all old specks are cleaned from floors and walls, the furniture is polished to a shine. The window, even if it is cold outside, is kept open during cleaning.

Without prolonged ventilation, bad energy, not finding a way out, will continue to circulate indoors.

In every home there are potentially dangerous items that are so firmly integrated into the biofield of housing that they seem to be an integral part of it. These can be old things, bought “from hands” or inherited, photos of deceased relatives, mirrors or art objects:

  1. one. Photos of dead people. If they are exposed in the house for everyone to see, then this is a very powerful energy funnel that absorbs any energy converted from biomass (live). Of particular danger are portrait photographs of ancestors, where human eyes are clearly visible. If the cards are of family value, they need to be removed in a separate album, where there are no photos of living family members. Old photos and negatives with strangers need to throw.
  2. 2 Pictures or objects depicting human deformity or demonicentities. They are extremely undesirable in a residential area. Stuffed animals, parts of the skeleton (skull, etc.), who are preserved in alcohol, also have bad energy.
  3. 3 Mirrors These are strong mental batteries with long-term memory, capable of storing information for up to several hundred years. Their energy is controllable, but only if mirrors are bought and used within the history of one family and one generation.

Three or four times a year, the space of the house needs to be refreshed, forcing the energy whirlwinds to move in a new direction and wash the previously closed corners of the rooms. This is facilitated by the rearrangement of furniture and a change in the color scheme of the room design.

After the house is cleaned of visible dirt, surface mental cleaning with salt should be carried out. To remove damage or to collect in this way all the negative energy will not work, but to free space from coarse matters and increase the efficiency of further procedures is completely. First, use dry salt — it is scattered into glass vodka stacks and placed in all corners of the house, even in the bathroom and hallway.

The “accumulators of evil” must stand for at least a month, and the salt changes in containers every 7 days.

The next morning after the general cleaning you need to wash the floors with a conspiracy solution with salt, which is prepared the day before. Water from the tap for this purpose is not suitable — you should stock up on rainwater, melt the snow or go to the river. In the evening, standing in the yard or on the balcony, you need to take a handful of salt from the new pack and read the words of prayer over it:

"God, our Savior, who appeared through the prophet Elisha in Jericho, and so with the salt made healthy unhealthy water! You yourself bless this salt and make it an offering of joy.

For you are our God and to you we give glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and forevermore. Amen.


Conspired salt is thrown into the water and stir the solution by hand. The bucket is left overnight under the moonlight, and with the dawn proceed to the final part of the cleaning. If the floors are very dirty, then use salt with vinegar — enter one and the other component in a bucket of a few tablespoons.

The floors are washed, moving from the far room towards the front door.

To perform this strong rite, it is necessary in the morning of the same day to cut into the field the branches of the thistle or heather panicles. Later in the evening, holy water is poured into a deep plate, taken into the left hand, and the branches of the plants into the right hand and they begin to make a detour through all the rooms of the house, moving clockwise. They carefully sprinkle the floors and walls in the corners, windows, interior doors and entrance doors, and at the same time they read the prayer:

“Lord, save me and my house from the evil deeds of strangers and the deceptions of the godless, and protect me and my family from these networks in the wilderness of Your hidden salvation. Lord, give me courage and strength, the power of resisting intent and evil.

May I not deny thee the Redeemer and our Savior from you, from your holy church. But give me, Lord Jesus, night and day, tears and crying about my sins and spare us in the hour of Your Dreadful Judgment.


At the end of the ceremony, wash the hands and face with the remaining water, but do not wipe them, but give to dry.

In the church, you need to buy at least three candles from yellow wax and take more holy water. With the onset of the evening, the owner of the house curtains all the windows, becomes in the middle of the farthest room in the house and lights one church candle, reading “Our Father”.

The candle should be held in the outstretched hand in front of you.

A walk around the room starts from the left corner in a clockwise direction — the candle slowly and zigzaggingly (up and down) moves along each wall, and the corners “burn” from the baseboards and until then the hand reaches the top. During the tour, the plot is read:

"The power is dark, the power is evil, go away well. I am not afraid of you, with a candle in the corners, I’ll go through everything, I will drive you out, I sacrifice with fire.

Go away, where you came from, you brought a lot of troubles with you, who brought you, let him take it back and take it away, it’s not enough for you".

Cleaning with a candle also serves as an accurate diagnosis of the degree of «disease» at home. A candle’s fire in a “polluted” apartment will behave strangely and where it starts to dance or fade, smoke or pop, it is necessary to stop and repeat the words of prayer over and over until the flame calms down.

When one candle burns out, immediately light another and continue to bypass.

The stubs left after the rite are wrapped in paper and carried to a forest or grove, where they are buried under the oldest tree that can be found.

