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How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

True and light divination for Christmas — for the betrothed, love, future and desires

It was on the eve of Christmas since ancient times in Russia that people performed various rituals that help to look into the future and find out the future. Especially popular among unwed young ladies has always enjoyed divination for love, relationship and betrothed. Many of the ancestors’ divinations have come down to our days in their original form.

Most of them are easy to carry out even in the conditions of the modern metropolis right at home. They are characterized by ease of execution and accuracy of answers.

According to the old Russian tradition, Christmas Eve is considered the ideal time for divination (the night of January 6-7) or midnight of the first night at Christmastime. Other Christmas days that start from January 8 and continue right up to Baptism (January 19) will also do.

Recommended for the accuracy of the result of the moon phase is the full moon. This is the optimal time in which the higher forces are very active and are happy to come to the aid of those who wish to seduce on their betrothed and further fate.

But even if the month is growing or decreasing, the prediction will still be truthful, but the very execution of the ritual will be more complex and lengthy.

To cheat in another period of the year is impossible. At best, the rituals will not bring any benefit, because after the bright holiday of Baptism all evil spirits hide, and at worst, they will harm the one who performed them.

How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

According to popular superstitions, all prohibitions are lifted on the Christmas days and supernatural forces rush towards people. Some are called to harm a person, others, on the contrary, seek to help.

The dark spirits are most active at midnight on Christmas Eve.

It was then that unmarried girls can betray love and betrothed, in whose image the devil himself is. It is also possible to find out from the dark forces how many children will be born, whether the cherished desire will be fulfilled and how the next life will be.

Because of this, divination in Orthodoxy has always been considered a great sin, but this never stopped those who wanted to join their sacrament.

In Russia, the so-called unclean places were traditionally used for ceremonies, for example, a bath, a basement, an attic, an abandoned house, or a crossroads, since it was there, according to old legends, that evil lived. Particularly brave could conduct rituals in the cemetery, through which the border between the world of the living and the dead.

Border zones in the house, possessing no less force, were considered thresholds, front door, gate or wicket, even corners in the living room.

To invoke evil, during divination, it is necessary to remove icons and other church attributes, because divination is a direct appeal to dark forces. Also, it is necessary to remove the pectoral cross, rings, belts, bracelets and other surrounding objects that perform protective functions.

After the ritual is completed, it is necessary to be mesmerized and cross yourself. This will help ward off evil spirits.

And then wash with holy water and pray to partly take away sin.

How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

In order to correctly cast a spell on Christmas and Yule and to receive the most honest predictions, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules during the session:

  1. 1. concentrate and tune in to the process;
  2. 2. to remain completely alone (the condition is observed only in those rituals in which it is strictly stipulated);
  3. 3. to light the room exclusively with the help of candles;
  4. 4. dissolve hair;
  5. 5. take off your shoes and dress in loose clothing;
  6. 6. Do not cross your arms and legs;
  7. 7. Do not speak with anyone before or after the ceremony, much less during it.

How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

Vorozhba at the future spouse is very popular among unmarried girls on Christmas Eve. It helps to get maximum information about the bridegroom, see his face, find out his name, and find out the features of temperament, wealth, profession, etc. Some of these divinations are simple and safe, but there are also serious rituals that can harm a divine the result of careless and rash actions.

It is important to realize that, in the form of a condemned man, according to popular beliefs, most often is either the devil himself or the devil. It is necessary to follow the rules of fortune-telling as much as possible and, in any emergency, have time to utter the phrase “Chur me”, which will help to ward off evil spirits.

This fortune telling is one of the most exciting and risky. His need begin strictly at 12 am on Christmas Eve, and carry out the ritual all alone. It is necessary:

  1. 1. Take a pair of mirrors (one large, the second smaller).
  2. 2. Set their face one opposite another.
  3. 3. To light two church candles and light the resulting mirror maze with them.
  4. 4. For some time, peer into one of the reflective surfaces.
  5. 5. After the reflection of evil in the image of the groom, shout three times: «Chur me» to interrupt divination. Mirrors curtain black cloth and hide away.

