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How to guess with a comb under the pillow on the betrothed

Guessing with a comb under the pillow: the sure way to know the betrothed

The most popular variants of love divination include rituals with a comb, which were considered the most faithful and effective. Such ceremonies are simply carried out: special objects are not needed to perform them. Neither extrasensory abilities, nor belonging to the genus of hereditary fortunetellers are required.

There are several options for rituals available. It is necessary to follow simple rules in order not to be disappointed in the results.

Jokes with otherworldly forces are unacceptable. To the fortress should be approached seriously, so as not to spoil their own destiny. The rules for divination with a comb under the pillow are simple:

  • Remove all the decorations. This is an indispensable condition of the rite.
  • Prior to the beginning of the fortunement carefully comb the old comb.
  • From evening until morning, no one should be allowed into the room where the ritual is performed. The presence of outsiders will negate all efforts.
  • Do not make any jokes. It is important to remain focused and serious.
  • Conspiracy words are memorized.
  • All hairpins, hairpins, stealth, and other accessories are removed from the hair. Hair dissolve, washed. Do not use any styling products.
  • Clothing is worn comfortable, not hindering freedom of movement. The best option — pajamas made from natural material. All knots on clothes untie.
  • It is forbidden to criticize your own appearance and hair, ironed in the mirror. This has a negative effect on divination.
  • Allowed to guess during the Christmas week. The most effective days are the eve of the Old New Year, Christmas, Epiphany.
  • Rituals are permissible not only in the days of January, but also in the summer during Green Week or Mermaid Week. This period comes seven days before the Trinity. This time is also called the Summer Christmas or Semik.
  • The comb is necessary new, from natural materials. Before the ritual, it is washed with running cool water. It is forbidden to use someone else’s comb.
  • It is unacceptable to throw hair anywhere after the completion of the ritual.

To observe the ancient rite, the best option is a comb made of natural wood or ivory. The prediction will surely come true, and the betrothed will come in a dream.

How to guess with a comb under the pillow on the betrothed

The name of the chosen one, his appearance, even the place of meeting with the future companion of life helps to know the true guesses with a comb under the pillow.

There are several variants of the old divination.

How to guess with a comb under the pillow on the betrothed

According to the old way, the hair before bed is combed, washed. The words of the conspiracy are pronounced: “Appear to me, my betrothed, disguised.

Come comb my hair. ”

If you follow all the points, then the girl will connect her life with a young man who appeared to comb her in dreams.

How to guess with a comb under the pillow on the betrothed

There is another option to clarify the future. Used it after caroling.

Act as follows:

  1. 1. Go into your room, not a single word without sharing with others.
  2. 2. Curls comb comb, put it under the pillow.
  3. 3. Present the desired image by covering the eyes.
  4. 4. They say the words: “Come, my betrothed, in my dream, take a comb and let my hair comb my hair. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen».

The groom will be in dreams.

If the unmarried person did not see the betrothed, the ceremony can be repeated again the next night. However, it is also likely that the meeting will not happen this year.

Popular ritual with a newly acquired wooden comb. Hold it after sunset.

Prepare for the fortunetelling not only a comb, but also a candle with a mirror. Act as follows:

  1. 1. The room is ventilated, even if it’s freezing cold.
  2. 2. Turn off the light and light the candle.
  3. 3. Comb the head, standing in front of a mirror and mentally imagining a lover.
  4. 4. Go to bed. Comb over the night put under the pillow.
  5. 5. A conspiracy will be made: “My darling, my betrothed, my darling, come before me. Come and let your hair comb my comb. «

The beloved must appear in the dream. If this happens, consider combing the next morning. They interpret what they see as follows:

  • The presence of hairs — an ambulance with real love. The hair color is judged by the suit of the hair of the future spouse.
  • If the groom did not dreamed, fortune-telling gave a negative result.

All comes true during the year.

There is a morning version of the divination. Spend it during the Christmas time. Act as follows:

  1. 1. After waking up, the strands are brushed with a new wooden comb.
  2. 2. Hairbrush carefully inspect, counting the number of hairs remaining on it. They will inform the girl about her future personal life.

The number of hairs on the comb will tell about the condescended and meeting with him:

Amount of hairTreatment
oneA quick date with a contender. It can even happen on the day of divination. It is necessary to closely look at all the men met, so as not to unwittingly miss the true love
2Expected news from the groom. Probable and unpleasant news in which he will appear in one way or another
3There is a rival who wants to discourage her lover. She is already spreading rumors, wanting to be separated by a couple. Envious is surrounded by wondering
fourIn personal life trouble. The man will not become a spouse. Relations will end with a slight flirtation, or it turns out, the chosen one is already married. It is likely that the result is not related to the betrothed: it is just a warning of higher powers about future problems.
5 or moreRitual failed. It is necessary to carry out divination at another time.

During seasonal hair loss, a love ritual is not allowed. Pre-negative outcome will give a charge of negative energy. It can lead in the future to various complications.

The rite should be abandoned with active hair loss.

With a sincere belief in the effectiveness of the ritual divination at home is sure to be successful. But sometimes magic does not bring the desired results due to voluntary or involuntary violation of the rules. The reasons may be as follows:

  • The door to the room is tightly covered. Chosen could not enter.
  • The ceremony was not held on the eve of the holiday.
  • About the upcoming fortune-telling or a ghostly dream, was told to strangers.
  • Used not just acquired a comb.

The time of the ceremony is shrouded in mystery. The ancestors believed that with its help the curtain opened over the future.

We should not forget that fortune telling is powerful programming. The most disappointing forecasts come true for this very reason.

The Church considers the conduct of such divination rituals with a comb under the pillow to be sinful. It is not recommended to spend them even in the days that have become customary for this. And after the ritual you should definitely visit the temple, pray, sincerely asking you to forgive the sin.

To conduct risky rituals or not — it is up to the wonders themselves to decide.

Rites associated with hair, there are many. Previously, divination with a comb was performed only by unmarried young ladies. The chances of remarriage for divorced or widowed women were then minimal.

For many who want to now the rite is not a problem.

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