Muslims believe that the damage of the dwelling itself is a rare phenomenon. Negative energy comes into space with a damned person and remains in the walls even after the patient is cured.

You can clean the house of such damage with the help of candles and water, charged by the healer.

Candles take four times more than the living rooms in the house, and plus one more candle for each non-residential or office space. From early morning until two or three o’clock in the afternoon, the house is undergoing general cleaning with the participation of all family members, but closer to the appointed time everyone leaves the house except the one who will conduct the ceremony.

Gone even pets.

The reader reveals all the windows and begins the ritual:

  • healing water is poured into a bowl, takes it in the left hand, and in the right hand — a brush;
  • starting from the far room and moving to the entrance, the reader irrigates crosswise water with a brush from every corner;
  • on all corners of the processed room, on a saucer, is placed over an unlit candle;
  • in non-residential rooms, a candle is placed in the middle of the room;
  • after all the rooms are bypassed and lighted with water, the person returns to the original room and, starting from there, lights all the candles placed around the house.

Prayers for cleaning the house, you need to read in such a complex — first once "Arrahimani-rrahim", then ten times in a row, “La ilagya illa- (A) llahu wahidagu”. The first time the complex is read, when all the candles are only lit, the second time — when they are half melted, and the third time — when the last candle goes out.

Cinder should be carefully collected and burned over an open fire, and saucer beat and bury away from home.

Runic cleansing acts on the strength of the one who decided to use ancient symbols, therefore, it is not recommended to use it often, with independent removal of damage or the evil eye. The sacred formula is applied once and in such a way that it can be easily “closed” after the rune has completed its work.

It is best to use visualization and symbolic application — that is, to “draw” the runes in the air with a smoldering aromabag or church candle, while presenting how secret signs tremble and gradually dissolve into the aura of the room.

When drawing characters should be out loud, in a firm voice, speak the result that is expected from the action of the runes. It should sound in an adamant form, with the obligatory indication of the validity of the formula, after which it will become inactive.

Traditionally indicate three or nine days.

Symbol Kveort, requiring application on four sides of the world:

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

How to independently clean a house or apartment from negative energy, damage

If a person is away from the house that needs to be cleaned, he can trace the chosen formula on the photo of the building, and his intention to speak out loud or write on the back of the picture.

The ritual is carried out in the period of late spring or in summer, when natural sand near the open waters is gaining plenty of sunlight and heat. Early in the morning you have to go to the beach and take 5 handfuls of dry sand without stones and shells.

They collect it from a secluded corner where people and animals do not walk.

At home, the sand should be sifted into a linen bag and put it in the middle of the room where the negative is felt most of all. Three days later, the bag, without touching its contents, is tied up and taken to a dirt pedestrian intersection away from the house. Sand needs to be dispersed so that its particles lay on all sides of the world, on all four ways of the intersection.

The bag is buried right there, at the curb.

In order to attract good luck and clean the house of the remnants of negative matters that may linger in the room after serious procedures, they use a visualization method called “Rain”. To do this, you must first practice, repeatedly reproducing the once-experienced summer “mushroom” rain — warm and plentiful, boiling in bubbles in the puddles and causing pleasant thoughts.

When the picture begins to float in the mind at first wish, you should go through all the rooms of the house in turn and in each clearly represent how a strong downpour filled with the sun began in the room, washing away all that is dark in the air. After the rain, you need to «turn on» the sun and allow it to light all the washed corners of the room.

This cleaning method is applied as often as possible, at least every day.

A person needs to accustom himself to the regular cleaning of his own biofield from the emotional and energetic dirt that penetrates him daily. It also requires visualization.

Approaching the front door from the outside, one must imagine that a shower structure is attached above the door, as in a country house. He started to walk on the door mat and took hold of the door handle — and immediately a stream of warm, pleasant water rushes in from the top, carrying off extra weight in the form of daily sorrows, failures, and negative thoughts.

Conducting visualization every day, accompanying it all the parishes from the street, you can learn to do it automatically.

Any sounds cause the energy fields to vibrate — the low-frequency range raises the lowest and heaviest waves in the biofield, and the high-frequency, saturated with short harmonics — awakens the cosmic waves and initiates the update.

The dark energy present in the house produces inaudible waves of ultra low frequencies, which negatively affect the mental state of the residents. By opposing these vibrations to others with healing properties, it is possible to negate the frequency of heavy vibrations.

This can be done in several ways:

  1. one. Claps. It is necessary to walk along each wall of the apartment, clapping your hands as loudly as possible and “carefully clapping” all the corners until an echo starts to respond.
  2. 2 Bell. The bell from the module, which is usually hung above the entrance door in stores, will be suitable. Continuously ringing them, pass through all the rooms, looking even into the closets and other closed spaces.
  3. 3 Audio recordings. It is necessary to try, so that in the house more often classical music or special recordings with a bell-ringing and the sounds of nature sounded softly.