This fortune telling is considered one of the most truthful and effective. If a girl has the courage, determination and strong nerves, then she will definitely find out the whole truth with the help of this Christmas rite.

To carry it out correctly, you need to go all alone to an abandoned village or village, to find a preserved bath there, which has not been used for a long time.

It should be noted that fortune telling should be held on Christmas Eve and strictly according to all the rules. And next to the room in which the ritual is performed, no one should be.

Otherwise, the fortuneteller can be seriously hurt.

In the bath you need to perform the following actions:

  1. 1. close from the inside, and if the lock is preserved, then it is better to lock yourself;
  2. 2. completely exposed;
  3. 3. put a large and small mirror opposite each other, so that the reflection corridor will turn into a mirror;
  4. 4. next to them, light one church candle;
  5. 5. sit on the bench opposite the stove in such a way as to be behind the non-reflective side of the small mirror;
  6. 6. at exactly 12 o’clock in the morning to call all four elements (fire, water, earth and air) and ask them to reveal the face of their future spouse;
  7. 7. look at the reflection for a while, without looking away;
  8. 8. The betrothed will not come at once, but before his coming, he will in every possible way intimidate the fortuneteller with the help of unclean spirits;
  9. 9. when at last the demon appears in the image of the betrothed, throw a white cloth over the mirrors (preferably a new one);
  10. 10. hide all the attributes of divination in a cache in which no one can touch them, since they cannot be reused;
  11. 11. wash hands and face with holy or clean spring water;
  12. 12. wipe with a towel or a light new cloth;
  13. 13. put on a new shirt and loose clothing;
  14. 14. going home, on the way, try not to utter a single word, no matter who tries to speak;
  15. 15. Returning, try to sleep.

This divination is also held outside the home. For the ceremony it is necessary to prepare a small mirror and go to the intersection, illuminated only by moonlight, exactly at midnight. Followed by:

  1. 1. stand at the crossroads in such a way that the month looked right at the back of a guessing one;
  2. 2. look at his reflection in the mirror;
  3. 3. utter a special slander: “I’m condemned, disguised, show me in the mirror”;
  4. 4. soon an unclean spirit will appear in the image of the future spouse, you must immediately become fascinated with it
  5. 5. cross yourself and silently return home without talking to anyone on the way.

To see the faithful in a dream, you need to be all alone. Turn the nightshirt inside out and put the sheet and pillow face down.

It is necessary to go to bed on the day of the divination in the opposite direction of the usual, that is, with your feet towards the head of the bed.

To build a bridge, it is necessary in advance to stock up on a few thin rods from the tree, clean them from the bark. Then two branches need to be placed parallel to each other, and the rest — to put across, to get a kind of bridge. Hidden crafts to hide under the pillow.

Falling asleep, whisper magic words: «Who is my betrothed, my disguised, he will lead me across the bridge.» In a dreaming dream, the second half will dream, translating it across the bridge.

There are several available and safe methods to see a true dream:

  • At bedtime, put a small mirror under the pillow, a comb, and say: “Come, come. Brush, Brush. Look at me, show yourself. ”
  • You can also use a comb and soap, say: «My condemned, mummers, come, wash and comb me.»
  • Before you go to bed, put a wooden comb under the pillow, while saying: “Suited-disguised, come to comb me.” On the eve of the fortunetelling comb and braid braid can not be.

Honor for the future husband before bedtime can be as follows:

  1. 1. take twelve different dried herbs (one branch each);
  2. 2. for each of them to guess a certain value, for example, marriage, receiving a proposal for marriage, etc .;
  3. 3. put the bouquet in the head of the bed before falling asleep;
  4. 4. to utter a slander: “I am a married man, come for a walk with me, gather in a field of grass”;
  5. 5. The faithful will be imagined at night, and in the morning it is necessary at random to draw out any branch and get a forecast about the future relationship with it.
  1. 1. break one twig from birch, poplar and aspen;
  2. 2. pull the thread out of your clothes and tie the branches with them;
  3. 3. hide the bouquet under the pillow before going to bed;
  4. 4. say three times: «Balideff, Asalbi, Abumaleff.»

At night, there is a prophetic dream. And the first man dreamed and will be condemned.

This divination should be carried out strictly at midnight and alone. It is necessary:

  1. 1. take a plain glass without facets and painting;
  2. 2. fill it with plain water by about a third;
  3. 3. pre-clean the wedding ring (you can borrow from someone) to eliminate traces of foreign energy;
  4. 4. put it in a glass;
  5. 5. carefully look into the water through the decoration to see the future spouse.

If you have many wonders for the hand and heart, she can perform a ritual on the bulbs, which will help to know the name of the one who is destined to her by her own destiny. January 6, you need to take the required number of identical bulbs without flaws and stick the name of one of the guys on each.

Then you need to put them in water or plant in the ground to wait for germination. The first of the onions, which appear green shoots, and tell the name of the desired man.

It is recommended that you associate your life with it.

For this ritual, the following attributes are required: a ring, a hook, and a piece of bread. They must be put on the floor and covered with a handkerchief.

Guessing should, without looking, get one of the items.

If you get a ring, then be a girl married to a fop. Bread promises a wealthy faithful, and a hook a beggar, because the poor always hunch from work.

These simple and ancient rituals can be performed not only in the village, but also in the metropolis:

  • Divination by barking dogs. The girl needs to throw a snowball in any part of the world and speak through a magical conspiracy: “Zalai, fuck, doggy, investigate, investigate, betrothed.” Then wait until the dog yelps from there. If it is rude, then the fortune-teller will connect his life with an elderly man, a bristling and sonorous barking means marriage with a young and kind man, quiet, muffled — the groom will be a widower or divorced.
  • Vorozhba on the snow trail. Late in the evening, go outside alone, fall back into a snowdrift, then get up and leave without turning around. In the morning, see what happened to the footprint in the snow. If the trail is smooth and untouched — the future husband will be with a calm and docile disposition, snow streaked with dashes portends a jealous companion of life. If the place of the fall is completely covered up, it’s too early to think about the wedding. Too deep a dent in a snowdrift indicates that the fortuneteller will marry more than once.
  • According to the cat. If you pat a cat (someone else’s or a street cat) at Christmastime and mentally ask a question, you can find out what the future spouse will be. The animal will purr — to be kind and tender to the husband, to scratch — to be grumpy and pugnacious, to meow — to be talkative and walking, to run away — to think about the wedding early.

If a young lady has decided on her chosen one and wants to know how their love relationship will develop in the future, then she can resort to a Christmas fortunetelling for love. Also with its help you can check your lover.

These fortune telling are considered safe, they are easy to carry out independently at home, without resorting to the help of professional witches. In this case, it does not play a special role, whether there will be a girl alone or will call girlfriends to form her company.

To learn about the true feelings of a potential partner and whether he is faithful will help this easy and very truthful fortune telling:

  1. 1. During the morning service in the church to buy two thin wax candles.
  2. 2. On one of them to scratch your name, on the second — the name of the guy you like.
  3. 3. Wait for midnight.
  4. 4. Pour salt in two pre-prepared glasses.
  5. 5. Put them in circles drawn on with chalk on the table.
  6. 6. Three times whisper a special conspiracy.
  7. 7. Light the candles and put them in the salt. If the flame of one of the candles dies out, then the chosen one likes the opponent who wonders and he will connect his fate with her. If both of them burn evenly, then this indicates a strong love and affection of a man and that the union of a fortune-telling with a lover will be long and happy.
    How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

Another affordable fortune telling with candles and paper will help to make a forecast of relations with a loved one:

  1. 1. Prepare in advance a clean drawing paper and a small church candle.
  2. 2. Write on the sheet the full name of the beloved.
  3. 3. Ignite the candle.
  4. 4. Bring the paper to the flame and burn completely.
  5. 5. To collect the formed ashes in a palm and to expose a hand in an open window. If he flies up, it means that the marriage union will be fragile and short-lived. In the case when the ash remains in place, the love relationship will never collapse.