Adherents of spiritual practices regularly clean their living space with the help of the Tibetan bowl. They play on this singing instrument in several ways: by “rubbing the rim” (by running a stick over the outer edge of the bowl) and by short strokes on the side of the vessel.

You should first study the technology of working with a ritual object, and then, sitting in the middle of the main room in the house, perform a 20-minute sound ritual according to the chosen method.

After home manipulations to clean the house from the negative, it is necessary to remove the remnants of dark matter from the hands, otherwise you can seriously get sick. For this, table salt is poured in advance in the saucer, and then they wash their hands twice under the tap — first with soap and then with salt.

After the procedure, the hands are shaken and a 3-5-minute finger massage is performed so that the skin warms up well. The final moment — shake hands, as if shaking off the sticky sand.

After this action, a person can be sure that the energy of damage or the evil eye has left his personal biofield.

Purified energy space becomes very susceptible to various parasitic entities and matter, feeding on pure energies. If, immediately after strong rituals to remove a negative, do not fix the result and put a protective screen around the house, the aura of the house is quickly fed by the negative of those who want to use it for their own purposes.

To protect the premises, it is best to use the natural forces of stones and plants, especially since they serve as good diagnosticians and will immediately point out the contaminated space in the event of a repeated «contamination».

The main function of home flowers is to stimulate the energy flow at home, preventing the formation of stagnation and «dead» parts of the field. Best of all cacti, rubber plants and roses cope with the role of natural filters.

The abundance of geranium bushes on the windowsills ensures that the energy of the person who came with bad intentions does not linger in the apartment. A lemon or tangerine tree standing in the corner of the main room will be soothing to everyone, and it will be difficult for an adversary to send damage to a dwelling in which several aloe tree bushes grow.

The natural properties of wild plants can also bring home the benefits, but stocks will have to be replenished regularly:

  • the branches of mountain ash with berries are tied up by two red threads, and are hung from the front door door as a protection against the evil eye;
  • fresh wormwood is laid out under the carpet in the living room and under the door mat;
  • sprigs of thistles standing in a vase in the hallway will help silence the evil tongues in the house;
  • mint stalks are fixed on the frame of all the mirrors in the house, and especially on the mirror in the hallway, where strangers look.

It is not necessary to keep cut decorative flowers in a house or to specially grow plants that are not intended for residential conditions — all this gives rise to sedentary or closed energy channels.

You can clean the house, periodically “clogged” by splashes of bad energies, with the help of stones and crystals. Among the stones, black tourmaline, which copes well with a task in space that often receives foreign energy — in the hallway and guest room, is considered the most powerful absorber of heavy matter.

Other stones used in order to balance the vibrations of different frequencies:

In the corners of the house, where the sunlight does not penetrate and in rooms without windows, you need to put protection — hang crystals of rock crystal on threads — they perfectly accumulate harmful energies. When the vitality of a crystal dries out, it loses its transparency and begins to crumble.

In this case, the mineral is wrapped in paper and “buried” in the ground or in the river.

Essential oils affect a person, adjusting his emotions and harmonizing them to a state of peace and inner balance. Aromas affect the aura of the premises, lightening it and relieving it from heavy negative suspensions:

  • eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, orange help to restore the circulation of energy flows after cleaning the space from damage;
  • frankincense, thyme, bergamot lighten the aura and increase its intensity, attract good luck to the house;
  • pine, fir help to cope with the dead energy hanging in the room after the death of a person;
  • cinnamon, sandalwood, clove, mint strengthen the weak biofield of new housing;
  • tea tree, oregano, sage, lavender restore the protective functions of the aura after energy strikes (strong scandals, murder, damage);
  • ylang-ylang, rose, geranium distribute energy, avoiding its stagnation.

In the house, where the weak aroma of cypress oil stably keeps, the damage will not take root, and it will be impossible to jinx such housing.

Cleaning the house from the negative should be done four times a year and definitely — on Pure Thursday on the eve of Easter and before the New Year. In the days of general cleaning it is better not to be lazy and to reconsider the need for every thing in the house.

If any item of clothing or life has not been used for more than a year, then you can safely get rid of it.

To preserve a healthy energy at home, it is important to exclude factors luring dark matter. Vivid examples of such are unwashed dishes, left in the sink until the morning, or unwashed clothes, collected in large piles.

The purity and integrity of the dishes in the Old Indian Vedas were given such great importance that in a house where these conditions were not respected, it was forbidden to even stay overnight.

The homely chapel has an amazing power — a place where personal icons of all family members, church candles and incense are located. Over time, a corner where households can talk with God will become a place of power at home, and the healthy energy circulating from it will not allow any evil to penetrate into the aura of the home.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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