To conduct this ceremony will need a new card deck. It needs to be shuffled carefully, and then move a part of the cards to itself with the left little finger and move the pile down.

The map, which is the first from the top, will tell about the attitude of the potential partner and his future life with him. At the same time not only the suit, but also the value of the card plays an important role in the fortune-telling

  • worms — happiness and love;
  • tambourines — fun and success;
  • baptize — problems and difficulties, ambiguous relations in a couple;
  • peaks — hard times ahead;
  • six — important news;
  • Seven — pleasant events;
  • eight — dissatisfaction with the beloved;
  • nine — hot kiss;
  • a dozen — joyful life next to the chosen one;
  • Jack — sincere love affection;
  • lady — rival, treason;
  • the king is a male friend who will contribute to a fortune-teller in heart matters;
  • Ace is an indestructible and long-term union, mutual understanding and agreement between future spouses.

Simple and safe method of divination for love. For the ritual will require coins, two candles and a photo of the beloved. It is necessary:

  1. 1. put a photograph in the middle of the table;
  2. 2. put candles on the sides of it and light them;
  3. 3. To mentally ask the higher powers: “What is destined for us?” «;
  4. 4. throw ten coins with the right palm, aiming at the center of the image;
  5. 5. calculate how many tails fell, and how many eagles.
NumbereaglesNumber of tailsTreatment
ten0Unacceptable attitude divining to the chosen one, because of him the union may soon break up
9onePoor episodes representing a potential threat to the relationship that will occur in the coming weeks.
eight2Lovers fail to build happy relationships
73Significant event that will adversely affect the relationship in the couple and will lead to separation
6fourFeelings have lost their former spark. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to carefully treat a loved one.
fivefiveThe man does not like guessing
four6Replenishment in the family soon
37Financial difficulties in the faithful, he needs help and support
2eightA man spends too much time on his career, but this period is transient and will end soon
one9Strong and unrequited love from the man. Because of this, frequent quarrels occur.
0tenFull understanding between partners, love and happy marriage

This fortune telling is very easy and safe:

  1. 1. at midnight, you must fill the cup with water;
  2. 2. add some sugar and salt to it;
  3. 3. wait until the grains settle to the bottom;
  4. 4. throw in the water on a hair taken from him and secretly from a guy;
  5. 5. go to bed;
  6. 6. Get a forecast in the morning.

If the hairs are intertwined, then ahead awaits happiness, love and marriage. Divided in different directions — to the imminent separation.

If one of the hairs has drowned, then the person to whom it belongs will soon get sick.

This divination will help to find out how relations with a partner will develop in the future. You will need a bowl of water and a pair of ordinary sewing needles of different sizes, which you must first carefully rub with fat or butter.

A needle of greater length will correspond to a man; on a small one, you need to guess your name, and then put them on the surface of the water.

If the needles are not drowned, the relationship with the partner will continue over the next year. Tied together — foreshadow marriage, stuck together along the entire length — fruitful cooperation and true friendship, dispersed in different directions — the disappearance of love feelings, drowned — serious problems in your personal life.

Another simple fortune telling can be done with ordinary matches. On the sides of the matchbox set a couple of matches.

On one, think of yourself, on the other — of the beloved. Light them. If the burnt heads turn to each other, then the lovers will be near.

If they disperse, then they will not be destined together.

You can find out if a woman will have children, as well as who exactly will be born to her, by means of a fortune with a wedding ring. Would need:

  1. 1. Dip the ring in the water, which is filled with a transparent glass.
  2. 2. Hang it on a thread or thread.
  3. 3. Carefully bring to the hand of the girl, which guess. If the ornament starts to move in a circle, then a daughter will be born, if its movements are pendulum-like — a son. The absence of any hesitation suggests that the guessing children will not.

You can try this simple way. Divination is held from the evening of January 8 and can be applied throughout all the Christmas time.

A woman pours water into a transparent glass or a glass, lowers her wedding ring into it and puts it in the frost. Before going to bed, the liquid frozen on the street should be carefully examined: the hillocks formed on the surface mean sons, and the dimples mean daughters.

There is a simple fortune-telling on a coin that will help to learn about the fulfillment of desires and financial well-being. It is necessary to throw a light and thin coin into a bowl of water.

If it bounces off — the dream will come true, the money will be in the wondering surplus, it will drown — the desired will not come true, and next year will be spent in need.

With the help of fortunetelling «Cat’s paw» on Christmas Eve at home, you can very easily find out whether the dream will come true or not, and whether there will be prosperity next year in the family. This method is suitable for people who have a furry pet. You need to retire in the room, leaving the front door open, think of a desire or ask a question about money, and then call the cat.

If the animal crosses the threshold of the room with his left paw, then the thought will come true, and the coming year will be lived in wealth. If the right — no.

With the help of a pet home you can learn not only about your desires, but also about the timing of marriage. If a girl really wants to get married, then she can stick dumplings, take one herself and give the rest to her friends.

A treat should be treated to a cat. Whose dumpling will like the cattery, that girl will soon become a bride.

You can also tell fortunes on the glass. Need to:

  1. 1. prepare two glasses;
  2. 2. Fill one to the top with water and leave the second empty;
  3. 3. make a wish;
  4. 4. pour liquid from one dish to another several times;
  5. 5. look at the surface of the table over which the ritual was conducted: if a few drops of water are dry there or spilled — the wish will come true, many will not.

On desire, you can fooled with the help of fortune telling with a boat. It requires:

  1. 1. fill a large container, such as a basin, with water;
  2. 2. cut a sheet of paper into strips;
  3. 3. on each write a desire;
  4. 4. bend in half and place on the sides of the pelvis;
  5. 5. take a half of the shell of a walnut or other boat-like object;
  6. 6. put a candle in it;
  7. 7. The resulting boat to lower in the center of the tank with water;
  8. 8. observe: to what desire it will go, then it will come true.

In the same way, one can be seduced in the name of the betrothed. To do this, instead of desires, write on the leaves of male names.

On the border of the old and the new year, the person is especially interested in the future. Christmas divination is best suited to find out what awaits a person in the near future.

All of them are simple and affordable, and also absolutely safe for the witch. They can be carried out either alone or in the company of friends.

This does not affect the accuracy of the answers.

This fortune telling is simple and safe, and it can be carried out in a friendly company. The ritual will require the following attributes:

  • several cups (by the number of wonders);
  • ring;
  • coin;
  • small onion;
  • a handful of sugar;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • a piece of bread;
  • some water.

Before fortune telling in each of the cups should be placed on one of the above items. Those involved in the process should close their eyes and concentrate on their desire to know the future, and then, without looking, choose any of them.

Upcoming events will be determined by the item in the pot:

Stretched objectPrediction
RingQuick marriage or marriage
CoinSecured life
SugarJoy and fun
SaltMisfortune, grief, disappointment
BreadFinancial benefits
WaterStability, no change

This is another safe way to guess the future. At midnight from January 6 to January 7, it is necessary to remain completely alone, remove the chain from yourself, hold it in your hands and rub your palms strongly until the decoration warms up. At the same time, you need to concentrate as much as possible and think about the future.

Then, shake the chain with your right hand, sharply throw it on the table and use the power of your imagination to determine which figure was the result. She will symbolize the upcoming events.

The resulting symbolDecryptionPattern photo
Straight stripLuck and success in any endeavors
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Knots or matted patternSerious diseases and material losses
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Circle or ovalDifficult, almost hopeless situation
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
CloudA good sign, a dream come true
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
SnakeCaution about betrayal by native people
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Bow (eight or infinity)Quick marriage (marriage) or romance
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
A heartSincere feelings of a man from the inner circle
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Any letter of the alphabetAn important meeting with a serious person who plays a significant role in the life of a fortuneteller, whose name begins with this letter
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

For fortunetelling you will need paper or newspaper, which must be crumpled, put on a flat dish and set on fire. After the sheet burns out, the remaining ash is brought to the wall. By candlelight, the shadow cast from it forms peculiar figures.

According to him, and you can get a prediction about your fate in the near future.

Figure valuesPrediction
HouseFor unmarried girls, foretells marriage soon. For married ladies — a cloudless life next to a loved one, no problems
Candle or ringMarriage with a wealthy (often elderly) man
Vehicle (transport)Ride and life changes
Tree with upward branchesGood news, execution, success in business
Tree with lowered branchesLife troubles, troubles and difficulties in various fields
PersonA new acquaintance (friend) who will play a role in destiny, the likelihood of a love affair is high
BirdGood news
DogThe appearance of an important person, radically changing the course of events
RuinsThe emergence of many problems that require urgent resolution, empty efforts, mental anguish and experiences, as well as a serious illness or divorce
MountainObstacles and difficulties in life’s journey
Cave (pit)Severe ailment that can lead to the death of a guessing person or his relatives

For this easy fortune telling you need:

  1. 1. take a fresh egg;
  2. 2. gently punch a small hole in the shell;
  3. 3. Pour the contents into a container of water (excluding the yolk);
  4. 4. wait until the fusion protein has curtailed;
  5. 5. according to the pattern that was formed, get a prediction.
  • church means marriage (quick marriage or marriage);
  • ring — engagement;
  • the cube symbolizes the coffin and foreshadows the death of someone close;
  • ship — a trip (for a man) or the return of a spouse from a business trip (for a woman);
  • if the squirrel sinks to the bottom, then this is a bad sign, foreshadowing a fire in the house.

This is an interesting and funny fortune telling, helping to figure out the upcoming events. It can be carried out in a fun friendly company. Algorithm of actions:

  1. 1. take four glasses;
  2. 2. filled with half melted snow;
  3. 3. in two of them poured on a teaspoon of salt and sugar, a ring is placed in the third, the fourth glass remains unchanged;
  4. 4. then one of the enticing ones turns his back;
  5. 5. her friend alternately points her finger at each of the glasses, until the girl turns away and interrupts her;
  6. 6. water is drunk from the selected glass: if a sweet taste is felt, then there is fun and joy in front, salty — sadness and tears, plain water does not promise any changes, the ring means a quick marriage.

This simple method of divination will suit young ladies with rich imagination. It will take only a cup of cold water, a large spoon and a pair of wax candles. To conduct the rite on wax you need:

  1. 1. light one of the candles;
  2. 2. break the other into small pieces and fold them into a spoon;
  3. 3. to heat debris over the flame of a candle so that they melt to a liquid state;
  4. 4. quickly pour the resulting mass into a container of water;
  5. 5. judge future events on the resulting wax symbol.

Interpretation directly depends on the ability of the guesswork to interpret the resulting figruks. But you can focus on approximate values:

Wax signValueA photo
Circle or pancakeSerene youth
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
PitSerious illness
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
MushroomLong and happy life
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Little ringMarriage
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
BellAnxiety, problems, difficulties
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
StarSuccess and luck in all endeavors
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
Egg or ovalChange
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation
An AppleExcellent health
How to guess the future for Christmas (January 7): types of divination, decoding, interpretation

To perform this divination, you need to make coffee yourself. Drink a drink, and cover the cup with a saucer, twist it three times in a clockwise direction, while saying: “loyalty, friendship, consent”, and then sharply turn it over. Part of the coffee grounds will settle on the walls, and the rest of the sediment will remain on a saucer.

Next you need to use your imagination and consider the resulting signs on the coffee mass.

Approximate interpretations of some figures:

  • man — date;
  • a tower or church is a good sign, the execution of the plan;
  • the mill — empty efforts, lies and gossip;
  • the poor house is wealth, and the rich is poverty;
  • gate — the return of the person who left, the arrival of guests, cheerful company;
  • flowers — love;
  • cliffs, hills or mountainous terrain — bad mood, sadness;
  • patterns, joined at the edges — marriage;
  • quadrangular figures — diseases, troubles;
  • trees — union breaking, obstacles in business;
  • forest — conflicts with close people;
  • dog — loyalty;
  • cat — betrayal;
  • fox — deceit;
  • wolf or bear — loss;
  • deer — ride;
  • horse — the machinations of enemies, damage, loss.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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